Actual hand behind violence against expat Chinese in South Africa

  • Ajit Kumar Doval revives decades old RAW-IB methodology creating troubles for expat Chinese
  • Indian mischief in this direction started way back in Indonesia and Vietnam, expanding to Philippines and Africa
  • Latest string in this direction emerges in South Africa deemed as Ajit Doval’s doctrine of offensive defense against China
  • so-called xenophobic blitzes in Chinese expats geared up after Doval introduced India’s new security doctrine last year.
  • After South African Intelligence found involvement of Indian spooks behind anti-Chinese violence, the scenario given new twist by RAW
  • Delhi plans to take anti-Chinese violence to entire Africa with CIA cooperation to counter Chinese economic ingress in the continent

special-reportFrom Christina Palmer in New Delhi and Angela Steve in Johannesburg
(Additional input by Sharon Wei in Vietnam and Mark Zhou in Hong Kong)

The recent wave of violence against expatriate Chinese in South Africa was by no means a simple matter of xenophobic attacks but it was actually a result of a comprehensively hatched conspiracy by the Indian intelligence agencies RAW and IB under the exclusively devised plan by the former Intelligence Bureau Chief and current Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Kumar Doval, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

According to The Daily Mail’s investigations, scores of shops owned by Chinese nationals were looted during the latest spate of violence last week, which was sparked by growing complaints by unknown locals that foreigners have entered the country illegally, engaged in illegal trade and committed crimes.

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates in South Africa expressed sympathy for Chinese nationals ransacked by unidentified and rather mysterious persons and filed complaints to local police, urging them to take immediate and effective measures to protect the personal safety and property of Chinese nationals.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the latest wave of attacks on Chinese nationals in South Africa has been portrayed by the Indian and Western Media as xenophobic attacks and the South African authorities, in the beginning also presumed the episode to be a result of xenophobia amongst certain locals in Johannesburg. However later, the preliminary investigations revealed some evidences, supporting that the attacks had nothing to do with the xenophobia at all but it was done as an organized and targeted activity.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that definitions of xenophobia include: “deep-rooted, irrational hatred towards foreigners”, and “unreasonable fear or hatred of the unfamiliar. This initial media reports by Indian media and South Africa-based Western media suggested that the xenophobic attacks against the Chinese nationals in South Africa were carried out by jobless locals as they believed that because of the presence of Chinese nationals on most of the official and private jobs in South Africa, locals were forced to live jobless lives.

However, The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the actual state of affairs is totally different to what the Indian and the western media tried to portray as a reason for the anti-Chinese expat attacks. These investigations indicate that there was not any unreasonable number of Chinese expats in South Africa, occupying the private or official jobs. In fact Chinese companies have created a haul of job opportunities for locals in South Africa and also across Africa.

These investigations indicate that just in once case of Chinese investment in South Africa and creation of job opportunities for natives, a Chinese property company, recently pledged to build South Africa a new financial hub. Shanghai Zendai, sometime back, unveiled plans to transform Modderfontein, a manufacturing district in eastern Johannesburg, into a multi-use financial center “at par with cities like New York or Hong Kong,”. The firm said it will spend about $7.8 billion on the development over the next few years. The uplift project will include some 35,000 houses, an education center, and a sports arena—marks a departure from past forms of Chinese investment in Africa. This project is also poised to provide huge job opportunities to native South Africans, especially those from Johannesburg and its surroundings.

The Daily Mail’s investigations also reveal that just a few months back, in December last year, South African President Jacob Zuma publically confirmed that there was a huge investment, coming from China in South Africa “China’s investment into South Africa is cumulatively valued at approximately R120bn, with over 100 state-owned entities and multinational companies investing in South Africa,” Zuma said in a speech prepared for delivery at a business forum meeting in China.

“This has served to promote South African culture and the economy and to advance co-operation in many spheres.”

“We have agreed that China would encourage buying missions to South Africa starting early in 2015, as part of promoting a balance in our trade relations.”, Zuma Said

One of these was Operation Phakisa, an initiative aimed at unlocking the country’s ocean economy.

“We are pleased that China is keen to share lessons and co-operate with us in the implementation of our ambitious blue economy programme, Operation Phakisa,” said Zuma.

The ocean economy was chosen as it was about 3924km long, relatively unexplored in terms of its economic potential and contributed about R54bn to the economy in 2010.

“It is estimated that the ocean has the potential to contribute approximately R177bn and create up to one million direct jobs,” said Zuma.

Chinese investment in key areas, including the beneficiation of mineral resources, improvement of industrial capacity, and enhancement of agro-processing and energy, in particular nuclear energy co-operation, were also welcomed.

“We regard the memorandum of understanding on co-operation between the China National Nuclear Corporation and the Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA, as a mechanism which will enhance the mutual exchange of information, best practices and lessons learnt in the nuclear energy sector, which will also encourage and identify additional opportunities for co-operation.”

Zuma also welcomed Chinese investment in the tourism industry.
“China has been South Africa’s fourth largest source market for tourist arrivals for the second year in a row, growing by 14.7 percent to reach 151,847 tourist arrivals in 2013.”
“We want to see tourism and people to people exchanges further expanding .In order to make South Africa more attractive for foreign direct investment,” South African President asserted in December.

Apart from this Chinese companies have so far given over 13000 skilled jobs to locals in South Africa while the figures of jobs provided to unskilled sector are much higher while a very little number of Chinese expats is working on local jobs with most of them being self employed or running own small and medium scale business.

Since this actual state of affairs completely negates what is being portrayed to be reason behind attacks on Chinese nationals in South Africa, The Daily Mail was pushed to dig out the real cause behind this violence against Chinese nationals in South Africa.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the first mischief of creating violence against Chinese expats was hatched by none other but Indian Intelligence agencies Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) long ago in the decade of the 90s when the issue of India’s illegal occupation of part of China’s Tibet Region and naming the same as Arunachal Pradesh became very hot once again due to certain new mischief by India in that part of China. These investigations indicate that at that particular juncture, the then RAW and IB chiefs were tasked by the Indian government to create a diversion for Beijing’s focus on the issue of Indian Occupied Tibet. The RAW and IB officials, under the guidance of the then top RAW Man, B Raman, formed a new strategy under they wanted to achieve multifaceted results.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that at that time, daughter of former Indonesian President Ms. Megawati Sukarnoputri, was emerging as New leader to lead Indonesia and it was considered that like her father, she would also be having a rather very soft corner for Pakistan with no special favors to India. To teach a lesson to Sukarnoputri and at the same time to divert Beijing’s focus from Tibet issue to a new challenge, Indians organized episodes to create political unrest in Indonesia under which Megawati Sukarnoputri’s party was got immensely target and on the other side, fully exploiting the political unrest, targeting of Chinese nationals in Indonesia by locals was also unleashed in mid 1990s. On the other side, through sham riots, Chinese nationals were targeted and many got killed while others fled to the nearby countries. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that these riots were organized under the garb of portrayal fake economic problems including food shortages and mass unemployment, and the main targets of the violence were Chinese nationals and country’s ethnic Chinese. And this new issue helped Indians in both ways; shifting Beijing’s immediate focus from IOT and bringing Megawati under immense pressure of Delhi.

The Indians have recently started to revamp this practice of twisting Beijing’s arm after the Narendra Modi’s Hindutva driven government came to power last year with Delhi making more efforts to introduce further discriminations of Human Rights etc in Occupied part of Tibet. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that after former IB Chief Ajit Kumar Doval was made National Security Adviser by Indian Prime Minister, Doval immediately unveiled a new security doctrine for Indian which focuses on countering and engaging China and Pakistan out of Indian soil. A video of Ajit Kumar Doval’s address at a local Indian university prior to his nominations as country’s NSA, indicates Ajit Doval announcing following an “offensive Defense” doctrine after BJP coming to power. In this video, where Ajit Doval explains his doctrine of “offensive defense’ against Pakistan via TTP and other militants’ services there in his part about China he speaks about countering China in African and also via Vietnam and Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that despite the fact that Ajit Doval and Indian intelligence agencies under his command are cooking thick soup for China in Vietnam via the training and funding of militants of East Turkistan Movement (ETIM) through Chhota Rajan Gang’s wild Vietnam network, and China too is having a certain realization of the same, Indians are also organizing and sponsoring violence against Chinese nationals in Vietnam.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that RAW and IB geared up the game in this direction under Ajit Doval’s special plan and instructions last year. This time, Indians exploited a minor drilling issue between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea and with connivance of their new allies in intelligence operations; the Americans, Indian fueled up the issue for organizing targeted violence against Chinese national across Vietnam via the Chhota Rajan Gang’s hilarious Vietnam Network and China had to dash its ships to evacuate its citizens for their safety. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this was perhaps not enough to satisfy Indians like Ajit Kumar Doval as just a few months later; Indians organized a similar campaign against Chinese expats in Philippines during September 2014 and managed to organize larger escalation of violent crimes targeting Chinese citizens in different parts of Philippines.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the current wave of so called xenophobic attacks against Chinese nationals in South Africa is part of Doval’s theory of “Offensive Defensive” against China and to counter China in Africa. To start with, using unemployed and criminal minded locals who were already on RAW’s payrolls as they are used for certain crimes by RAW in different parts of South Africa. These individuals were used in a very smartly planned out manner to carry out anti-Chinese expatriates in Johannesburg while the actual plan is to flair this trend up to other parts of the country with Cape town being the next target and ultimately to take it up to entire African continent to dent China’s constantly emerging financial and economical strength in this part of the world. The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that after certain South African security experts smelled the rat behind the episode and got some evidences of presence of Indian spooks’ role in the wave of ant-Chinese violence, Indians have twisted the who exercised and have started using the same elements, working for them to carry out violent acts against some other foreigners in the country too to portray the ongoing violent wave as a wave of genuine xenophobia of locals against the foreigner.