Astonished Shehbaz cannot tell apart childish from mature behaviour: Nisar

LAHORE: Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said he was surprised PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif did not know how to differentiate between childish and mature behaviour.

The politician was reacting to an earlier statement by Shehbaz who had said Nisar was ‘immature’. “He needs to be dealt with like a child and we keep trying to pacify him and resolve any issues,” the Punjab chief minister had said.

“Childish behaviour is what [Shehbaz’s] party leadership is exhibiting,” he noted, with an advice to the PML-N president to not discuss incidents that had happened 30 years ago.

He further said Shehbaz’s inability to do anything regarding the behaviour of his party’s leadership could be termed as nonserious behaviour.

“Shehbaz should invest his energies to get out of the difficult situation,” Nisar advised Shehbaz.

Nisar, who has been associated with the PML-N for over three decades, has publicly spoken about his differences with the party following Nawaz’s ouster last July and subsequent public mobilisation campaign. In February it was reported that Nawaz had parted ways with his longtime associate Nisar.
Last month, Shehbaz met with Nisar and asked him to “stay with the party”.