Baseless, negative, insulting, venomous campaign: Jang/Geo Group issues legal notice to Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: For all false, baseless, unfounded allegations and a malicious campaign that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has launched against Jang/Geo Group, Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief of Jang Group and Geo TV, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, has served a legal notice on Imran Khan, asking him to tender an unconditional apology and pay Rs1 billion in damages within 14 days or the Group would initiate legal action against him in a court of law.

Notices have been served on Khan through Advocate Amir Abdullah Abbasi at his  Zaman Park residence in Lahore and Bani Gala residence in Islamabad for defamation under Section 8 of the Defamation Ordinance, 2002.
The legal notice has been attached with a gist of all the lies and falsehood that Imran Khan has been spreading with no fear of any accountability and against all norms of decency, sobriety and a value for the truth and impartiality.
Jang Group, in its legal notice, has said that the Group has been completely impartial and a responsible media group. It has been among the forerunners of all the media groups in uncovering the truth. Jang Group is the one that disclosed the story of Panama Papers at which PTI built its protest campaign. Despite Imran Khan’s very aggressive stance and malicious campaign, the Group while maintaining norms of journalism sensu stricto (in a narrow or strict sense) has never boycotted any news related to him.
But Imran Khan has a habit of jumping to conclusions and at numerous occasions he repeated that Jang Group has the tendency to favour the incumbent government. The leader of a major political party just relies on perceptions, the notice states.
For the last several years, he has been making statements and assertions of facts about Jang Group, which were not only completely false and misleading but also highly defamatory, disparaging and damaging. Such expressions include uncivilised words like ‘blackmailer’ and ‘Firoun’ etc. which cannot be part of public discourse and discussion in any civilised society.
In the past few years, Imran Khan levelled false accusations against Jang Group like manipulation of the election results, false accusation that the Group illegally acquired media rights for broadcasting Pakistan-Sri Lanka Cricket series. He further alleged the Group is being funded by a foreign country to follow its narrative, and attempted to create doubts about patriotism and loyalty of Jang Group with this country and levelled extremely serious allegations of Jang Group having a nexus with Indian and US governments to foster war on western borders and promote agenda and purposes of these foreign countries.
The notice mentioned that Imran Khan’s slanders where he labelled Jang Group a blackmailer and ‘Firoun’ and made false accusations that the Group had been trying to intimidate him.
The list of accusations never concludes and it goes on and on and included allegations like the Group is protecting the corruption of prime minister by way of misreporting or false reporting of developing events about the Panama case JIT investigation and proceedings in Supreme Court. He further alleged the Group has defamed the Supreme Court by uncovering the WhatsApp story. That Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is controlling the media to favour the corrupt like a godfather in the media industry. In response to Imran Khan’s baseless allegations, the Group exercised complete restraint and showed patience and even offered an impartial investigation into the allegations. However, PTI refused to take this offer.
The legal notice says that under statutory requirement, notices have been jointly served on behalf of Independent Media Corporation (Pvt) Limited (IMCL), Independent Newspapers Corporation (Pvt.) Limited (INCL), News Publications (Pvt.) Limited (NPL) and Mr. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, Group Chief Executive and Editor-in-Chief of Jang Group and Geo TV.
It is said in the notice that Jang Group is the largest media house in the country, which commands great respect, credibility, recognition and largest viewership in Pakistan amongst Pakistanis living abroad as well. Jang Group has an established legacy and unimpeachable credentials in the field of print media dating back to more than seven decades in the field of digital/online media more than two decades and in electronic media for more than 15 years. Organisations working under this group have a long-standing and hard-earned credibility and reputation for being independent, impartial, objective, pragmatic and an uncompromising source of information, education and entertainment for millions of people in Pakistan and across the globe.
Because of the acclaimed reputation and acknowledged stature, Jang Group is not only recognised as the fore-runner and pioneer in the media industry but is also a recipient of several awards. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, Group Chief Executive & Editor-in-Chief, who is a highly respected and renowned media personality, has also held the post of the President of the Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) and President of All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) for several years. He was also the founder chairman of the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA). In July 2005, he was named by the leading American magazine, Business Week, as one of the 25 stars of Asia.
Jang Group and its owner not only served in the field of journalism but also earned great respect through large-scale philanthropic works that serve the cause of humanity. The Group and its owner enjoy unblemished reputation and respect and are held in high esteem across society and more particularly amongst the general public, fellow media houses, journalists and among corporate entities of significance within Pakistan and abroad.
Addressing the PTI chairman, the legal notice has reminded him of the time when he, along with Jang Group, had been actively participating in social welfare activities in the past. “The most relevant case is your association with Jang Group under the banner of MKRF and PUKAAR for large-scale rehabilitation measures for the flood-affected people of Pakistan.”
In the legal notice, it is said that Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and Jang Group, because of their international, social and corporate stature and services to the media, have a large number of business associates, friends, colleagues and well-wishers in Pakistan and abroad, especially in the UK, Canada, USA, UAE and several other counties.
From the beginning, Jang Group, its different organisations and the owner had made extraordinary efforts to maintain impartiality, transparency and objectivity in the discharge of professional work for dissemination of information among readers and viewers. While according prime importance to the glory of Islam, the security and defence of Pakistan and public order, the Group, through print and electronic media, had always maintained neutrality in reporting about political developments, politics and political leadership in the country. Needless to assert that uncovering the truth in informing the public about developing events of significance has been a most distinguishing virtue of Jang Group.
The legal notice points out that it was Jang Group that for the first time disclosed the details of Panama issue, which provided an impetus and impulse to PTI to agitate and organise a large-scale campaign against corruption of the elite, associated with off-shore corporate entities, which ultimately precipitated into unprecedented and scrupulous questioning and accountability of a sitting prime minister in Pakistan. With that the notice also acknowledged the role of PTI in bringing this issue to the limelight, it says “obviously, the role, alacrity and vitality of PTI in bringing this matter to present stage need no acknowledgment”.
Jang Group is doing a noble duty of seeking and reporting the truth which in some cases is not only disliked by some but also proves to be bitter for others, attracting unwarranted disapproval for such reporting. Hardships and challenges are not new to Jang Group as it has been facing these for over the last seven decades.
The Group very well appreciates that being a broadcaster and a publisher; it is a recognised norm that their activities in dissemination of information are subject to a certain degree of public scrutiny by opinion-makers and political leaders. It is also well appreciated that others have a right of expression even in stronger tone and terms relating to what is presented and broadcast for public good. Jang Group has always accepted such criticism with full intellectual generosity.
That on the contrary, it is also emphasised that any such expression of opinion, representations, comments or criticism of Jang Group; must be fair, unbiased, without any bent of mind, free of malice and without being injurious-falsehood emanating from self-righteous conjectures, unilateral beliefs and preposterous conclusions unsupported by any proof. It is further emphasised that any such criticism, expression and/or representation must not injure the reputation of the Group, must not tend to lower it in the estimation of others and must not tend to reduce it to ridicule, unjust criticism, dislike, contempt or hatred.
Addressing the PTI chairman, the notice says that the truthfulness in dissemination of information by Jang Group must be appreciated even if it is unpleasant and not in consonance with political objectives of a person or a party or a political leader of your stature. Jang Group recognises and acknowledges that as a citizen as well as a leader of a political party and as a national figure, you have the right to make comments and raise questions, queries and concerns about national affairs, impacting the role of the Group. It is evident and a traceable reality that despite your undeserved, aggressive and hostile posture towards Jang Group, the Group has regularly and fairly reported about your activities, statements and events in which you had participated just as it has done in respect of other national personalities or matters of public importance.
It is sad that without appreciating the truth behind the news stories, analysis of current affairs and broadcast presented by the Group, you habitually jump to conclusions that Jang Group has a tendency to favour the incumbent government, whenever such broadcast is not in consonance with the objectives of PTI or your own perception. The fact is evident from some of your recent utterances reported in electronic and print media, the notice says while addressing Khan. On the contrary, the assertions made by Jang Group through this legal notice have a traceable history of past over four years.
Regretfully, it is noted that from the year 2014 onwards, you (Imran Khan) have been making statements and assertions of facts about Jang Group jointly and/or severally, which were not only completely false and misleading but were also highly defamatory, disparaging and damaging.
Your attention is particularly invited to your assertions on different occasions. Some of these include your press conference and private TV channel programmes.
Jang Group, in its legal notice served on Imran Khan, has also enclosed the transcripts of specific statements made on electronic media as well as clippings from newspapers made by him about Jang Group. The notice says that the statements were not only false but were highly defamatory and damaging. “A summary which is only illustrative and not exhaustive of the false assertions of facts and allegations made by you in the past through statements on electronic and print media as well as in public meetings on different occasions, is produced just as a reference and record to connect your aggravated acts of wrongdoings towards Jang Group.”
“Imran Khan, you alleged that Jang Group manipulated the election results through media framing. The crux of your statements is that the Group has been partial and inclined towards your rival political party by way of broadcasting a victory speech of their leader to influence election results whereas electoral process had been completed five to six hours before the time of speech on May 11, 2013.
You falsely blamed that Jang Group was corruptly allowed to acquire the broadcast rights for the cricket series between Pakistan and Sri Lanka. You asserted that Jang Group was being funded by a foreign country to follow its narrative. You have attempted to create doubts about patriotism and loyalty of the Group with this country.
You levelled extremely serious allegations against Jang Group that it has a nexus with Indian and US governments to foster the war on western borders and promote agenda and purposes of these foreign countries.
You labelled and called Jang Group and its owner a blackmailer and Firoun and made a false accusation that he had been trying to intimidate you.
This is just the tip of the iceberg about your false and malicious allegations you made as a leader of a political party in the year 2014. These are by no means exhaustive. However, Jang Group acted with perseverance and decided not to initiate a legal action for defamation against you, despite highly objectionable and provocative allegations and showed utmost patience, perseverance and restraint.
Such a course was adopted by Jang Group believing that someday wisdom would prevail amongst the leadership of PTI and the party would stop its policy of regression and intolerance towards difference of opinion and dissent. Unfortunately, this most valuable democratic virtue is being ignored in pursuit of foisting self-righteousness and suppressing the dissent that is not in consonance with your objectives or those of PTI as a party.
That it is evident that for more than four years, you have launched an intermittent malicious personal campaign against Jang Group and you are making continual wild and preposterous allegations ranging from accusation of rigging the election results of 2013 general elections to securing the award of televising cricket rights’ in a corrupt manner as a reward for rigging election results of 2013 and being secretly funded by foreign agencies for launching a peace campaign titled ‘Aman Ki Asha’. These and other false and wild allegations are completely baseless and mischievous and are vehemently denied by the Group. You are put to the strict proof of it.”
The legal notice says that most of the above allegations were scrupulously scrutinised by a UK-based court in a defamation action by Jang Group and consequently these allegations were found to be baseless and a channel broadcasting such allegations and defaming the Group was humbled by a court decree.
That it is regrettably pointed out that despite utmost restraint and patience exercised by Jang Group, you have started a second round of highly defamatory and objectionable campaign against Jang Group with regard to reporting of developments on Panama scandal and investigation proceedings by Joint Investigation Team and related matters.
That during a press briefing, you have uttered following highly defamatory and slanderous words to defame the Group:
“I wanted to talk about another godfather, the godfather of media, Shakil-ur-Rahman. What are they doing today? The coverage, which they have given on all the proceedings… Whether this is the job of a media house to protect corruption of a family? See them… the brothers have issued advertisement worth Rs34 billion. These two brothers tell me to whom you have given more advertisements?
Now what the godfather of media Shakil-ur-Rahman is saying, will he show how much advertisements he had received, out of advertisements of Rs34 billion. Is this the job of your media house to protect corruption of a family?”
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, godfather of the media and false stories:
“Whether this is the job of the godfather of media to protect their corruption? Whether it is your job to make false stories? Whether this is your job to say that Nawaz Sharif is playing with his life while 2,000-police force are present and that history is being written as Nawaz Sharif is going to appear before the JIT.”
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, godfather of media and boycott of Jang and Geo:
“This is policy of the godfather who has also become a king-maker and making decisions that if you commit ‘dacoities’ in Pakistan then I am with you. I can save you. Whether this is job of the media?
This is how the head of a media house functions in Pakistan. Your job is to bring the truth forth and when there is corruption in the country, you should expose it. Whether this is your job to protect a corrupt person? Our nation knows that he is telling lies. Every child in Pakistan knows that he is a liar. They are lying for one and a quarter year and here they are saying that Nawaz Sharif, the Mughal-e-Azam, is going while playing with his life. He was summoned before the JIT and you malign the Supreme Court. You publish false stories that you say as to what is the conspiracy and there was WhatsApp call and what is the conspiracy against this corrupt family. This family is committing corruption for the last 30 years.”
Again, you uttered slanderous and baseless allegation during a press briefing.
Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, the criminal of the nation:
“You are a criminal of the nation. You stay out of the country. You drive Rolls Royce there in Emirates Hills. You have property in London where you drive Rolls Royce. How much tax do you pay? You protect your financial interests through your media house. What you are doing is a crime. You are staging a drama that Nawaz Sharif reached before the JIT while playing with his life.”
That a summary which is only illustrative and not exhaustive of the false assertions of facts and allegations made by you in the last two occasions as stated above in press briefings and as simultaneously reported on electronic and print media, is produced hereunder just as a reference and record to connect your aggravated acts of wrongdoings towards Jang Group.
You alleged that Jang Group is protecting the corruption of prime minister by way of misreporting or false reporting of developing events about JIT investigation and proceedings in Supreme Court. That Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is controlling the media to favour the corrupt like a godfather in the media industry, meaning thereby that he is a leader of organised crime family (media) to protect corrupt individuals. That Jang Group is misreporting and is misrepresenting in favour of the incumbent government in exchange for receiving money in the form of large-scale advertisements from the government departments. That the group is defaming Supreme Court by way of uncovering WhatsApp story published in The News International.
That Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is an accomplice of criminals, although no trial of any person has taken place in Panama scandal.
That Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is protecting the thieves and that he is a perpetrator in the eyes of the nation. That Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is protecting his financial interests by abusing his media houses.
Jang Group, in its legal notice to Imran Khan, said that not only were the accusations false, damaging and defamatory, but Imran’s expressions are such that they amount to direct provocation and incitement to the members of the public particularly PTI’s political supporters and workers to act against Jang Group, which seriously endangers the life, property and business of the group and those associated and affiliated with it.
“It is established that your defamatory campaign is deliberate and devoid of any element of good faith and has malicious motives. Regrettably, you have lost the wisdom and patience to tolerate expressions which are not in consonance with your perception and designed objectives. Evidently, over-exuberance and impatience to dislodge the present government by all means, has vitiated the virtues of tolerance in your thoughts and collectively within PTI.
That in the past, sincere efforts were made on behalf of Jang Group to convey to you the group’s deepest anxiety, caused by the barrage of the false and malicious campaign launched by you for no rhyme or reason. In this context, several email messages were sent to the top leadership of PTI on behalf of Jang Group jointly or severally wherein they had volunteered themselves for an unbiased inquiry for the purposes of investigating the accusations made by you against them through a committee consisting of neutral and impartial and respectable citizens. The group also volunteered to face questions by such committee and explain their position if so required. It was also stated that in case the proposed committee is able to dig out anything blameworthy or culpable, then your party will have one hour of prime time on their TV channel to share any such adverse findings with the viewers. However, your party did not take this offer. Instead of taking this unprecedented offer of self-accountability by Jang Group, you continued with your malicious campaign against them.”
Notwithstanding anything contained in the above paragraphs, cause of action of the present legal notice is emanating from the following defamatory statements and material:
“Suppose if Shakil-ur-Rahman is succeeded in saving Nawaz Sharif, which will not happen. You should think as to how much this country will be damaged if a criminal is saved, who stole money of people. The criminal was caught while stealing the money and he was caught in Panama. We did not catch him. This is as if you start saving dacoits, who committed a robbery at your house. You will be a friend of anybody. You are my friend and if somebody commits dacoity at my house and Shakil-ur-Rahman starts saving the dacoity.
What is he doing? Instead of standing with the people, which is the job of a media house, he is standing with a criminal.”
In a public meeting speech, Imran said:
“Here is sitting godfather of media namely Shakil-ur-Rahman and head of Geo and Jang. Instead of serving the masses, he is taking money in saving theft of the Sharif family. The whole channel is saving his theft. Shakil-ur-Rahman, if you succeed, and Insha Allah, you will not, you will go down with him.
“If God forbid, you save a person who had taken the looted money of a nation whose half of the population is living below the poverty line, you are standing with him, because he has given you the money. He has bought your conscience because you also worship money.
Remember Pakistanis, that media houses should stand with people… When a media house works against the people after taking money, then I ask you boycott Geo and Jang. And if you boycott them, then others will also be afraid of working against people.”
At another public rally, you (Imran) said:
“Everywhere mafias are sitting to stop change in Pakistan. In the media, Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is mafia, who is the godfather of the media, who uses his media to make money and he has no worry that a person had taken the stolen money of Rs300 billion outside the country. He is supporting him only for the sake of money.”
In a media talk at an airport, Imran said: In the media, I wanted to say especially to Geo and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman that his channel made all efforts to cheat and mislead the people and tried to save the thief. He was in the frontline as whatever happens in the courts, they present it in a wrong way. They even make wrong headlines, InshaAllah I will talk to my lawyers to file a suit as they deliberately distort facts of hearings in the Supreme Court and they deliberately give the impression that my case resembles that of Nawaz Sharif’s.”
In a private channel talk, Imran said: “But I wanted to give message especially to Geo and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman that I will file a suit against you and you should prepare yourself. Be prepared. When InshaAllah the PTI government is formed, then I will ask you about the billions of rupees which you kept in foreign countries. You live in big palaces and drive cars, but tell us how much tax you have paid in Pakistan. We will ask it from you. My accountability has been done and now it’s time for your accountability, as well as people like you.”
In another private channel talk, Imran Khan said: “When they will start the movement, then it will be a good thing as when they will come out from the newspapers and from paid media anchors and likes of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and Geo. He himself was claiming that he is a businessman. Shakil-ur-Rahman when they (Nawaz Sharif) will go in public they will know that how many people stood with them. They will face the consequences.”
Imran Khan, in a media talk, said: “It was my stance and the other thing is that Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and Geo will have problems as they were part of the mafia of Nawaz Sharif. He tried to save Nawaz Sharif and made all efforts because as the case was being heard and Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman knew that he evaded tax in the country and when the matters came about his tax, then he used his media. He knew that now is his turn, as he also has evaded tax and now he will not be safe.”
Imran Khan said at a press conference: “The headline of Jang London was that Pakistan is a liar and cheat. This headline was displayed in a newspaper which is Pakistani and is putting this headline in London. There is no need for enemies in the presence of such kind of people. Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, if you are listening, then listen to me carefully, ‘we will check all your taxes InshaAllah’, as what have you done with this country to stash your billions of rupees in foreign countries. What he was doing with Pakistan while sitting in Dubai. He himself was claiming that he was a businessman and he did not know journalism.”
The specific parts of Imran Khan’s tweets that were liable to defamation, which were used by different TV channels with defamation headlines:
“This vicious, gutter media campaign, led by NS&MSR mafia, does not bother me as respect & humiliation comes from Allah Almighty.”
“However, my concern is for my children & the very conservative family of Bushra Begum all of whom have subjected to this malicious (campaign) by NS & MSR.”
“NS & MSR stay rest assured that their vicious campaign has only strengthened (me) to fight them all the way.”
In a private channel talk, Imran said: “I regret that Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, Geo and Jang have turned journalism into a money-making (activity) and blackmailing people to make money.”
In another talk with a private channel, Imran said: “I wanted to ask the question what achievement they have made and who was with Aftab Sultan, who was DG IB and whether Shakil-ur-Rahman made a big exposure or uncovered the crime.”
In yet another private channel talk, Imran said: “I assume that Shakil-ur-Rahman was a not only a cheap person but a dirty man who only worships money and his only aim was to get money through Aman Ki Asha.”
In another private channel talk, Imran said: “He is a partner of Nawaz Sharif. They are partners. How much money has been given to him by Nawaz Sharif? Tell me who was financing the war on terror and saying that it was our own war. I was saying for long that it was an American war and he was saying that it was our war. His whole media was trying to save the corrupt like Nawaz Sharif. He did not feel shame that he stole Rs300 billion of the poor people and took it to the foreign country and was saving him.”
Imran Khan said in a tweet: “MSR you are an insult to the noble profession of journalism. You sell your soul to the devil as long as he pays you enough!”
“(I) want the investigative journalists at the Jang/Geo to seek answers to the following.”
In yet another tweet, Imran Khan levelled humiliating allegations against MSR:
“1. Employees have not been paid salaries for the last three month?
2. His companies in Pakistan are in deficit and companies outside the country are making progress?
3. How much directly or indirectly, Shakil-ur-Rahman has received foreign funding?
4. Value of two house in Emirates Hill of billions of rupees and assets in Dubai and London?
5. On what conditions, the 100-kanal plot of billions of rupees located on Canal Bank was obtained?
6. In 2015, MSR was to pay Rs1 billion taxes to the government. What is the present value?”
In a private channel talk show, Imran said: “Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman owns properties in Dubai and London, Rolls Royce but he does not pay salaries to employees of Geo.”
“Anchor: One thing happens time and again that there is a group which starts confrontation and then situation becomes normal with that group. Then there is timing when there is campaign and your fight starts with them. Why it happens?
Imran Khan: Which group?
Anchor: There is only one such group?
Imran Khan: Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman. I know him for many years, but previously he was different. Actually, the lifestyle which they have adopted demands money. This lifestyle includes their residence in Emirates Hill and Rolls-Royce. I do not know whether they live on rent or own the property. If they are tenants then the rent will not be less than Rs10 crore per year and if they have purchased, then the value must not be less than Rs2-3 billion. They have two properties in Emirates Hill. They also have in London. His families are purchasing flats and procuring properties there. The Rolls-Royce is also there.
So this is their lifestyle which demands money.
So Insha-Allah, I have decided to expose them and the balance which we have managed to get shows that their expenditures are more and income is very less. Still they have not paid money to Geo employees because there is loss here in Geo and Jang. But their lifestyle is becoming better and better with money and palaces being raised. From where is the money coming?
This is not the Pakistan government which is getting loans from the IMF. I think this is foreign funding. Insha-Allah, we will expose the money which they are getting from abroad.
Anchor: You suspect?
Imran Khan: No we will show their funding, which is their foreign funding. Now the second thing which they are doing is that Nawaz Sharif who is criminal of Pakistan and this nation and stole Rs300 billion… his children are outside the country and this story of Rs300 billion has also come before the JIT. Is this the job of journalism and newspapers to provide protection to anybody or expose him if anybody had taken the poor nation’s money outside the country?”
Shakil-ur-Rahman uses his media house to make money.
Anchor: But story of Panama was also written by Umar Cheema.
Imran Khan: He was not his journalist. Panama Papers were revelations made by the International Union of Journalists. The group has not probed it rather it was an international disclosure and was released and they were trapped.
Now the point is that whether Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman uses his media house to make money and protect criminals. He follows international agenda. He also humiliates Pakistan’s ISI chief which is also quoted in India.
Is this is job of the media houses? He is committing a crime with society. My anger against the media house is that his issue is not society, Pakistan or interests of people, rather his issue is money. About that, after coming out of the Supreme Court, he stated that he does not know what is journalism; rather he is a businessman.
Anchor: He also says that you were a different person. There were good relations between him and you. There were many campaigns which you both ran together. If this is the only issue or something else? He also says that you have good relations with him.
Imran Khan: I have nothing to do with it. What can be my dispute? What can be my issue with him? I gather with people on an ideology. I am also with somebody on an ideology and our friendship ends if somebody deviates from the ideology.
Remember, a human being has a Qibla before him when he travels and my Qibla is Pakistan. If he is with Pakistan, then I am also with him.
I am with him if he is with Pakistan. He also runs campaigns for Shaukat Khanum and helped us and we were also together when there was a flood in Pakistan. Our issue is that Nawaz Sharif, who is a big criminal of Pakistan. Nobody has looted such huge money or taken it outside the country.
Is their job is to protect them or safeguard interests of Pakistan.
Third point on which he wanted to speak was that look what kind of journalism (he is doing?). The journalists are always those people who play the role of an opposition and keep a check on the government.
The journalists are basically investigative journalists and what remarkable work they have done in the past. Look at Bob Woodward, who exposed the Watergate Scandal and enjoys respect not only in America but also in the world. I will ask today that whether the leading media group Geo and Jang of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman is doing investigative journalism. Being the opposition is our task and I will raise my voice when there is a theft or wrongdoing as I have nothing more to do. Is it not the job of the owner of the Media House to ask who will answer for these 300 billion rupees. Nawaz Sharif has to answer about Rs300 billion which goes outside the country. These are the additional things which I have presented before you, instead of exposing these things he was chasing me. Chasing the Tehreek-e-Insaaf on his (Nawaz Sharif) behalf. What kind of media is this and what kind of journalism is this? He is a blackmailer and blackmails to earn the money. Their companies were going in loss here and in Dubai etc where GEO and Jang were going in complete loss while he was doubling his wealth. In Emirates Hills one house for one wife and second for the other wife and never talks below Rolls-Royce and has properties in London. From where does this money come. Being an opposition leader and political leader it is my right to ask a question from him that if he did not have any money and his companies were going in losses and his lifestyle was not reflecting it then he has a right to ask a question who is financing his losses and how he is getting the money. We demand to make the companies disclose three years bank statement to the public just like the bank accounts of Shaukat Khanum’s were made public as we get a money from the public. They are running the biggest media house of the country and it is their responsibility to the public to reveal all their investments and accounts and if they did not do so then my suspicions will come out as true. They defame the ISI chief, which country ever defames the country’s intelligence head which they have done. They should reveal how much money they get for this purpose. Who asked them to launch Aman Ki Asha and we want to ask from where they received the finances for this campaign. He declared the American war as our own war. His newspapers wrote negatively against me when I said it was not our war. We know how much comes from outside, we also know from where the money comes from for making the contract with Voice of America. The major thing is that he is saving a criminal who destroyed the country’s institutions and brought the country into the net of debt and all these become billionaires. His job was to investigate it but instead they were only chasing my personal life with the purpose of blackmailing to get the money. They got orders to bring any minor things of KP government forward. It is not a bad thing if they bring anything before the public but these journalists did not want to bring those things which benefited the society but rather to blackmail and get money to fulfil their losses so I demand that they should give all their bank statements.”
Addressing Imran Khan, the notice says that as a result of your recent representations, statements and expressions on electronic and print media and other forums and the resultant impressions, innuendoes and insinuations that have followed, grave defamation of Jang Group has been committed by you before an audience of millions of viewers and readers both in Pakistan and abroad.
The allegations are completely false and unfounded and evidently motivated. Your expressions have personal and ulterior motives and objectives, have malice in its construct and portray your biased bend of mind towards Jang Group. It has caused serious damage to the reputation and social stature and businesses of the group besides causing severe mental distress, pain and agony. Consequently, your actions have incurred on you, the liability for the aggravated defamation that is actionable under civil as well as criminal law.
Considering the seriousness and the damage that your expressions, statements and representations have caused and will continue to cause to the good name and businesses of Jang Group, we intend to initiate legal action against you for the damages in a court of law unless you tender an apology and pay damages.
The legal notice has urged Imran Khan to tender an unconditional apology to Jang Group severely and withdraw all the allegations made by him that were made and published. The notice has also urged the PTI chairman to circulate the said apology with equal prominence and though the damage caused by him cannot be compensated in terms of money however as a token he has to pay a sum of Rs1 billion by way of damages. Failing this, Jang Group has definite rights to initiate appropriate proceedings that is entirely at your risk and cost, the group says in its notices addressing to the PTI chairman.
It further says that Jang Group expects Imran to meet their demand within a period of 14 days.
“If no reply is received from you, our clients would be constrained to knock at the doors of a court of law in accordance with the law.”