Chairman JPMC announces completion of quarantine ward for coronavirus patients

KARACHI: Chairman Board of Directors Jinnah Postgraduate Medical College (JPMC) on Monday announced the completion of an isolated ward in the healthcare facility.

According to details, the healthcare facility is now ready to admit and care for a limited number of coronavirus infected persons and has also announced to conduct free coronavirus tests of patients carrying the symptoms.

The test report of the coronavirus test will be given within 8 hours of sample submission.

Punjab University has locally manufactured coronavirus protection kits along with copious amounts of hand sanitizers for mass usage, reported yesterday.

The University has said that the sanitizer has been priced at Rs50 to Rs60 and is being produced for national usage.

The university also announced the creation of antiseptic wet-tissues as disinfectants.

The university has also started a telemedicine initiative which will ensure online purchasing of the products that will be home delivered.