Chief Justice Nisar praises KP IG, resumes hearing public welfare cases in Peshawar

PESHAWAR: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar ordered the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government to close down in a week all bogus clinics and other operations run by quacks across the province.

The orders came as the chief justice resumed hearing a number of cases related to public welfare issues, including those related to healthcare.

The chief justice is in Peshawar on a two-day visit and conducted hearings of several matters at the local registry yesterday.

As the hearing went under way, the chief justice remarked, “quacks are destroying people’s lives”.

He then inquired from the head of the healthcare commission about his salary, to which he responded that he takes home Rs0.5 million a month.

“What kind of a province is this where the chief secretary earns Rs180,000 and you get Rs0.5 million,” the chief justice wondered.

Taking up the issue of provision of clean drinking water, Chief Justice Nisar ordered the testing of water samples from across the province.

The chief justice then asked officials present in court how they will get the testing done when the government does not have the required laboratory or technical machinery for it.

Moving on to law and order issues, the chief justice observed that if the court can salute one person, it is Inspector General (IG) Salahuddin Mehsud. He added that he is satisfied with the performance of the provincial police chief.

Talking to the media after the hearing, the IG said his appreciation by the apex court is the entire police force’s appreciation.

He informed that as per the apex court’s orders, the police retracted security from 1,769 non-essential officials. He explained further that the remaining security cover will also be withdrawn in phases.

The hearing is under way.

The apex court is also expected to take up cases related to the closure of roads, conditions of jails, Asma Rani and Mashal Khan murder cases.

KP Chief Secretary Azam Khan is expected to submit a report to the court on the closure of roads whereas Jails IG Shahidullah Khan will submit a report on the state of the province’s jails and facilities for prisoners.

The chief justice also visited the judicial academy and addressed members of the bar association.
KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak appeared before the court after being summoned.
Chief Justice Nisar, during the hearing, had remarked that he heard a lot of good things regarding Khattak’s performance in KP, observing that the latter had no time to spare anymore.
In response, Khattak agreed with the chief justice, adding that the situation in the province had been ‘quite bad’ when his party had formed the government in KP. The chief minister told the chief justice that his government’s performance will reap results in two years’ time.