China sets example on pandemic management,says Cuban official

DM Monitoring

HAVANA: China has managed its domestic outbreak of COVID-19 successfully, setting “an example” for Cuba and other nations, a Cuban provincial official has said.
In an interview with Xinhua, Luis Carlos Gongora, vice president of the Provincial Government of Havana, lauded China’s actions in controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, “the medical response of the Chinese health system, the capacity it has had to deal with cases, reduce fatalities, and offer quality of life to patients that tested positive for the novel coronavirus” have also been exemplary, Gongora said. According to the official, authorities in Beijing and Havana have maintained smooth exchanges on addressing the health crisis since the beginning of the pandemic. He thanked China for its many shipments of donations to the Caribbean country, saying they have been highly helpful in the midst of the blockade by the United States, which prevents the arrival of medical supplies to his country. During the interview, Gongora also talked about the significance of the China International Fair for Trade in Services scheduled for this month in Beijing, where there will be both online and offline exhibitions.
The fair covers a wide variety of areas, such as cultural goods, tourism, and financial services, and also there will be forums as well as more than 100 seminars and promotional events. “China, for us, is a big strategic partner, therefore having a presence at the commercial event is an essential platform to continue learning about the development of our sister country, and share our products and our potential,” said Gongora.