Christmas celebrations in Pakistan and around the world

ISLAMABAD: Like other parts of the world, the Christian community living in Pakistan has been celebrating Christmas with zeal and fervour.
In Pakistan, the Christian community celebrates its religious festival with traditional enthusiasm.
Special services will be held in churches across the country and prayers will be offered for peace, progress and prosperity of Pakistan.
Residential colonies have been decorated with twinkling lights and stars, and baubles such as bells, pine cones, apples, candies, tinsel and balloons bedecking trees, streets, houses and churches.
Felicitating the Christian community in Pakistan and across the world on Christmas, President Mamnoon Hussain said it was the day to reiterate the universal teachings of patience, tolerance, kindness and goodwill, not only for the Christians but the whole mankind.

The president said peace and happiness could be brought back to the world, which was engaged in conflicts of interests and wars, by adopting aforementioned virtues.

“The lesson that we learn from the teachings of the Jesus Christ (AS) is that life and property of all people living on this planet should be given equal respect and protection without discriminating on the basis of colour, cast, religion and belief,” he said.
The president said that human beings should not be made fuel for fighting wars for materialistic interests, but instead the valuable resources should be spent on the welfare and development of humanity.
This is the best way to commemorate Jesus Christ (AS), he added.
In his message, President Mamnoon said the services rendered by the Christian community of Pakistan for progress and stability of the country particularly in the fields of medicine and education were greatly valued by the people and Government of Pakistan.
On the occasion, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi felicitated the Christian community across the globe, appreciating the efforts of Pakistani Christians for socio-economic development of their homeland.
“We are proud of our Christian brethren; they are an integral part of our multicultural polity; and I am confident that their patriotic contributions will continue to accelerate the pace of Pakistan’s progress,” he said in his message on Christmas.
The premier said much more than festivity and celebration, the spirit of Christmas was to share, to reach out, and to love all humanity.
He said that Jesus Christ (AS) brought and preached the message of peace, brotherhood and love for the whole humanity. “He guided people towards virtuous living and urged them to seek divine mercy.”
As a divine messenger, Jesus Christ (AS) was venerable to adherents of all religions, PM Abbasi added.