FO condemns Bangladesh PM Hasina Wajid’s 'anti-Pakistan remarks'

The Foreign Office (FO) condemned ‘anti-Pakistan’ statements issued by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid earlier this week.
Wajid had, during a March 25 address, said that the people of Bangladesh “must respond to those who have been lost in their love for Pakistan”.
“They must be punished. We must make them forget their love for Pakistan,” she had said.
FO Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal during a weekly briefing in Islamabad today described Wajid’s remarks as being against the spirit of the 1974 tripartite agreement.
Under the 1974 tripartite agreement, Dhaka had agreed not to proceed against those whom it had accused of ‘war crimes’ during the 1971 separation.
Relations between Islamabad and Dhaka have been deteriorating since 2009, when Hasina’s government resumed the trial of 1971 ‘war crimes’ that had been suspended after the 1974 accord between Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.