Imran has no objection to Dost Mohammad joining PTI, claims Zulfiqar Khosa

LAHORE: Recently-inducted PTI member and former Punjab governor Zulfiqar Khosa claimed that he had joined the party along with his entire family including his son, Dost Muhammad Khosa.
Zulfiqar, who was previously affiliated with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, said his son was unable to attend the meeting with PTI chief Imran Khan because he could not each Lahore from DG Khan on time.
He claimed that Imran had no objection to Dost Mohammad, who has served as Punjab chief minister in past, becoming part of the PTI. The former Punjab governor said that his family had been promised [tickets for] five seats of both national and provincial assemblies.
Zulfiqar Khosa’s claims followed a statement by PTI leader Shireen Mazari, who said that party leadership in Islamabad decides “who will be welcomed into PTI and who will not [be].”
Mazari, in her tweet, said, “It is not up to new entrants to assume if they have been welcomed their whole family will also be assumed to have joined PTI.
“Murderers and rapist can never be members of PTI,” she asserted. PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry also denied that Dost Mohammad was included in the party.
Dost Mohammad is accused of the murder of actress Sapna Khan. He was also not a part of the meeting between his father Zulfiqar Khosa and PTI chairman Imran Khan held in Lahore.
Earlier on Friday, That the PTI had excused from including Dost Mohammad to its ranks. A party spokesman had said that only those members of the Khosa family had joined the party, who had been part of the meeting with the PTI leadership.

PTI’s decision to excuse from including Khosa had come a day after the expulsion of Farooq Bandiyal from the party, following a backlash over his inclusion in the party on social media.

Earlier this week, severe criticism was meted out on social networking platforms over issuance of images of Farooq Bandiyal, a transporter from Khushab, joining the PTI.

Reports on social media had alleged that Bandiyal had been involved in a robbery and rape at the residence of renowned actress Shabnam.

“There is no similarity in Farooq Bandiyal and Dost Mohammad’s cases,” said Zulfiqar, adding that the latter had only divorced his former wife due to irreconcilable differences. “It is not a crime to get a divorce.”

The newly-inducted party member claimed that a case was made against Dost Mohammad at the behest of Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shehbaz.

He also said that the statement by PTI spokesman Fawad Chaudhry did not matter.

Sapna Khan case

Dost Mohammad Khosa had a love marriage with Sapna Khan, from whom he also had a child, however, the couple later had differences.
The case of model and actress Sapna Khan’s disappearance surfaced in 2011.
Sapna’s father Misal Khan had alleged that his daughter had gone to see Dost Khosa but they had not heard anything from her since.
Police have failed to find any clue of the actress since then, while Dost Mohammad has maintained that he has nothing to do with her disappearance.