India bids to convert mock exercise into real time anti-terror operation


  • For past few days, Indian Police and other security agencies were conducting anti-terror mock exercises in different parts of the country
  • Gujju cops went crazy  in conducting mock anti-terror drills amidst media criticism for various reasons
  • Indian Coast Guards were given script for mock anti-terror exercise to counter a 26/11 like activity in Arabian Sea
  • At eleventh hour, mock exercise was decided to be converted into a real-time show on RAW’s interference
  • Rajinder Khanna, the new RAW Chief, made Delhi to claim Coast Guards intercepted a Pakistani fishing boat with explosives on it
  • MoD said that via a top secret, intelligence-based operation, Karachi originated terror boat was rounded up
  • Farcical claims said that the intercepted boat’s occupants blew themselves and set boat ablaze after encircled by Indian guards
  • Surprisingly, RAW-backed TV Channels showed live coverage of this “Top Secret, Intelligence-based” operation of India as it was being done in the earlier TV embedded mock exercises by police


From Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma

NEW DELHI- Indians earned maximum shame and insult across the entire global community when they came up with farcically and hastily scripted RAW drama of foiling a real time terror attempt which was actually part of the ongoing anti-terror drill that is being exercised by Indian police authorities and other relevant security agencies like the Airport security personnel, Border Security Forces and the Indian Coast Guards, very well placed sources in the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs here have revealed to The Daily Mail.

According to these sources, on directives of the office of the National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval, in the start of December last year, even before,  the gory terror episode  that took place in Pakistani school at border city of Peshawar on the 16th of last month, all state police authorities, airport security personnel,  bosses of Border Security Forces  as well as the Indian Coast Guards had been engaged in conducting anti-terror drills under different given scenarios. In this series a number of mock exercises were conducted by the above mentioned Forces, especially by police authorities of different states across India.  The purpose of which perhaps was to keep Pakistan’s ISI on guessing as what the Indians were actually up to and to keep Pakistani security agency’s attention diverted a bit to give room to a Peshawar like incident to get executed. However, the state of Gujarat’s mock exercises came to hit media headlines here as there were lot of flaws and outrageous methodologies adopted in these drills by Gujju Cops which earned harsh media and social media bashing and at one occasion,  Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel had to publicly apologize for the nonsense of police in these mock anti-terror drill.

The Daily Mail’s sources say that just when such outrageous exercises were being conducted by Gujju cops, a similar mock exercise was being carried out by Indian Coast Guards along Gujarat coastal line. According to sources, the participants of the Coast Guards were given the drill scenario that there were very reliable and authentic intelligence reports about an explosives laden fishing troller with four terrorists onboard had embarked upon a journey from Karachi’s Kaiti Bunder for an unknown destination on Indian coastal line of Gujarat. The Coast Guards were tasked to carry out a hot pursuit and intercept the said fishing boat and to seize it. The mock exercise was given as the main task to Coast Guards patrolling boats in the prescribed are while a Coast Guard Dornier aircraft was also included in the drill to ensure a mock sea-air coordinated search and locating operation.

Nonetheless, one of the seized boats of Pakistani fishermen that are often seized when poor fishermen from either side mistakenly enter into other country’s maritime territories, was also sailed to be used as a target during the drill. The sources say that that some Pakistani fishermen who were in undeclared custody of the Indians were also reported to be placed on the boat to make the mock exercise closer to reality unlike the police mock exercises where they had to suffice on own personnel to act as dummy foreign terrorists. But very much like the police drills of the same nature, TV cameras were arranged to maintain the footage of the entire mock exercise. However, like Gujju Cops, the Coast Guards also made the dummy terrorists on the boat to raise Pakistan Zindabad and Islam Zindabad like slogans.

The Daily Mail’s sources say that the said mock exercise was tasked to the relevant command of the Coast Guards on the 26th of December, 2014 after which the date of January-I, 2001 was fixed for conducting the exercise. However, when in a similar matured drill, Indian BSF personnel, on the 1st of January, killed two Pakistani Rangers along the Indo-Pak border (details of this conspiracy would be published in a day or two), some immediate changes in the mock exercise surfaced. This incident of killing of Pak Rangers by BSF went beyond local repair for India and actually became an issue of global level with Islamabad taking a very serious and extremely loud reaction over the same. The sources say that at this point of time, Ajit Kumar Doval called in RAW, who just hours ago got its new boss in shape of  Rajinder Khanna, a veteran RAW officer and had served for years at RAW’s Terror Potting Desk. Khanna was tasked to organize a face saver for the government with regard to the killing of Pak Rangers by BSF as the heat was really mounting up. Khanna, who, though had just taken over as RAW Chief but still was a specialist in terror business, came up with an immediate diversion plan and got it approved from the highest government office with special directives from Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to the relevant quarters including Ministry of Defense.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that according to the Khanna plan, RAW intervened into the Coast Guards’ mock exercises and took operational control of the concluding part of the mock drill. It was dictated by RAW that the conclusion of the mock exercise be done by blasting and destroying the target; the pre- seized Pakistani fishing boat. After this target was achieved, RAW handed over a script to Ministry of Defense to read it to media so that the media and diplomatic attention can be shifted from the Pak Rangers’ killing issue to this new issue that otherwise looks bigger in volume. However, since the plan was conceived hastily and hurriedly and that too at the eleventh hour, it was not kept in mind that how it would be proved that  why the hardcore terrorists blew themselves up in the cabin of the boat when they could have achieve a lesser target of blowing themselves on the Coast guards’ boat by causing some damage to their target enemy?

The sources said that despite a  very strong objection by some very senior officers of the MHA to such a blunder, RAW remained adamant to go on with the plan and a TV Channel,Times Now, that is operated and funded by RAW itself was used even to release immediate shots of the blown up target of the highly classified and top secret operation. However, the plan went miserably failed as due to a number of loopholes, it actually became a laughing stuff for the entire global media community with merely Indian media dancing to the tunes of RAW.

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