Isn’t it the dirty hand of the US behind Gaza carnage?

—— The idea of ‘organizing’ an air attack via paragliding was conceived at Langley as early as 2009, 2010
—— The CIA designed this plan to help US pawn in Indian Army General Deepak Kapoor
—— General Kapoor after losing dignity in the Sukhna land scam wanted to topple Manmohan Singh govt through a military coup
—— CIA gave him the plan to create an extraordinary security atmosphere in New Delhi to complete the coup smoothly
—— Despite Manmohan Singh being a relatively weak Premier, the coup plan could not materialize but the news in this regard made its way to the media
—— Langley later tried to get this plan executed against Israel through Iranian nationals, using CIAS’s indirect pawn and remote asset, Iranian Revolutionary Guards head General Qassem Suleimani whom they were bribing and nurturing through India’s RAW
—— Arrested RAW officer Indian Navy Commander Kulbhushan had confessed to the Pakistani authorities during interrogation that he was operating from Iran against Pakistan and CPEC with knowledge, consent and support of General Soleimani and that Soleimani was actually fighting RAW and CIA war against Pakistan and Americans were using and funding him through RAW
—— In the latest attempt, CIA’s infiltrated agents in Hamaas managed to convince Hamas commanders to use the plan of airstrike inside Israel via paragliders while Israel’s intelligence Agency Mosad was kept in dark by Langley over the whole plan
—— An attack on an Israeli Embassy employee was also orchestrated through a foreigner at Beijing to push China towards an defensive and rather awkward situation which didn’t work

By Makhdoom Babar
(Head of DM Investigations Cell)
(With Inputs from Sandra Johnson in Washington, Christina Palmer and Anjali Sharma in New Delhi, Susanne Freeman in Beirut and Farah Ibrahimi in Tehran)

The recent surge in violence, characterized by a questionable attack orchestrated by the militant organization Hamas in Israel, particularly through the unconventional method of paragliding, appears to have connections with U.S. policymakers in Washington and the Intelligence establishment at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The Daily Mail’s Investigation Cell reveals that the U.S. has three main objectives in this situation, positioning itself as a key player in resolving the Middle East conflict. The primary goal is to create challenges for China due to its strengthening ties with the Muslim world and its increasing diplomatic and political influence in Middle Eastern and GCC states.
Investigations suggest that the planning for the paragliding attack dates back to 2009/2010 when the aircraft was initially provided to the then-Indian Army Chief, General Deepak Kapoor. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, CIA policymakers sought closer ties with India, specifically cultivating relationships with Indian Generals to counter China and address concerns regarding Pakistan. General Kapoor, involved in various corruption scandals, such as the Sukhna Land scam in Bengal and the Adarsh Housing Scheme scam in Mumbai, emerged as a suitable candidate for the CIA’s objectives.
Further investigations indicate that during this period, the CIA was significantly funding and organizing the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) in Afghanistan. This was done in collaboration with Indian Intelligence RAW, despite the reluctance of the then-Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh, to directly involve Indian agencies against China by supporting groups like ETIM. At this juncture, General Kapoor was reportedly persuaded by his CIA associates to launch an attack on Pakistan, aiming to oust the Congress-led government in New Delhi and pave the way for the resurgence of the Hindu extremist party, the RSS-dominated BJP.
Despite diplomatic efforts in both Delhi and Islamabad to reduce tension and normalize relations between the two nuclear-armed rivals, General Kapoor faced constraints in launching an attack on Pakistan, even through a false flag operation.
The research findings indicate that during this critical phase, the concept of employing paragliding for a simulated air assault on a country originated from Langley. General Kapoor was informed that this pilot project could serve the dual purpose of providing a pretext for an attack on Pakistan from the Line of Control (LoC) and establishing a robust cover for the operation to overthrow the Manmohan government through a military coup, citing a heightened national security threat. Kapoor was assured of the comprehensive support of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and its political arm, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), contending that such a move would resonate with Indian Hindu zealots and propel the BJP into power.
Additionally, Kapoor was led to believe that preceding the operation to oust Manmohan and attack Pakistan, the U.S. would issue a nuclear threat alert for Pakistan. A specialized U.S. team would then swiftly travel to Pakistan from the Middle East under the guise of preventing Pakistan’s nuclear assets from falling into the hands of the Taliban.
The investigations suggest that, for this purpose, Kapoor was instructed to assemble a team of paragliders from the Indian Army’s Para Units and station them in Indian-controlled parts of Jammu and Kashmir. A threat alert was to be released, asserting that Kashmiri militants, with the assistance of the Pakistan Army, were planning a paraglider-based attack on Delhi, creating an acute national security emergency and instigating maximum security measures.
In line with this plan, General Kapoor, who had recently issued threats against both China and Pakistan, asserting the readiness of the Indian Army to eliminate both nations within 24 hours in the event of a simultaneous warfront, directed his trusted associates to implement the strategy. On January 21st, 2010, India’s State News Agency, the Press Trust of India (PTI), disseminated an official news feed to local and international media. The feed suggested that Pakistan-based Kashmiri militants were poised to launch paraglider attacks on India, targeting New Delhi, with an emphasis on the Republic Day and the Army parade. This news, prominently featured by all Indian TV channels and newspapers on January 22nd, triggered widespread chaos and panic across India. Under the heightened threat alert, General Kapoor mobilized security agencies to conduct mock drills nationwide to preempt airborne suicide attacks by terrorists. Furthermore, he elevated the security status of all Air India planes operating in the region based on alleged intelligence reports from Western agencies, claiming that militant groups were plotting to hijack an Indian airliner. Radars strategically positioned at key locations were meticulously calibrated to detect low-flying objects, and authorities, unwilling to take any risks, imposed a no-fly zone in the Lutyens zone of the capital, New Delhi. This zone encompasses vital institutions such as Rashtrapati Bhavan, the Prime Minister’s Office, and key ministries, including Home, Defence, Finance, External Affairs, and RAW, among others. Elaborate air defense measures, including the deployment of anti-aircraft guns, were implemented to prevent potential airspace intrusions. These arrangements in New Delhi were part of a plan to depose the Manmohan government. Simultaneously, troop movements towards the Line of Control (LoC) were intended to counter a fabricated paraglider attack and initiate a counter-offensive across the LoC.
However, General Lamba, the head of Military Intelligence, who was not informed by General Kapoor, became aware of the entire situation and thwarted both operations. India chose to remain silent on the purported paraglider terror attack, and the matter was discreetly handled. Subsequently, Kapoor, facing serious allegations of corruption and administrative issues, retired, and General VK Singh, a vocal critic of Kapoor’s doctrines and policies, assumed his position.
It is noteworthy that a few years later, the CIA utilized General VK Singh to orchestrate a military coup to remove Manmohan Singh. Although VK Singh denies this development, the incident surfaced in the media and continues to reverberate.
The research suggests that Washington and Langley became increasingly unsettled as China garnered significant respect and influence in the Muslim world, especially in the Middle East and GCC states. This concern escalated when Pakistan invited the Chinese Foreign Minister as the guest of honor at the OIC Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Islamabad. The warm reception accorded to the Chinese Foreign Minister by representatives of every Muslim state at the conference dealt a blow to Langley’s orchestrated campaign against China, particularly regarding its alleged mistreatment of Muslims in Xinjiang. The positive reception conveyed a clear message that OIC member states did not endorse the baseless Xinjiang propaganda propagated by the United States and its Western allies.
On the flip side, Beijing’s efforts to facilitate peace in the Middle East and establish diplomatic and political ties between historic adversaries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia posed a significant threat to Washington and Langley. This trend positioned China as a major player in the Arab world, especially in the Middle East. The normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as between Israel and the UAE, is credited to Beijing’s extensive diplomacy and peace initiatives under Xi Jinping’s vision of creating a global community of shared future.
Political and security analysts argue that these developments, elevating China’s influence and respect among Muslim nations, notably diminished U.S. influence, particularly its exploitation of tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. CIA deemed it crucial not only to challenge Beijing’s position in the Arab world concerning Middle East peace but also to reduce China’s significance and revive Washington’s profile among these nations. These experts contend that CIA was anticipated to instigate tension between Israel and the Arab world, which had recently begun experiencing the benefits of peace and economic cooperation through Beijing’s diplomatic maneuvers.
Investigations indicate that Western intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, had already initiated efforts to counter China in the Muslim world, specifically the Middle East. Despite China’s consistent commitment to the independent state of Palestine and the evacuation of occupied Palestinian territories, the CIA aimed to isolate China in the Arab world. In a delicate situation, the CIA, although requiring only a spark to ignite a significant crisis, opted for an extensive plan. This plan aimed not only to isolate China in the Arab world but also to inflict a severe blow by orchestrating the elimination of thousands of innocent Muslims in Gaza.
Over the past 3-4 years, CIA managed to infiltrate agents from Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen into the Palestinian militant outfit Hamas. In 2022, three to five of these agents, having reached senior positions within Hamas, were assigned to persuade Hamas commanders to execute a major strike on Israel. Simultaneously, Israel was encouraged by CIA influencers to escalate brutalities against Palestinians. The resultant violence included shootouts at Al-Aqsa Mosque and harsh measures preventing Islamic prayers, compelling Hamas to take the CIA’s bait. The paraglider airstrikes, initially introduced to India by Langley, were ultimately executed by Hamas.
Investigations reveal that the unwitting Hamas commander innocently fell into the CIA’s web and volunteered its fighters for special training near the Lebanon border. They were told the training project was funded by a Europe-based Arab business tycoon. The facility was used for two years for mock exercises under the code name “Toofan Al-Aqsa,” with a specific focus on paragliding skills and shooting while gliding. A security expert notes that uncovering the U.S. role in the Gaza bloodshed would have been challenging if Langley’s overconfident strategists had not overlooked the fact that the paraglider idea had previous footprints in India in 2009-2010.
Investigations suggest that CIA intentionally kept this staged Hamas strike secret from its Mossad counterparts, aiming to present the attack as natural and to assess Mossad and Israeli forces’ readiness for such a sudden development.
Experts believe that, given the China factor, CIA orchestrated a foreigner to assault an Israeli embassy employee in Beijing. This move, seemingly organized with clear CIA signatures, elicited immediate reactions from U.S. diplomats and Israeli officials against China. China tactfully navigated the situation, but Israel officially displayed arrogance towards China.
Further investigations reveal that, similar to the American invasion of Iraq (Operation Desert Storm), major Western media outlets, especially those in the United States, received special directives from Langley, the White House, and other relevant quarters. The media shifted its focus from Ukraine to Gaza, portraying Israelis as victims and Palestinians as hostile parties, despite the actual hostilities against innocent Palestinians. Media coverage is biased, under strict instructions from the U.S. government and its Western allies. Some journalists have received threats for reporting actual facts rather than adhering to given instructions. These journalists reveal that they have been directed to project the U.S. government and Joe Biden as the main players and saviors in ending this prolonged human disaster, intending to minimize China’s importance and regain influence in the Arab world and the Middle East.
However, anonymous journalists state that the situation seems to have spiraled out of control for the CIA, White House, and other perpetrators of this ill-intentioned episode, causing harm to thousands of women, children, elders, and youngsters. The journalists assert that they have been instructed to shift the focus of the Ukraine war issue to the Middle East, portraying Palestinians as aggressors and profiling Joe Biden as the main player and savior. Investigations indicate that everything could have gone according to plan if the two-year-old paragliding airstrikes plan, forcibly implemented by the CIA into Hamas, had not been executed, revealing the covert operation.