Man suspected of robbing, killing arrested

Wuhan: Hongshan district procuratorate in Wuhan, Hubei province, ratified arrest of a suspect accused of burglary and murder by masquerading as a social worker during the epidemic, according to a notice posted on the procuratorate’s official WeChat on Sunday.
The suspect, surnamed Xiao, climbed over the fence of Lidao Garden — a community in the city’s Hongshan district, with ropes and tapes back on March 10.
Xiao disguised as a social worker responsible for temperature checkup on March 11 and committed acts of violence against the victim surnamed Pan, a resident of the community who was later found dead.
Xiao fled the scene after stealing renminbi, US dollars and Japanese yens and gift cards from Pan’s home.
Xiao was caught by the police on March 12.
According to the notice, Xiao premeditated the robbery because he was unable to pay his online gambling debts.
The procuratorate said the case is still under investigation and will report the result to the public as soon as possible.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item