Mother of child from another Kolkata school speaks up on abuse

KOLKATA: As Kolkata grapples to come to terms with the sexual abuse of a four-year-old girl at GD Birla School, the mother of another child from an equally well-known school has come forward to say that her daughter was molested, not once but at least twice by school staff. But despite complaints to police and school, neither had done anything about it, she has alleged.

“If the school and the police had acted on our complaint, then this little girl (from GD Birla) may have been spared the horror. The molesters would be scared of facing some police action. But nothing was done,” the mother said.

Her daughter, a student of MP Birla School was less than four years old when molested. The parents have since removed the child from the school.

At GD Birla School, though two PT teachers were arrested on Friday after the 4-year-old complained of sexual abuse on Thursday, parents of other students in the school are not budging. They want the principal’s resignation and will gather again at school on Monday to press their demand.

There was more outrage today when parents spotted CCTVs that had appeared overnight on the school’s external walls.

After a student was abused three years ago, the school had promised to install them and did not. Overnight, on Saturday, they were there.

Whether the other school, MP Birla has CCTV cameras or not is not clear. But the child had identified the molesters, the mother said.

“My daughter was shown many photos and she identified the two school staff who molested her. But the police has not arrested anyone yet. In fact, we were almost discouraged by police from filing the case because, they said, if we did file an FIR, our daughter would be taken away from us and put in a state-run home,” the mother said.

The two incidents of sexual abuse at top Kolkata schools have stirred the government. It has sought a report on security lapses at GD Birla. MP Birla too may face questions.