New milestone set in cultural heritage conservation

BEIJING: The Palace Museum in Beijing has been designated as the official address of the secretariat for a new international technical committee focused on standardizing cultural heritage conservation.
It is a significant milestone as this is the first committee of its kind within the International Organization for Standardization dedicated to cultural heritage protection.
Established in March and currently comprising 31 participating member countries and 13 observing member countries, the Technical Committee for Cultural Heritage Conservation aims to consolidate the global consensus on safeguarding cultural heritage through international standardization efforts.
The initiative encompasses the development of standards for terminology, techniques, materials and equipment used in various aspects of cultural heritage conservation, including monitoring, assessment, protection and restoration.
The committee’s work will also facilitate the exchange of best practices and advanced technologies among member countries, promoting the sustainable development of global cultural heritage conservation and fostering cross-cultural learning and collaboration.
“Cultural heritage is the witness of human civilization, containing valuable historical, artistic and scientific values. Standardization is an important way to enhance the level of cultural heritage protection,” said Qu Liang, director of the Palace Museum’s institute of standardization research for cultural relics protection, who has been appointed as the manager of the new ISO committee.
ISO President Sung Hwan Cho said the establishment of the committee and the formulation and implementation of international standards will consolidate the global consensus on cultural heritage conservation and enhance the level of protection. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item