No force can diminish Peoples’ power, says Chinese envoy

-Yao Jing hails Pakistani media for strengthening friendship
-Lauds The Daily Mail for promoting healthy journalism

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai
ISLAMABAD: “Whosever orchestrates whatsoever conspiracies,no force from any part of the world can diminish the Peoples’ power as peoplesfrom both China and Pakistan are the real power behind the China-Pakistan friendship”.These views were expressed by
China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, His Excellency Mr. Yao Jing, during his visit to the offices of The Daily Mail’s CPEC and BRI Excellence Centre and the Central Secretariat of Pakistan- China Media Friendship Association during which he also inaugurated the
Excellence Centre formally. He said that Pakistan was a highly valued friend and partner of China,Peoples from both nations were seeking more exchanges, prosperity and connectivity. “While it remains a fact that there are some foreign elements that are constantly in the pursuit to sabotage our friendship, therefore, it is time for both nations to effectively counter disinformation that is meant to dent our friendship,” Ambassador Yao Jing said.“United States recently passed Xinjiang related bill which is a total propaganda against China, this bill is nothing but a piece of content, filled with fake script. Though overall Pakistani media was playing a wonderful role in promotion of this Friendship and contributing very positively to the cause of CPEC and BRI that have emerged as new symbols of human development and peace , prosperity and connectivity, yet it was unfortunate and regrettable that some sections of local media were either wittingly or unwittingly contributing to the agenda of those who were chronic opponents of China – Pakistan Friendship and recently developed harsh feelings against CPEC and BRI and I hope these certain sections of local media would soon realize their mistake and will return to factual reporting, setting aside the Western propaganda”, asserted Ambassador Yao Jing.Ambassador Yao highly appreciated the professional standards that The Daily Mail was maintaining since its inception and the role it was playing in protecting and promoting China-Pakistan relations for the 2 decades by opting for True and Accurate journalism with utmost Boldness. “The exception that The Daily Mail enjoys is that you guys journalism with patriotism and thus you also protect the national interests of friends of Pakistan equally, a fact that makes The Daily Mail themore trusted and credible media outlet for the genuine friends of Pakistan and that is what you have earned through your hard work and dedications”, asserted the Chinese Ambassador. Appreciating the efforts of Makhdoom Babar, President of The Daily Mail and Chairman of Pakistan-China Media Friendship Association, the Ambassador said that it was farsightedness of Makhdoom Babar that he established the Pakistan-China Media Friendship Association almost 15 years back to defend the Pakistan-China bilateral interests through the synchronized efforts of Chinese and Pakistani journalists. “Today when certain Western journalists and media groups are conspiring against China and Pakistan-China Friendship with aim to cause damage to CPEC, the vision of Mr. Makhdoom stands proven to be magnificent. Today, Pakistani and Chinese journalists are not doing wonderful job through synchronized efforts to safeguard each other’s national interests but are jointly playing a wonderful role in enhancing people-to-people contacts and by virtue of what they are ensuring peace and harmony in the region and the idea of this synchronized mechanism was devised by Mr. Makhdoom back in 2005. During my previous posting in Pakistan, I witnessed the formation of Pakistan-China Media Friendship Association that has today emerged as wonderful milestone for the genuine media practitioners from both countries. I am glad that I also contributed to this unique project in my official capacity”, stated Ambassador Yao Jing. On this occasion, Makhdoom Babar briefed the Ambassador about The Daily Mail’s series of personal experience-based articles, published to highlight the facts about Xinjiang.“The concerns related to some countries sabotaging China-Pakistan friendship is not felt on one side but in fact it is sensed on both sides. As the so called Xinjiang Bill is meant to harm China and Pakistan equally as through this conspiracy theory and baseless propagation, the West is actually bidding to trigger religious sentiments of the Pakistani people who are already very sensitive about religious matters. This is supposed to influence the innocent people on Pakistani side and thus creating certain hurdles for smooth continuation of CPEC”, asserted Makhdoom Babar. He said the situation called for effective countering of such baseless propagations and The Daily Mail had taken up responsibility of doing so not only as a professional media organization but also as a sacred trust.Both the Ambassador and Makhdoom Babar pledged to cement the bridge between China, Pakistan and continue to enhance cultural exchanges. On the occasion, all the Islamabad-based Chinese journalists were also present.