Nokia factor adds more credence to links of Colombo bombers with RAW, MI

From Thilini Ranasinghe

COLOMBO: The experts, probing deadly Colombo carnage that took place on the Easter Sunday last month, have got hold of some strong evidences, indicating that the job was a comprehensive foreign plan and beyond the abilities of any local group or individual, with all clues leading towards India, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

These investigations indicate that the experts, including the counter terrorism specialists, probing the Colombo terror episode have found that the detonating devices, used in detonating most of  the bombs in Colombo carnage were the same that were used in many terror incidents in the region in the past  and were having the India’s official signature. These experts are seriously considering the links between Indian national Security Advisor Ajiat Doval with regional leadership of Daesh and the warning letter from Indian intelligence agency RAW to Lankan authorities, prior to  attacks,  is also being examined with new perspective.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that probing experts have discovered a great similarity in the detonating devices of Colombo bombing with those used by Indian intelligence operators and particularly by the operators, linked to the Military Intelligence of the Indian army and the probers are not ready to deem it as a  mere coincident. The  experts earlier found nearly 200 unused detonators from a bus stand and some other spots in Colombo after the bombing. However they have concluded that those detonators were placed out there to misguide the investigating authorities. The investigators have found that the detonating devices used in Colombo carnage were not regular/ ordinary detonators but were mobile phone sets of a particular model, used to be manufactured  by Nokia.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the experts have found that the elements, running the Indian terror outfit,  Abhinav Bharat, that was exposed as an entity of Indian Army’s Military Intelligence and was brought to light by India’s Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare, could very strongly be connected to providing training, logistics and planning to Colombo carnage executors.  These investigators have found that the same models of Nokia Mobile phones were used by Indian MI’s terror wing, Abhinav Bharat for the detonations at 2 bomb blasts at India’s Malegaon in 2006 and 2008, during Samjhauta Express attack in 2007, during Hyderabad’s Mecca Masjid blasts of 2007, during attack on Muslim Shrine at Ajmer in 2007 and during  Modasa, Gujarat attacks in 2008. Indian’ Army’s Abhinav Bharat was later exposed to be behind all these bombing incidents and a serving Lt. Colonel of Indian Army’s military Intelligence was arrested for running Abhinav Bharat with all the evidences by Indian police authorities. . The investigators give more credence to this connection after discovering that the same model Nokia mobile phones were found behind multiple bombing across Pakistan by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), again, globally exposed to be operating for Indian Indians, particularly in the backdrop of Ajit Doval’s policy of offensive defense, while same detonating devices were also found different terror incidents in Afghanistan, later claimed by Daesh Afghanistan, again a dubiously titled outfit, linked to Indian NSA and RAW. The experts believe that the use of same mod and devices for detonations in all these terror incidents was a fact that could not be ignored to make concrete conclusions and the particular Nokia phone model as emerged as a signature device of Indian’ Army’s MI and RAW.  

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that though the investigators have discovered that the Colombo bombers got  training at secret facilities of Indian MI and RAW, located at different locations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka states of India as these Indian MI and RAW facilities had been very active during LTTE era in Sri Lanka ,yet they are probing as to  why some of these Colombo bombers  were taken to such facilities in Indian part of State of Kashmir. The investigators have developed yet another theory in this direction, keeping in view that the Abhinav Bharat activists were reported to be trained in that that part while the explosives were also regularly provided to the Abhinav Bharat activists by Colonel Srikanth Purohit of Indian Army’s military Intelligence for subsequent use in the above mentioned terror attacks across India to implicate local Muslims.  It is being strongly suspected by investigators that there could be tow reasons for imparting training to Lankan bombers in Indian Kashmir, including providing explosives and imparting training of using these explosives and also to link them to Kashmiri Muslims and linking them to Kashmir insurgency movement to Colombo terror at any later stage, once having the footprint of Lankan bombers in that area. The experts are also examining the DNA of the explosives, used in Colombo and those used in other Indian Army linked terror attacks in India etc.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the investigators are also  comprehensively reviewing the findings of India’s Judicial commission, the Jain Commission, formed many years back to probe the involvement of Indian Army and RAW to impart militancy training and particularly suicide bombing skills on Lankan fighters during the LTTE era, as former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated as a result of such trainings. The experts are busy in drawing serious parallels in the trainings imparted by Indians to Lankans in that era and the recent training to the Colombo bombers. It is worth mentioning here that  Jain Commission had, documented the existence of ‘militant’ training camps for LTTE and other Sri Lankan Tamil secessionist groups throughout India, under the aegis of RAW and other Indian intelligence and security agencies. Former Indian Prime Minister V.P. Singh disclosed during his in-camera hearing before the Jain Commission on 5th November 1996 that the first batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu. Singh, however, declined to disclose exact location citing national security reasons. According to him all militants were also provided with weapons and monetary backup to carryout activities inside of Sri Lanka. He further disclosed that ironically late Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged and supported training of LTTE and other Tamil militant groups. Similarly, Former Indian Foreign Secretary Salman Haider also provided a very incisive insight to the Commission in his affidavit number 343/96-JCI. Haider, who was liaising between the LTTE terrorist maestro leader Prabharkaran and Indian intelligence agencies, at one time disclosed that “in the beginning Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to Sri Lankan Tamil militants to RAW”. Prabharkaran was however, not pleased with the share of spoils that local RAW operatives were giving to LTTE in comparison with its rival militant terrorist groups TELO, EROS, EPRLF, and TEA. He thus asked for Haider’s intervention, upon which the former arranged a meeting of Prabharkran with the officials of India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB). Thus training of LTTE was shifted to IIB from RAW. This created an inter intelligence agency rivalry and according to Haider, RAW was behind attacks by Tamil Elam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) on LTTE.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal further that Former Advisor (to Mrs. Gandhi) K. Mohandas in his affidavit number 64/92-JCI disclosed to the Jain Commission that different intelligence agencies and Prime Minister’s advisors were vying with each other to provide training and facilitating the Lankan Tamil militants due to big money involved. Military training was provided by central agencies in Union government controlled camps in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Uttar Pardesh, Kerala, New Delhi and elsewhere. According to Mohandas, militants were trained, armed and launched into Sri Lanka to carry out subversion and attacks. Perhaps his most shocking revelation was that the LTTE and other militant groups were also provided training in the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun, which incidentally is the basic military training institution for officers of Indian army.

The Daily Mail’s investigations also  indicate that probers are also re-examining and re- evaluating the warning letter, sent by Indian authorities to Lankan authorities, prior to the Colombo attacks. It is being examined that since it was an internal development of Sri Lanka, what was the source of information for the Indians to have such detailed intelligence on this comprehensive plan inside Sri Lanka and how could Lankan intelligence and security authorities  miss such a huge development taking place while it was comprehensively in notice of their Indian counterparts, as it evident from the so-called warning letter.