Pakistan-US relations can’t be weighed in dollars: Aizaz Chaudhry

WASHINGTON: Pakistan Ambassador to the United States Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry remarked that the relations between the two countries cannot be weigh in dollars.
While speaking to media, Chaudhry remarked: “Pakistan and US share a multi-faceted relation, it cannot be weighed in dollars.”
The ambassador further said that Pakistan is willing to work with all US officials including John Bolton, who is currently the national security adviser-designate of the US.
“We are willing to work with all officials with an open mind and open heart,” he shared, adding that Pakistan’s only agenda is ensuring regional peace.
“We want peace in Pakistan and peace in Afghanistan. We want Pakistan’s relationship with the US to strengthen. We will keep this agenda in front of him [Bolton] as well.”
He remarked that the efforts against terrorism have been a result of a collaborative effort with the US. “We will continue to take steps to curb terrorism.”
Chaudhry also said that no one wants peace in Afghanistan more than Pakistan. It is essential for all stakeholders in Afghanistan to sit together and come up with a solution, he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal remarked that the measures taken by the United States against terrorists in Afghanistan are satisfactory but more has to be done to eliminate the menace from the region.

While addressing weekly foreign office briefing, he pointed out that Pakistan has continuously highlighted the presence of terrorists’ sanctuaries in Afghanistan and it is a matter of satisfaction that the US is addressing the issue.

However, he said more needs to be done.
He added Pakistan has also asked the US government to share intelligence for definite action against terrorists on our soil.