PML-N UK president renounces British nationality for Senate seat

LONDON: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) UK president Zubair Gull has applied to renounce his British nationality after the party leadership decided to hand him ticket for the Senate of Pakistan from Punjab.
A lawyer here confirmed that Gull applied at the Home Office to renounce his British nationality a week ago, after he was told that he will be given the party ticket from Punjab.
The decision was made public through a press statement. It said that Senate tickets from Punjab will be awarded to Farooq Khan, Asif Kirmani, Rana Maqbool, Haroon Akhtar, Shaheen Butt, Zubair Gull for general seats.
A close friend at the Home Office said that Gull’s application to renounce British nationality has been received and it’s “under process.” The PML-N member has also submitted confirmation through his lawyer to his party’s high command that he is renouncing British nationality.
Around five years ago, Muhamamd Sarwar from Glasgow also renounced his British nationality to become the governor of Punjab. He is now a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).
Gull has been a staunch supporter of Nawaz Sharif for nearly two decades.
When Nawaz came to London after being exiled by Pervez Musharraf, Gull launched a long and arduous campaign for him and remained by his side.
He was given a portfolio in the overseas ministry to look after complaints of overseas Pakistanis.
Due to his political activism, he suffered losses in London and had to close his business to devote time for campaign for the restoration of democracy.