Rangers arrest PPP leader and former adviser Dahri in Nawabshah

NAWABSHAH: Authorities arrested Sardar Muhammad Ismail Dahri, one of the most wanted alleged criminals, during a raid carried out Wednesday night in the town’s Daulatpur area, media reported.

According to a spokesperson of the Pakistan Rangers, as well as other police officers, the operation was conducted at the residence of Dahri, the former adviser to the chief minister of Sindh and a member of the Pakistan Peoples Party, in Daulatpur.

Dahri has at least five cases — including incitement and mayhem, attempted murder, possession of illegal arms, as well as land grabbing, among others — filed against him.

During the raid, five submachine gun (SMGs), one pistol, two grenade launchers and rounds of ammunition were seized from Dahri’s possession.

Further, the Rangers spokesperson stressed that news reports claiming Dahri’s arrest came alongside that of 40 others are false.