School reopening dawns new confidence and vigor

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BEIJING: Chinese students are returning to schools nationwide for the autumn semester, the latest development that manifests China’s successful endeavor in containing the COVID-19 outbreak. As everyday social life in the country regains vitality at an accelerated pace, it heralds great hope for a world still marred with uncertainties.
Ensuring safety is a vital prerequisite for the reopening of schools. The government’s decision to recommence schools is based on the country’s strategic achievements in anti-epidemic efforts and the confidence that resuming on-site classes will not trigger a fresh wave of the outbreak. When parents send their wards to schools, they pin their hope on the school management. Parents should have reasons to believe that schools are competent to fend off the risk of infection. And the schools have indeed risen to the expectations of parents. Campuses have adopted foolproof and precise epidemic control and prevention measures, such as staggering school openings, checking students’ temperatures regularly, offering contact-free hand-washing equipment, and deploying trained anti-epidemic personnel to mitigate any emergencies, among others. Children across the country had experienced a unique period during the country’s fight against COVID-19 when all Chinese people stood in solidarity.
Witnessing incredible feats of the Chinese people as they worked together and undauntedly faced challenges, the younger lot will have a deeper understanding of what the country means to them.