Selling of votes: PTI women rage against CM KP

PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf women accused of selling their votes in the Senate elections spoke against Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak, calling him a ‘vindictive person’.
The PTI female lawmakers included Naseem Hayat, Nargis Ali, Nagina Khan, who held a joint press conference in Peshawar.
During the press conference, three women took an oath on the holy book saying they didn’t sell their votes.
MPA Naseem Hayat claimed that it was a plot by Pervaiz Khattak.
She said that she was offered money from her party to vote for the candidate, however, those who took up the offer weren’t expelled from the partyfold.
She claimed that she was made to spy on the female MPAs of the PTI.
MPA Nargis Ali said that she didn’t sell her vote, however, in the Senate polls party workers weren’t given tickets.
Nargis Ali asked if corruption was to be ended then why the Ehtesaab Commission is closed in KP.
MPA Nagina Khan said that the PTI MPAs are 52 and the party candidates secured 50 votes in the polls.
She said that she didn’t receive the show cause notice and no one has summoned them as yet.

PTI issues show cause notices to 20 KP MPAs

The PTI issued show cause notices to 20 of its Members of Provincial Assembly from the province in relation to selling of votes in the Senate elections, stated an official notification earlier on Friday.
The official press release in its subject mentions termination of membership and expulsion from the party.
As per the official statement, signed by PTI spokesman Naeem-ul-Haq, the 20 PTI members are to provide a written response and can also seek a personal hearing before any action is taken against them.

“In the event no written response is received from you to this show cause notice within the stipulated time period it shall be presumed that you do not contest this show cause notice or otherwise have no defence and acquiesce to the cancellation and termination of your membership of PTI and to being expelled from the PTI and in such event further proceedings in the matter shall be without any further notice to you,” the statement read.

The PTI has formed a disciplinary committee headed by Pervaiz Khattak, Atif Khan, Shahram Tarakai, Shahryar Afridi, Shah Farman and Naeem-ul-Haq tpo conduct and complete the proceedings, said the statement.

PTI chief Imran Khan on Tuesday revealed the names of lawmakers who allegedly sold votes during the Senate elections and announced to expel them from the party.
The PTI chief, who was addressing a press conference in Islamabad, said nobody took any action on the buying and selling of votes during the Senate election. Imran claimed that between 30-40 votes were sold during the polls for Upper House of the Parliament.
Nargis Ali, Dina Naz, Nagina Khan, Naseem Hayat, and Fauzia Bibi were named as the female PTI lawmakers who had sold votes.
Among the male PTI lawmakers who were found guilty of selling votes by PTI’s investigation committee were Sardar Idrees, Obaid Mayar, Zahid Duranni, Abdul Haq, Qurban Khan, Amjid Afridi, Javed Naseem, Yasin Khali, Faisal Zaman, and Sami Alizayi.

The five MPAs of PTI held a press conference and rejected allegations of selling their votes in the Senate elections saying that they are ready to satisfy the party in any way.

MPA Arif Yousuf, Yaseen Khali, Ubaidullah Mayar, Nageena Khan and Amjad Afridi denied the allegations.

Imran had also said that after releasing the charge sheet, the names will also be forwarded to the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).