The Doval Chronicles further add woes to the RAW’s overseas killing spree

—— Indian NSA Ajit Kumar Doval’s reckless use of state organs for mafia-style illegitimate ops put ties with the West in double jeopardy
—— Doval’s exit from NSA slot seems inevitable, as aspersion being caused on Modi’s role
—— FBI mulls indicting Doval over deep involvement in foiled murder plot to kill Sikh independence leader GS Pannun and others
—— Intelligence sharing by Five Eyes and AUKUS alliances gather evidence trove of RAW’s wrongdoings in West under Doval’s watch
——- Deputy US NSA Jonathan Finer confronted Doval with leading questions during his December 4, trip to New Delhi, but apparently remained dissatisfied.
——  A White House readout on the Finer’s trip made especial reference to India’s Commission of Enquiry to investigate lethal plotting in the US and the importance of holding accountable (hinting at Doval) anyone found responsible
—— Earlier, CIA Director Will Burns, during his November 30 visit to India confronted Doval with evidence of his dirty meddling in US and Canada while Doval tried to flip charges, accusing CIA of harping anti-India agents
—— Former RAW Chief A. S. Dulat, in an interview also confirmed Doval’s commanding role in the clandestine overseas ops
—— Spine chilling revelations by RAW operator Nikhil Gupta currently arrested in Prague, confirm Doval’s sponsoring of global Hindutva extremist – terror network
——  POTUS, Joe Biden cancelled visit scheduled for India’s Republic Day in the backdrop of India’s criminal assassinations and murder bids in Canada and US
——  US Commission for International Religious Freedom has urged US government to take strong action against India over rising Hindutva violence, against minorities abroad
—— Under Doval’s command, Indian Intelligence agency RAW expanded its network of illicit operations worldwide through Chhota Rajan gang
——  Chhota Rajan gang’s undercover RAW operators included Babloo Srivastava, Kalia Goga, Guru Satam (Malaysia), Sanjay Khanna (Singapore), Ravi Pujari (Vietnam, Indonesia), Daya Shetti (Tangiers, Morocco, Spain, France), Rajan himself (Australia), Ajay Verma (US) and Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu (South Africa) and Nikhil Gupta (Easter Europe and Central Asia) who continue to operate worldwide as unannounced RAW Station Chiefs in the designated countries and territories
—— IPS officers of different state cadres very strongly follow Hindutva ideology after joining spy agencies; develop deep links with RSS
—— Ajit Doval, B Raman, Sanjeev Tripthi, Alok Joshi, Amitabh Mathur formed unholy nexus to promote Hindutva mission of Akhand Bharat, Hindu supremacy
—— Raman purposely kept Doval in IB to maintain a deep linkage for unauthorized projects despite acute professional rivalry of the two spy outfits
—— Doval, Raman, Tripathi formed Chhota Rajan gang for performance of unauthorized, unsanctioned operations in region and beyond regional ambits
—— Doval replaced Rajan with Nikhil Gupta a few years back after Rajan became over exposed and Australian and South African authorities’ pursuit pushed him to an arrest and extradition to India.
—— With Doval’s fate hanging in balance, he, as a last-ditch effort, accuses CIA of creating and supporting Khalistan Movement

By Makhdoom Babar
(Head of Investigations)

With inputs from Christina Palmer, Ajay Mehta, Anjali Sharma, Sandra Johnson and Cathy Alderman

While the US investigator of Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) strongly mulling to formally indict India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval owing to the loads of evidence of his role in using official Indian agencies and New Delhi’s Diplomatic Missions abroad for planned assignations and plotting murders of foreign national in the Western countries. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the other hand, is also seriously contemplating rolling the head of the controversial NSA, shifting all the blame on Doval alone, in bid to save his own image and New Delhi’s stature in the West, reveal the investigations of The Daily Mail.

These investigations indicate that as the US authorities dug deep into the RAW plot to assassinate  some US nationals with Sikh religion, and in the backdrop of the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a prominent Sikh activist in Canada’s Vancouver BC earlier this year, the FBI investigators found the ultimate boss of Indian Intelligence apparatus , including RAW and IB at the centre stage of the entire mechanism of these illicit and illegitimate activities, threatening not only the safety of the US and other Western nationals but also challenging the national security matters of US and its Western allies.

The investigations reveal that the things took a very interesting turn when, on the request of US authorities, the Czech Republic moved its Police and Counterterrorism units to arrest one Nikhil Gupta from Prague, who later emerged as one of the main characters of an assassination plot on the US soil. Gupta, an otherwise a drugs and arms trafficker, actually turned out to be a RAW operator, operating under the cover of a drug and arms syndicator. Gupta mistakenly hired a DEA undercover agent to assassinate Sikh leader Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, seeking independence of Panjab state from the Indian subjugation.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that during the preliminary investigations from Gupta, it was emerged that Gupta was working on the indirect instructions from Ajit Doval and these instructions were relayed to him via Indian Consul General at India’s Consulate in San Francisco, US. In the light of these outcomes, the US government, who had already taken up the matter with Indian government, in a desperate move, decided to send Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer to New Delhi to take up the matter at the next level. At this occasion, Deputy NSA of the US was also accompanied by some FBI investigators and these investigators asked some questions to Indian NSA in a private and informal meeting. However, they failed to get satisfactory answers to their queries from Doval.

These investigations further reveal that on one side the US and Canada, 2 strong members of AUKUS and Five Eyes alliance were getting no cooperation from New Delhi, on the other side the intelligence networks of Five Ayes and AUKUS were bringing out more and more evidence about RAW’s reckless illegal operations in different parts of the world under Doval’s command and instructions. Nonetheless, Gupta also started spilling beans about Doval’s criminal networking through undercover RAW operators. Owing to these developments, US President Joe Biden was advised by the US State Department and other relevant quarters to cancel his official visit to New Delhi where he had earlier given confirmation to be the Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day celebrations event. In this backdrop and availability of treasure trove of evidence, the US authorities have sought the permission from the concerned quarters to allow them to interrogate Doval formally and comprehensively in this matter of State Security.

These investigations indicate that in the wake of the killings of minorities back in India and the assassinations of Sikhs across the world by Indian Intelligence and Police officials under Doval’s command has moved the US Commission for International Religious Freedom to take up the matter very strongly with the Biden Administration, seeking a serious action against India. The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is alarmed by India’s increased transnational targeting of religious minorities and those advocating on their behalf. Recent efforts by the Indian government to silence activists, journalists, and lawyers abroad pose a serious threat to religious freedom. Due to India’s systematic, ongoing, and egregious violations of freedom of religion or belief, USCIRF implores the U.S. Department of State to designate India a Country of Particular Concern (CPC).

“The Indian government’s alleged involvement in the killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada and the plot to kill Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in the United States are deeply troubling and represent a severe escalation of India’s efforts to silence religious minorities and human rights defenders both within its country and abroad,” said USCIRF Commissioner Stephen Schneck. “We call on the Biden administration to acknowledge the Indian government’s perpetration of particularly severe religious freedom violations and designate it as a country of particular concern (CPC).”

USICRF says that transnational repression occurs when states use intimidation, harassment, or violence against those living outside their borders. Transnational repression campaigns often target political and human rights activists, journalists, and members of religious and ethnic minority groups. In extreme cases, tactics include detention, reprisals against family members, kidnapping, or, as illustrated by India, assassinations. In November 2023, the U.S. Department of Justice published an indictment alleging the Indian government’s attempt to assassinate a Sikh activist was intended to prompt a series of additional killings in the United States and Canada.

It further observed that in addition, Indian authorities have used spyware and online harassment campaigns to target and intimidate journalists and activists abroad advocating on behalf of religious minorities. Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s State Visit to the United States in June, comments from the head of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) information and technology department, Amit Malviya, prompted an online campaign against U.S. Wall Street Journal journalist Sabrina Siddiqui for posing a question about religious freedom conditions in India. “We urge the U.S. government to continue its active engagement with senior Indian officials and international partners to ensure religious minorities can live and express themselves without fear of reprisal, whether in India or elsewhere”, says Commissioner David Curry of the USCIRF.

USCIRF has recommended each year since 2020 that the U.S. Department of State designate India as a CPC, most recently in its 2023 Annual Report. USCIRF also published an issue update on India’s state-level anti-conversion laws, providing further context on India’s use of these laws to target religious minorities. In September 2023, USCIRF held a hearing on religious freedom conditions in India and how the U.S. government can work with the Indian government to address violations.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that a Five Eyes’ intelligence share indicates that Under Doval’s command, Indian Intelligence agency RAW expanded its network of illicit operations worldwide through Chhota Rajan gang cover. Chota Rajan gang’s undercover RAW operators Babloo Srivastava, Kalia Goga, Guru Satam (Malaysia), Sanjay Khanna (Singapore), Ravi Pujari (Vietnam, Indonesia), Daya Shetti (Tangiers, Morocco, Spain, France), Rajan himself (Australia), Ajay Verma (US) and Ramesh Gupta alias Pappu (South Africa) and Nikhil Gupta (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) have been operating worldwide as unannounced RAW Station Chiefs in the designated countries, territories.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that a former Chief of RAW AS Dulat is on record to have given a confirmation of Ajit Doval calling the shots in the RAW killings and other such operations in the Western World as he stated in an Indian TV show with noted Indian TV Anchor Karan Thapar that it was not possible for any RAW Chief to carry out such high profile operations and hits with approval and close confidence from the Top Guns like NSA Ajit Doval.

These investigations indicate that that after the assassination of India’s founder Mr. Mohandas Gandhi by activists of extremist Hindu outlet RSS ( that is now part of Indian government) in a planned  manner, the major chunk of the Hindu society was repelled from religious extremism and got mainly disconnected with Hidutva ideology.  With this development continuing, the RSS and Hindutva maestros started recruiting young motivated Hindus into IAS and IPS in particular and other government departments in general, under the philosophy and ideology of Hindutva Brotherhood and started transforming them into extremist Hindus. These investigations indicate that this trend was proposed or introduced by none other but an IPS officer himself. This officer is known as Bahukutumbi Raman or B Raman, an IPS officer of 1961 batch of Madhya Pradesh Cadre, who later was inducted in IB and from where he went to Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) as its founding members and died a few years back in retirement. Despite being retired from RAW in the last decade, Raman was kept on board, and he kept providing his constant input to RAW in post-retirement life.

The investigations reveal that later there was a trivial shift in the policy and focus was slightly reduced from IAS officers and was enhanced more on IPS officers as it was planned that the most dedicated ones of these IPS officers would later by inducted into spy agency IB with later expanding it to RAW. The investigations indicate that a huge number of IPS and IAS officers of different state cadres were successfully dragged to Hindutva school of thought. These investigations indicate that though there was a rush of Hindutva motivated IAS and IPS officers in the 60s and 70s, later B Raman took the task of short listing them to form a comprehensive network of topmost confidants by maneuvering their respective careers and eventually ending them up in IB, RAW, CBI and other relatively important organization and on highly sensitive assignments.

The Hindutava Trio of IPS

B. Raman
Amithabh Mathur
Ajit Kumar Doval

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that B Raman managed to create 5 officers of IPS according his requirements in a period of ten to fifteen years and managed their postings and transfers till the end of his life, with all being junior to him in the service and thus being extensively loyal and obedient to him as well. These officer included  Ajit Kumar Doval, an IPS officer of  Kerala Cadre of 1968 Batch and ended up as IB chief of India with current political position of being National Security Advisor of India, Sanjeev Tripathi, an IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre of  1972 Batch and ended up as RAW Chief, Alok Joshi, an IPS officer of  Haryana Cadre of 1976 Batch who first served in IB up till the position of Joint Director and was later managed to be placed at RAW and is the current RAW Chief, Amithabh Mathur, an IPS officer of  1977 Batch of Manipur Cadre and ended up as RAW’s #2 with B Raman, and IPS officer of 1961 Batch of MP Cadre being their Godfather. Raman was called Guru by his colleagues and likeminded juniors.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that interestingly, all the IPS police officers were somehow maneuvered by B Raman and Hinudtva Brotherhood to reach to the top positions at IB and RAW with Ajit Doval being the most successful in enjoying the extraordinary position of NSA in his political phase of life.  These five IPS officers eventually defaced the organizational identities of RAW and IB amongst their own circle and continued to deliver with mere extremist religious devotion and motivation under Hindutva umbrella. There appears to be another commonality amongst these Cops that all of them, throughout their careers have been maintaining very strong connections with Most Wanted criminals, terrorists and Mafia Dons with Chhota Rajan and his gang being the most prominent in this direction.

These investigation further indicate that despite his great desire to jump into RAW, Ajit Kumar Doval was purposely kept back in IB on B Raman’s suggestions ad by keeping Doval at IB, Raman wanted to maintain a strong support platform in IB for certain Hindutva related operations, despite extreme professional rivalry between RAW and IB and he succeed in doing so as Raman got many operations completed with secret IB help via Doval and Chhota Rajan gang’s operations for RAW were possible only by Doval’s presence at IB as Doval was the mentor and creator of Chhota Rajan and his gang. In the clandestine community of India, it is said that Chhota Rajan and his gang was perhaps Ajit Doval’s best gift to RAW and B Raman while Raman-Doval duo delivered a lot through mutual cooperation at their respective organizational ends to the cause of Hindutva Brotherhood through Chhota Rajan Gang’s operations.

Though the successive Indian governments continued to deny any links of its law enforcers or other top officials having any connection with terrorists and criminal mafias with current Modi government being no exception, yet these deep rooted links are open secrets in Indian media and society. However, in a highly classified diplomatic cable (later leaked by Wikileaks) sent by US Consulate in Mumbai on 8th August 2005, the US Mission in Mumbai confirmed this link to Washington with Ajit Doval being fully exposed in this direction.

In the cable, following assertion was made:

 “In early July a group of Mumbai policemen traveled to Delhi to stake out Vicky Malhotra, an underworld figure who had been charged with numerous acts of terror and crimes, including murder, extortion explosions and arms smuggling. On July 11 the Mumbai police arrested Malhotra while he was driving through central Delhi. Accompanying Malhotra was Ajit Kumar Doval, former head of the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB. Doval himself as well as GOI officials from the Home Ministry later declined to comment about the incident. 9. (SBU) Thereafter the Indian media was rife with speculation about why the former head of India’s premier intelligence service was caught with a known underworld figure. Malhotra is the right hand man of gangster Chhota Rajan, an otherwise Most Wanted criminal by Law in India.

GOI and the Mumbai police have not commented on the incident. The arrests and the presence of former IB chief Doval are established facts. Since the authorities are not publicly talking, everything else about the incident is speculation of media outlets.”

The Daily Mail’s investigation indicate that Chhota Rajan gang’s services were first utilized by Doval at the large-scale level during the attack of extremist Hindus on Babari Masjid in Ajodhya in early 1990s. As this assault was made in the name of religion yet was carried out in a manner of organized crime, Chhota Rajan gang’s input was very much required, and Gang’s contribution brought Chhota Rajan in the very good books of Hindutva Brotherhood. From there onwards, Chhota Rajan gang’s activities got the full support and blessings of the Hindu extremist groups while it had the IB and Police blessings already. The investigations indicate that when Ajit Doval introduced Chhota Rajan to B Raman, Raman straightaway took Rajan and his under the RAW cover and handed him over a sort of ex-officio RAW wing that was code named by Raman as “Special Operations Division” while gang’s association with IB continued under Doval’s leadership at IB and later under Alok Joshi’s patronage while Joshi is now looking after the gang in his capacity of RAW Chief.  Special investigative report on the overall activities of Chhota Rajan Gang would be published soon.

However it is worth mentioning here that Chhota Rajan gang delivered handsomely for both IB and RAW while its services were often rendered to Military Intelligence at different occasions under the Hindutva- Army nexus arrangements.  Chhota Rajan Gang was used from the level of eliminating defiant crime rackets in Mumbai and other parts of India to the massacre of Nepal’s Royal family and then down to the level of killing of Indian Jai Dey of Mid-Day newspaper of India etc. These investigations indicate that Ajit Doval has throughout been a devil’s advocate and has been insisting in use of underworld mafia’s for intelligence operations as he believes that Underworld gangsters had more ingress in society and were more effective in penetrating into any segment of life than the intelligence agency personnel.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that after getting RAW and IB protection via blessings of Ajit Doval and B Raman and later Sanjeev Tripathi,  Chhota Rajan aptly expanded the gang’s smuggling Gold and narcotics, extortion, gambling, prostitution, contract killings and other racketeering operations. Due to his links with the Shiv Sena’s ideologue late Bal Thackeray and his gang’s involvement in anti-Muslim riots in Bombay, Rajan soon came to be known as the Hindu Don in the Bombay’s underworld Rajan later managed to build up a steady business empire around the world acting as front offices for his illegal operations and thus got further promoted in the good books of Hindutva Brotherhood.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the glamorous world of Bollywood immediately caught Ajit Doval and Sanjeev Tripathi’s attention for easy money extortion from the heroes, heroines, producers, directors and distributors etc., who personify virtues on screen and in real life are an amalgamation of deceit, treachery, conspiracy and temerity. RAW and IB, meaning Tripthi and Doval, for quite some time, had their eyes on the Indian film industry for various reasons. With Rajan’s coming to the scene Indian film industry soon become IB and RAW’s interest in Bollywood got new dimensions. It remains a fact that the film media serves as the best possible propaganda tool for the RAW as well as Hindutva Brotherhood not only in India but also abroad including Pakistan. A blatant glorification of Hinduism and an utterly distorted fanatic portrayal of Islam is the common message conveyed through the RAW and IB sponsored movies.

According to Pahlaj Nehlani, a former President of Film Producers Association of India, the underworld lord (Chhota Rajan)  started demanding overseas rights of all good movies without paying a penny in late 90s In words of a Bollywood entertainment reporter Priya Bhose, “Top movies stars of the 90s including Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Sharof, Govinda, Mithun Chakaraborty, Johnny Lever, Juhi Chawala, Mundakani, Manesha Koirala and many others were forced to do a number of  free shows to raise funds for Chhota Rajan at Dubai, UK, USA and other countries. The entire Bollywood, at that time,  had to dance to the tunes of Chhota Rajan for the annual funds raising shows at Shiv Sena’s NGO ‘Mukti’ without any charge. Those who dare to resist were left to face the music of Chhota Rajan’s mobsters. Gulshan Kumar of Super Cassettes Industries was assassinated by Chhota Rajan’s ‘enforcers’ because he refused to sell part of his music empire worth Indian rupees 400 crore to the ZEE music Company of RAW. The conspiracy was hatched when a galaxy of Indian movie starts participated in the opening ceremony of Chhota Rajan’s luxury hotel in Dubai. Rajan’s key man in Dubai Vivekt Goswani conceived the entire plan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Ajit Doval is already on record to have all along been targeting Westerners across India and in other parts of the world. These investigation reveal that in his book, titled, Kao Boys of R&AW, B Raman writes, “We were directed by Delhi to organize secret armed training for the cadres of RSS in the Jammu area to counter the freedom movement. This was originally the idea of LK Advani.  So RAW held two secret meetings with RSS representatives from its Jammu Branch to discuss the beginning and modalities of the said training. First meeting was at local hotel in Jammu while the 2nd one was held at Ambassador Hotel in Delhi.” After these meetings the mission of militarization of IOK started off that would later see the Hazrat Bal Shrine episode in 1993 and kidnapping drama of some six Western tourists, on an expedition trip to IOK, organized jointly by RAW, IB and MI in 1995.

At that very juncture of time, CD Sahey, another IPS officer (of Hindutva school of thought), merely one batch senior to Ajit Doval and some 6 batches junior to B Raman was made as Chief of RAW operations (under immediate subordination of B Raman) in IOK with Ajit Doval being appointed as IB head for IOK ops.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that in July 1995,  in the mountains of IOK,  six Western tourists, included two British, Keith Mangan (from Middlesbrough) and Paul Wells; two Americans, John Childs of Simsbury, Connecticut and Donald Hutchings of Spokane, Washington; a German, Dirk Hasert; and a Norwegian, Hans Christian Ostrø were abducted by one of Doval created Kashmiri freedom fighters’ group with the comprehensive planning and assistance of RAW, IB, MI and the IOK Police.  The purpose of this drama was to portray Kashmiri freedom fighter as high profile and ruthless militants and not simple freedom fighters, in the eyes of the global and especially the Western communities and governments while the other purpose was to glorify certain “Doval converted” freedom fighters which ultimately were made extraordinarily glorified through Raman, Doval joint efforts later in 1999 through a hijacking drama.  In their book, titled “Meadow, Kashmir 1995- where the terror began”, two British journalists and searchers Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark have categorically exposed this Indian drama.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that the ‘Joint Product’ of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) and its Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the right hand of, Ajit Kumar Dova, Rajendra Nikalje, widely known as Chhota Rajan in the underworld, was, around 2015, moved to Australia from Vietnam, by the orders of Ajit Doval to organize and supervise a new drug cartel at Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra etc. These investigations indicate that Chhota Rajan was stationed in Vietnam after Modi government came to power in India and Ajit Doval, the creator and mentor of Rajan became India’s NSA, by virtue of which he also became the boss of all intelligence apparatuses of India. Doval tasked Rajan to reorganize the illicit drugs and weapons network across Vietnam. These investigations indicate that the primary objective of this move was to arm, train and fund the militants in the region, especially those of Pakistan’s TTP, China’s ETIM and Uzbekistan’s IMU and to use them to formulate a   permanent supply market of a new drug that Doval was planning to bring to the region from Latin America.

However, after the activities of Rajan Gang in Vietnam, reached the desks of international media and also to the Chinese authorities with Chinese Public Security Minister visiting Vietnam in March/April 2015  and urging the Vietnamese authorities politely to take serious notice of such activities, Doval directed Rajan to relocate in  Australia and  establish his base over there. It was a time when I new government was formed in Australia after the elections and the Australian Prime Minister Turnbull was being lured and pressurized both, to rejoin the Quad alliance.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Chhota Rajan was suffering from some Kidney related health issues and is using the Indian Ayurvedic (homeopathic) medicines from a particular Ayurvedic Doctor of Mumbai’s Shree Vishwanarayani Ayurvediya Chikitsalaya & Panchakarma Center  , he requested to visit India for the Ayovedic treatment to his illness from the same doctor. However, Doval did not allow him and instead directed him to see some top Medical Practitioners in Australia instead and Doval did not want to take the risk of Rajan being seen in India by anyone, especially by Media.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that upon this, Rajan shifted to Sydney and  started reorganizing RAW’s already established rough underworld network across Australia that reaches up to South Africa as well but had a very strong resistance by some Mexican rivals in the market who had assumed a monopoly by then. The investigations indicate that this rivalry transformed into mafia gang wars and a couple of such incidents alerted the local concerned authorities in Australia. Well placed official sources at Canberra, on conditions of anonymity, told The Daily Mail that in around 2015, they were aware of the presence of an Indian Underworld mafia gangster and his gang, supported by Indian government in Australia who also enjoyed sort of blessings from the Indian diplomatic Missions in Australia and had gone activated after no activity or very low-profile movement for the past 5 to 7 years. They also confirmed the news about the confrontation between this Indian gang and some other gangsters from Latin America and Mexico. However, these sources refused to give the names of the suspected gangsters and their gangs but said that they were very closely monitoring their activities and are tightening the noose around them to turn them in on the basis of solid evidence.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that roughly around October 2015, when RAW underworld Network under the cover of Rajan Gang was over exposed and the Australian authorities launched a hot pursuit against the network, Chhota Rajan was arrested by Indonesian authorities on lead from Australian authorities as he was arrested upon arrival at Indonesia’s Bali Island upon arrival from Australia.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this was the time when Doval decided to take a break from Rajan and appointed Nikhil Gupta, the head of Eastern Europe and Central Asia operations, as replacement of Rajan as head of RAW cover of underworld gang. Rest, is being probed by the investigators in the US and its allies from Five Eyes and AUKUS are helping.

In another development, desperate Ajit Doval, instead of cooperating FBI or US authorities in assassination attempted on US national Gurpatwant Singh Pannun by RAW officials, has instead started accuses US government and the CIA of creating the Sikhs’ Movement of Khalistan and reputedly said “we know your plan and intentions about Khalistan very well’’.

It is to be seen if this time the US authorities deal with the menace on merit or once again some political deals are made between Washington and New Delhi and matter is eventually hushed up or does Modi decides to call it a day for his NSA as Doval has eventually  become a huge risk for Delhi’s and by virtue of his reckless operations, is very strongly threatening Modi’s repute in West and adding up to Western leaders ire who are already fuming at New Delhi for deceiving West via disinformation and fake news mechanisms, unveiled by EU Disinfo Lab and at many other occasions too, making Doval’s fate as a perfect test case for both Washington and New Delhi.