The rise of Saffron terrorism alarms world

By Makhdoom Babar

A CIA Factbook has ‘revealed’ that India;s Saffron terrorism on the rise. The CIA report has named RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal as dangerous fanatic religious outfits of India’s Brahaman Hindu and has termed that these militant groups are emerging as a serious security threat. The Daily Mail had already published a number of Investigative reports about these ultra Brehman groups that were gathered under the umbrella of Sangh Parivar, back in 2003, 2004. However, it took quite some time for CIA and other intelligence agencies and watchdogs to agree with the findings of The Daily Mail in this direction.

It appears that there is a sudden diversion of attention by the Western agencies, media and terror watchdogs towards this incredible rise of Saffron terror under Modi government. As result of this sudden attention towards  dramatic rise of Saffron terror many more events have also surfaced, coinciding with the CIA’s Factbook’s 2018 edition. In one of these events, a US TV drama series Quantico, aired by famous ABC has aired an episode in which it shows that the Indian Intelligence Agency, the RAW, uses Indian nationals to carry out bomb attacks in the US to blame Pakistan. India has though fumed over this drama episode yet it proves that there is an understanding in the US that Indian Intelligence does have the history of such false flags to settle its scores with archrival Pakistan.

In another similar event, a couple of days back, a UK-based think-tank, the London Institute of South Asia (LISA), held a discussion over the book, “Betrayal of India”, written by famous German writer Mr. Elisa Davidson. At the event, Mr. Davidson once again explained the content of his book that exposed the actual state of affairs behind the drama of 26/11 Mumbai attack, presented some more loopholes in the findings of Indian investigators of 26/11 incident and categorically declared it as a drama, orchestrated by Indian intelligence RAW to grab global sympathies for India and to malign Pakistan.

These three incidents, happening within a span of a couple of weeks, crystal clearly indicate that world is no more ready to listen to India’s tailor-made tales about terrorism in India. It proves that global community and the clandestine world has started sniffing the false flags of RAW against Pakistan.

At the same time these events reflect that world now stands very much alarmed by the rise of Saffron Terrorism of India and the Saffron nexus with Indian army and RAW makes it much more lethal for regional and global security.