Ticket withdrawal within hours shows PTI’s ‘nervousness’

MULTAN: Amid a great deal of ‘pressure’ the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) withdrew NA-154 ticket it awarded to Sikandar Hayat Bosan a few hours earlier.
Official said the PTI also gave a go-ahead to Mr Bosan for two provincial assembly seats but withdrew all the tickets within hours.
Earlier, Ahmed Hussain Dehar, another aspirant for NA-154, told newsmen that he would contest as an independent candidate after the PTI awarded ticket to Mr Bosan. The agitated politician said he would dedicate his seat to Imran Khan in case of victory.
Just the other day Mr Bosan found himself in an embarrassing situation when he had to face a group of rowdy people during canvassing in his constituency. A video of youngsters asking pointed questions to the politician went viral on social media.
Mr Bosan was going for his campaign at Binda Sandila union council when a group of youngsters stopped his vehicle and first chanted slogans against him and then one of them questioned him for “his failure to construct a link road and staying away from the constituency.”
“…the road is in bad condition. Come out of your vehicle and inspect the road with us,” said one of the youngsters. As Mr Bosan refused to leave his vehicle, one of his associates said “Bhai Jan is not feeling well so do not misbehave with him and he will visit again.”
“Send your representative if you are ill,” quipped a youngster.
The incident came a few days after Jamal Khan Leghari, the tribal chief of Rounghin Tuman Leghari, had to face a similar situation when a group of youngsters aggressively questioned him about his “prolonged absence” from the constituency.
CLASH: Two groups of the PTI women workers scuffled outside the residence of Shah Mahmood Qureshi.
Nabila Butt, a leader of the party’s women wing, and some others were protesting outside the residence of Mr Qureshi over the issue of allotment of tickets for reserved seats when another group led by Qurban Fatima reached there and asked the protesters to disperse saying Mr Qureshi had nothing to do with the allotment of the tickets.
Over the refusal of Nabila Butt, both groups scuffled and the journalists present there intervened to avert a major clash.