Time to shift John Kerry’s terror concerns

By Makhdoom Babar (Editor-in-Chief)

US Secretary of State John Kerry, after visiting India, has arrived in Pakistan to hold high level talks with Pakistani leaderships, both military and civilian. However, before coming to Pakistan, during a meeting with Indian Prime Minister, Narindera Modi, at a conference in Indian State of Gujarat, John Kerry stated the US understands Indian’s concernes over terrorism. This statement of John Kerry is otherwise a very ordinary and routine statement that any Secretary of State could make. But, the statement coming while US has constantly been ignoring similar concerns of Pakistan, the otherwise frontline ally of the US against terrorism, is really shocking for everybody in Pakistan as it not had only diminished Pakistan’s concerns on terrorism from India but has also given some backing to the otherwise shallow claims of India in this direction.

The Daily Mail very strongly believes that during this John Kerry visit, Islamabad must ask Washington to focus more on India’s very deep and strong involvement in terrorism across Pakistan, especially in Waziristan and Balochistan via Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail opines that the video of an address of India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval in which he admits and elaborates India’s plans of destabilizing Pakistan through different ways and means, including by using TTP terrorists for operations across Pakistan must be shown and discussed accordingly with John Kerry and his team. John Kerry and his team should also be provided with the evidences of TTP terror being executed by Mulla Fazalullah under Indian supervision from Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail is of the firm opinion that that the confession of the former Indian Prime Minister about India’s deep involvement in Balochistan terror which on the official record in shape of the Joint Communiqué, issued by Pakistani and Indian Prime Ministers on 16th July, 2009 at Egypt’s city of Sharm-El-Shaikh must be re-discussed with the Americans

The Daily Mail also believes that since the current government as well as the military leadership really want to forge a lasting peace not only with India but throughout in the region, India must be asked by the intermediary governments and personalities like the US and John Kerry to pull out its covert terror operations in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan.