Times of India unleashes new RAW project

Bureau Report

NEW DELHI- It appears that Indian media house the Times of India, considered to be one of RAW’s media arms, has unleashed a new yet highly dangerous project on behest of Ajit Kumar Doval, India’s National Security Advisor and the overall intelligence boss of the country.

In the latest episode, Ajit Doval and his RAW Chief Rajindar Khanna appear to have decided to exploit the latest wave of anti-terror disposition that emerged after the terror attack on a French magazine and gripped the entire West after the million plus march was held in Paris a couple of days back against Pakistan. To do so, Times of India newspaper’s website is being used to spread maximum blasphemous comments about Holy Prophet of Muslims and anti-Islam remarks by certain dubious visitors and commentators in website’s comments section. This exercise started soon after the news of the million plus march, attended by over 40 Heads of States and Governments went viral on international media and also after a motivated campaign emerged against Muslims in parts of France etc. however, the management of Times of India took no step till the filing of this report to remove and block such anti- Islam and blasphemous content from its official website and rather let the same content to get expanded and go viral. The management of the Times of India, in the past, has also been completely ignoring such practices on its website but under the current sensitivity of the issue, the approach of TOI towards this state of affairs clearly indicates the TOI is letting it happen deliberately and has shown move to block and remove such content from its website while the laws and policies clearly indicate that a newspaper website cannot be allowed to push or publicize any practice that deems to hurt the religious feeling of the followers of any religion or sect.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that with the presence of millions of Muslims in India as its legitimate nationals, such a practice on part of TOI website is bound to earn a reaction from any Muslim and perhaps that is what lies behind the hatching of this conspiracy. These investigations indicate that by using the platform of the TOI website, Doval and his RAW have plans of creating a situation where threats to the TOI media house could be made immanent and than if, no reaction comes, a fake attack could be organized with ultimately blaming Pakistan-based religiously motivated individuals or groups.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that since India’s own population of Muslims alone is even higher than the total population of Pakistan, no one could believe that such a practice to ignite the feeling of the Muslims that are almost 15 percent of country’s overall population, could go on in such an unchecked and criminally ignored manner on part of Government of India unless there is some government role in the same.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that to exploit the global trends and the moods of the global community, especially which of West against Pakistan has always been the top choice for Indian officials and especially its intelligence bosses. The Indian intelligence agencies and the successive governments are on record to have “arranged “a number of fake terror dramas in which a number of innocent people were killed. The 26/11 attacks, fake killings of Indian soldiers in occupied Kashmir and the new year’s Terror Boat Drama are the latest and most exposed Indian dramas in this direction and thus the TOI’s exercised could very easily be deemed to be part of same methodology of Indian intelligence establishment. Certain security experts believe that even throwing of a stone on TOI offices, under the current globally fragile matrix and sensitive atmosphere and Indians would gain global support and media backing to term any eventuality in this regard as a high profile terror act, linked to Pakistan.