Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign in full swing

By Uzma Zafar

Islamabad: Islamabad Police have initiated a special “Nasha ab Nae” tehreek to eradicate use of narcotics from the federal capital and ensure the safety of the youth from the curse of drugs. Police teams have conducted special lectures in educational institutions to educate students about the harms of drugs and preventive measures.
Following the special directions of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad, Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi, the Islamabad Police has launched a special “Nashaa Ab Nahi” tehreek to eradicate narcotics and keep the youngsters safe from the curse of drugs, public relations officers said.
During this campaign, the SP Rural Zone has delivered lecture in educational institute about the harms of drugs and preventive measures, emphasizing that drug abuse is detrimental to the health and future of students.
Students are urged to protect themselves and contribute to saving their surroundings from the curse of drugs. Parents and teachers are encouraged to collaborate in preventing youngsters from falling victim to drugs.
SP Rural has appealed to the public to immediately inform the police about any drug-related activities in their vicinity. The cooperation of the public is deemed crucial for the successful eradication of this menace.
Islamabad Police and Anti-Narcotics Force are jointly working to combat drug trafficking, while special teams have been formed to apprehend drug peddlers in educational institutions.
IGP emphasized that individuals involved in businesses related to narcotics and liquor will be brought to justice. The Islamabad Police is actively engaging with the community to make the city safe and secure.

Citizens are urged to report any suspicious persons or activities to the relevant police station, or at the emergency helpline “Pucar-15,” or via “ICT Police” app.