Better to debate in Parliament to avoid confrontation among institutions: PM Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while addressing a session of the National Assembly said that to avoid confrontation among institutions it was better for the House to debate on the matter.

The prime minister’s comments followed his directives to members of PML-N parliamentary party that the conduct of judges will now be discussed in the parliament.

“We have pledged to defend the constitution,” the prime minister said in his address.
He said that elected representatives are termed “thieves, robbers and Godfather” in the courts, lamenting that government officials are humiliated.
“Does this House not have the right to legislate,” Abbasi questioned. “Or will we have to seek permission to legislate.

“It is better for the this House to hold a debate on the matter in order to avoid confrontation among institutions,” he said.

The premier maintained that the matter was not concerned to a single party and it should be debated in the House.
“I am not criticising any institution or the judiciary; I am only narrating facts,” Abbasi said, requesting the opposition leader to not make it a party issue.
These are the things our government is facing today and tomorrow someone else would be facing the same, he noted.
The premier said the constitution defines the ambit of institutions and that whenever there was confrontation among institutions, it harmed the country.
Addressing the assembly after the prime minister, Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah said the House has the right to legislate, adding that Parliament’s role should only be played by the Parliament.
“When Panama leaks issue surfaced, we had mentioned that this matter should be overseen by the Parliament,” Shah said.
“We ourselves have violated the sanctity of the Parliament, and no one else. We ourselves weakened the Parliament.”
The opposition leader said they want to see the Parliament supreme and that all institutions should function remaining within their ambit.
He said if the institutions interfere in each other’s affairs, then this would weaken the country.