Engineer Sentenced To Death For Raping, Killing 7-Year-Old In Tamil Nadu

S Daswant, a 23-year-old engineer, was sentenced to death today by a court in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram for raping and killing seven-year-old girl a year ago.

CHENNAI: A year ago, a seven-year-old girl was raped and murdered and her body was burnt by a neighbour who had a puppy she liked to play with at an apartment complex near Chennai. S Daswant, a 23-year-old engineer, was sentenced to death today by a court in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram. He was also sentenced to 31 years in prison.

Last year, he allegedly also killed his mother after being let off on bail on a petition by his father.

“We can sleep peacefully from today. He’s a monster,” said the girl’s father Babu on the court verdict.

In February 2017, Daswant drew the little girl into his apartment using a puppy he had bought months ago for the purpose of engaging children. He raped the child and suffocated her. Then he stuffed the body in a bag and set fire to it on the highway.

The case was legally challenging because there was no witness.

“The prosecution had to rely only on circumstantial evidence. The charge had to be proved scientifically. DNA tests proved the semen collected from the girl’s dress was Daswant’s. The little girl’s jewellery was also recovered from the bedroom of the accused,” explained Kannadasan, the lawyer who represented the girl’s parents in court.

The police had registered a case under POCSO Act, a tough law on sexual crimes against children.

In December, Daswant allegedly murdered his mother S Sarala after he got out on bail. Investigators said he killed her, stole her jewellery and fled to Mumbai. He was caught again in Mumbai though he was able to trick the Chennai police and escape. He was arrested again a day later.

A separate murder case is pending against him.