Four, including local PML-N leader, injured in firing, grenade attack in Karachi

KARACHI: An allegedly targetted attack Wednesday night by way of firing and hand grenade in the city’s Lyari locality wounded a local leader of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), along with three others, media reported, citing authorities, saying he was immediately moved to a hospital.

Aqeel Rehmani, a member of the ruling PML-N party, was shot at by unidentified suspects near Ghareeb Shah Mazar and received six gunshot wounds, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) said.

Rehmani, who has also been targetted previously in another attack, was subsequently transferred to the Civil Hospital, authorities added. The latest one marks the eighth assault on him.

Retaliatory gunfire by Rehmani’s bodyguard, however, managed to injure two of the suspects, who, while fleeing, resorted to attacking the group with a hand grenade.

A man named Imran was wounded during the grenade attack, police said, adding that civilians nearby managed to capture and hand over a suspect — identified as Usman — to the Rangers.

LEAs also arrested another suspect, identified as Asad Baloch, in a wounded state. The suspect is said to be the son of Rehman Dakait’s brother, Rahim Karinde.

Baloch, who was recently released from prison, was also allegedly the one who attacked Rehmani, the PML-N leader, earlier.