'Have borne Nawaz, PML-N's political burden': Nisar on taunts by ex-PM, daughter

ISLAMABAD: Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan reacted to taunts by Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, saying that he has borne political burden of the former premier and his party.
Holding a press conference here, the former interior minister regretted that Nawaz and Maryam taunted him through poetic verses and open statements as well.
“Then their servant mocked me. I have been attacked through messages, leaks and whispers,” he lambasted.
Nisar advised Nawaz, who has been his party leader and a longtime affiliate, to not make decisions under the influence of flatterers.
“I have borne yours and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s political burden,” he said in direct reference to Nawaz, adding, “But I am not the one to pick someone’s slippers.”
The former interior minister maintained that he is not disgruntled and will remain with the PML-N.

“I am not upset with Nawaz Sharif or the party. I will attend whichever party meeting I am invited to and will stay away when I am not invited,” Nisar told journalists.

He added that he stands with the PML-N, “but not the party which restricts freedom of thought or a party in which having a difference of opinion is a major crime.”

The former interior minister said that while Nawaz Sharif was the leader of the party there were 25 founding members as well, before adding that he was the only founding member who still remained in the PML-N.

He said that after having stayed loyal to the party throughout, he is disliked only because he shared his difference of opinion, adding, that his advice cannot be considered as disloyalty and that he has no plans or ambitions to leave the party.

“I have not demanded any designation or anything from the party. I have been minister thrice,” Nisar said.
Nisar said the press has freedom and it speculates and runs things as it wishes. He said his visit to Shehbaz Sharif’s home was misreported; Nisar explained that he enjoyed a personal relationship with the younger Sharif and would call on him everytime he was in Lahore.
He said that when the issue of Panama Leaks surfaced, he had presented his stance before the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif as the interior minister.
Nisar said that he was among the few leaders who suggested that Nawaz shouldn’t go to the Supreme Court and then after the verdict when the former prime minister turned towards giving critical speeches he had advised against it.
The former interior minister reiterated that he had advised Nawaz to change his tone towards the military and the judiciary.

Nisar said that he left his designation for the sake of his stance.

Nisar minced no words about having severe reservations over the PML-N’s choice of candidates but added that he still went and voted for them.

Nisar, while putting forth his grievance, said that Nawaz and his daughter Maryam had taunted him in their speeches.

He said that despite all his reservations he stayed with the party.
“Someone should tell me when I showed disloyalty to the party?” said the PML-N senior leader.
Nisar also thanked Imran Khan and his party leaders during the press conference for the invitation from the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

The PTI chairman had invited Chaudhry Nisar to join his party and announced during a rally in Lahore that he appreciated that Nisar was taking a stand.

“I was happy to see Nisar showing some spine,” Imran Khan had said, adding, “I liked the fact that Nisar refused to take orders from a woman who has no standing in the party except for being Nawaz Sharif’s daughter.”