Judiciary cannot run the country: PM Abbasi

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the judiciary cannot run the country, and the government will continue functioning till its last day.
Addressing the groundbreaking of 4-lane Narowal – Lahore-Sialkot Motorway link highway, the premier said the number of development projects initiated during PML-N’s tenure surpasses that of the past 65 years.
“Our critics can only criticise our projects and level false allegations against us because they have nothing to brag about as they have done nothing.”
The premier said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) believes in the politics of honour and self-service. “Our five years’ work is equivalent to the last 65 years of projects,” he added. “We overcame challenges with determination. All these projects are because of your vote. This is the power of your vote.”
Commenting on the previous governments, PM Abbasi said: “You’ve seen what work has been done by Asif Zardari during his tenure. We didn’t back down from the challenges but continued to work hard for the people.” The premier further added that institutions should work as per constitutional capacity.
“If someone wants to take us to courts, then so be it. I must appeal to the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct the polls on time within 60 days,” the prime minister added. “Without democracy, our country cannot progress. We have respected the courts’ judiciary.”
Khawaja Asif might’ve been disqualified, but it will have no effect on his popularity, the premier added.
“History and people don’t accept these verdicts, the institutions have to unite and not indulge in regressing attitudes.”

PM defends former law minister

The prime minister, speaking at an earlier gathering, defended former law minister Zahid Hamid and said he had stopped him from resigning earlier after coming under undue pressure from religious parties.
“I’ve never heard the word ‘no’ from him. Whenever he was handed a responsibility, whenever we were faced with trouble, pressing concerns or overcome with sensitive issues, the party had always sought his counsel,” said the premier.
“A controversy stirred up about a bill, which had nothing to do with him personally, was crucial. And I’ve read the report published, it exonerates him from any wrong-doing,” the PM added. Hamid said he would resign from his post out of moral obligation, although he had nothing to do with the controversy, PM Abbasi further said and commended Hamid for being honourable to his post.
“A politician has the same amount of respect as a judge and a general. Because it is only the politicians who run this country,” said the premier while referring to the current political landscape of the country.
The PM added that the sanctity of vote must be preserved and that it is the only way the country can progress, he said, as he inaugurated the road between Sialkot and Pasroor.