How India backstabs its allies through RAW-Hindutva nexus Ops in Western World

——Indian government’s terror operations on foreign soil against Canadian, British, US nationals put Western leaders – global clandestine community in panic
——New Delhi’s involvement in target killing operations of Sikhs via RAW agents and Hindutva operators in Canada, UK, US etc rings loud alarm bells in Western Capitals  
—— An ally in Western Diplomatic and Intelligence alliances like Quad, India goes wild in allied countries to secretly carry out  armed operation  and killing allies’ nationals on their own soil  
—— While the Global community was still coming to terms with the disclosures by EU DisinfoLab that the Indian government had been misleading the world through a vast network of false news, fake Thin-Tanks and non-existent phony intellectuals, the reality of targeted assassinations by India of the citizens its allied countries, belonging to Quad and Five Eyes platform, on their own land, came as an even bigger shock 
—— Five Eyes security experts deem RAW-Hindutva nexus as a global security threat being much bigger than menaces of Al-Qaeda, Daesh, ISIS etc, suggesting strong action to their governments
—— India’s deceit and betrayal to West and particularly its nuclear partner US was going on for decades with nuclear proliferation to Iran   earlier through  Prasad-Chuadhry Nuclear Proliferation Network and later via  DRDO Chief and Agni Man  Dr. Avinash Chander
——FBI issues threat alerts to its Sikh citizens, UK, Canada increases monitoring for Indian nationals, Hindu extremist outfits in their countries, Japan enhances security at Sikh Temples at Tokyo, Ibaraki and Kobe after threats of strikes by RAW death squads on their nationals with Sikh religion
——Indian government first used Bollywood movies to test West’s reaction over supposed RAW operations in Western countries
——West’s complete ignorance of showcasing of open RAW operation in movies at UK, US France, Cuba etc encouraged New Delhi to unleash RAW terror operations in Western World
——RAW’s history of carrying out terror operations in neighboring Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan Afghanistan, Sri Lanka got comprehensively exposed after killing of Sikh leaders in Canada, England and similar terror plans in United States.
——China also one of the targets of RAW’s terror operations in Xinjiang via Vietnam, Afghanistan.
Hindu Extremists of RSS and Hindutva Brotherhood with nexus of RAW, Indian army emerge as terror Sleeper Cells in Western countries, other parts of the world.
——Rising violence by hindu extremists under Doval, Modi patronage raising serious concerns across globe
——Observers see this Doval crafted Hindutav evil as far, far bigger menace than Al-Qaeda or Taliban
——The Doval crafted Hindutva might that originated from Gujarat carnage, touching new horizons of Hindu fanaticism
——US being urged by allies to initiate action against RAW elements, Indian extremists groups under Executive Order 13224, Section 219 of INA and Section 140(d)(2) of FRA Act, 1988-89 –
——CIA, in its World Factbook, 2018, had confirmed that certain religious Groups in India are fueling religious extremism and terrorism and are a big threat to global and regional peace
—–Hindu Students Council of America, VHP America, Shiv Sena, RSS, VHP including VHP America, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini,  HSS  etc.,  fall  under US Legislations for Foreign Terror Organizations
——Current FATF focus on India is also based on similar doubts that were expressed by Robert M. Hathaway representative of Woodrow Wilson Think Tank, during a hearing on Gujarat riots under Modi’s leadership.
——In the same hearing, other speakers had testified that 09 out of every 10 Dollars, spent by the Hindu fanatics to carry out Gujarat carnage came from sources in the United States and Europe
——RSS, Bajrang Dal jointly training Hindu militants arriving from US, Europe, Austria, Africa and South East Asia at Sarojini Nagar near Lucknow
——Ex-Indian Generals engaged by Hindutva to train militants – US observers point out Sangh Parivar’s anti-Christian, Muslim activities
——Indian Prime Minister Singh admitted use of terror as India’s State policy in Sharm el Sheikh Joint Declaration in 2009 and promised to end use of Indian Consulates in Afghanistan for terror in Pakistan
—–Former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is on record to have stated that Indian government has been using Afghan soil for terrorism in Pakistan
—— New Delhi’s hot pursuit for Sikh leaders in Western world has a long history of Hindus’ hatred for Sikhs and use of State elements against Sikhs with utmost brutality and barbarism
——Indian government ministers, Officials on record to have admitted killing Sikhs as a State policy
——Global monitors like Amnesty International and Human Rights watch have documented proof of Indian Force’s brutal use by New Delhi against innocent Sikhs for demanding rights
——India blame Pakistan, US for sponsoring Sikhs’ freedom movement during insurgency peak in decades of 80s and 90s
——Delhi kept accusing Pakistan of harboring Sikh freedom leaders but all accused leaders were actually found killed back in India by Indian Punjab police in Fake encounters or in custodial killings
—— India’s current National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval during his days at Intelligence Bureau, in connivance with the then RAW’s number 2 B. Raman, created fake Sikh freedom groups to malign the genuine Khalistan movement by Sikh community
——Killings of individuals of different genuine Khalistan movement leaders, organizing of mega terror operations like hijacking of passenger plane were executed through such fake Sikh freedom fighters who were actually recruited in government
——Doval-B Raman nexus also created facetious Sikh spiritual leaders and cults like Dera Sacha Sauda and its head Gurmeet Ram Rahim to create clashes amongst Sikhs and to confuse the Sikh youth
——Investigation shows that despite being sentenced for a number of high profile crimes, Sacha Sauda leader continues to enjoy official protocols free movement at will

By Makhdoom Babar
(Head of Investigations)

With inputs from Christina Palmer, Anjali Sharma and Bhopinder Singh Dhillon in New Delhi (Additional reporting by John Nelson, Cherry Ferguson , Pamela Alderman , Guru Mahadev, Pryanika Joshi, Shagufta Bhat and Mahnoor Makhdoom)

While the Western leaders were making New Delhi as their new confidante and embracing India and its intelligence agencies as their close allies to form a broad-based platform to counter peacful development in the East or Asia, they conveniently ignored Delhi’s typical Chanakya philosophy-based history of deceiving the allies and backstabbing the friends and the Western leaders and their  respective as well as joint security mechanisms are in an acute state of panic, anguish and anger, seriously pondering to halt all intelligence cooperation with India and to push Delhi out of alliances like Quads. Not only this but Five Eyes Intelligence network is also reported to be seeking stern action against RAW, with US issuing strong warning to New Delhi and Canada already asking India to bring its officials to books for target killings of its nationals on its own soil,  India is facing a complete diplomatic isolation and intelligence sharing facility from West, reveal the comprehensive investigations by The Daily Mail International’s team of investigative journalists.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that sudden and organized rise in violence and militancy by Hindu fanatic groups, belonging to different extremist Hindu organizations and political outfits under the protection of Modi government in India had already created certain reservations amongst the Western leaders and their security apparatuses who deemed it as India’s rapid shift from its secularism to religious and social extremism and the recent surfacing of Indian government’s authorized State terrorism by its Intelligence agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) in connivance with fanatic Hindu outfits of Hindutva Brotherhood, based in various Western countries and operating as RAW’s Sleeper Cells has cleared all doubts of Western government and their security and Intelligence agencies about India’s Hindu Supremacy-oriented government and its use of target killings of foreign nationals in their home countries through its Intelligence officials and even diplomats being New Delhi’s State Policy.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that certain Western Intelligence services were already smelling something fishy about certain mysterious killings of their national of Indian origin and were probing the matter silently until Canada took the lead earlier this year when Canadian government very strongly confronted New Delhi for using India’s State actors to assassinate one of its Sikh nationals, outside a Sikh Temple in Surry area of Vancouver BC in June.

The Daily Mail’s investigations suggest that following the global sympathy garnered by the Indian government from the US and its Western allies in the aftermath of the rather dubious 26/11 Mumbai attacks, RAW operators were allegedly deployed for covert operations in Western countries. Subsequently, with the ascent of a government in New Delhi led by Hindu extremists or RSS, headed by Narendra Modi—globally known as the Butcher of Gujarat for his controversial actions during his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat—utilizing RAW for clandestine operations and targeted killings in the Western world purportedly became a concealed State Policy.

According to these investigations, a strategic method to gauge the Western World’s response to perceived secret yet armed RAW operations involved the utilization of Bollywood, which has historically been cooperating with RAW for various reasons. Initially, the incorporation of the RAW name into different movies began, marking a departure from the previous norm. Subsequently, a series of multilingual films were released, portraying RAW as a highly organized intelligence agency collaborating with global counterparts for peace, while simultaneously depicting Pakistan’s ISI as an irresponsible and terrorism-promoting organization.

In the third phase, movies such as “Ek Tha Tiger,” “Tiger Zinda Hai,” “Return of Tiger,” “Phantom,” “From Paris with Love,” and others were released, explicitly illustrating RAW officials conducting armed and unauthorized operations in Western countries, including the UK, US, Canada, Cuba, Turkey, and Eastern European States.

These films showed RAW officers making  arrests on will on foreign soil, with one notable example being “Khufiya,”  depicting RAW officers clearly killing a Bangladeshi Defense Minister and a CIA official in the US, and arresting a former RAW officer , seamlessly bringing him back to India without detection or interception by CIA, FBI, or  any other local law enforcement agency of the US.

Whether it was the allure of Bollywood movies or a perceived lack of vigilance by relevant authorities in these countries, the unimpeded production and screening of these films seemingly served as an endorsement of such RAW operations, for the Indian government’s alleged actions.

The findings from The Daily Mail’s investigations suggest that once New Delhi and its intelligence agency, RAW, observed the absence of

any objection or reaction from the US or other governments regarding the portrayal of sensitive content in movies approved by India’s Film Censor Board, as well as the lack of objection or dismay from Western governments about the depiction of episodes maligning their own countries’ security and legal authorities, they concluded that similar real-life revelations might elicit a similar response from Western governments. Subsequently, they initiated real-time operations of a similar nature in these reputedly astute Western States, resulting in the ruthless killings of Sikhs and Muslims in the UK and Canada, with plans extending to the US. Notably, the poisoning and shooting incidents involving killings of Sikhs in the UK and Canada actually unfolded in alignment with the storyline of the latest movie mentioned earlier.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Indian operations by RAW’s death squads and hit men were in fact going on for decades in neighboring countries and even beyond regional ambits. From continuous terror operations across Pakistan to massacre of Nepal’s Royal family in 2001, be it killing of Nepali Member of Parliament Mirza Dilshad Beg in 1998 to killing of media tycoon Jamim Shah, Chairman of Channel Nepal in 2010 with RAW’s Special Operations Division’s covert head and notorious Mafia Don Chota Rajanan’s gang claiming responsibility, from decades of ruthless killings of Lankan politicians and rival groups with connivance of LTTE to infamous Christmas bombing in Colombo in 2019  to teach Lankan government a lesson for expanding economic and diplomatic ties with China, and from supporting ETIM militants in China’s Xinjiang via Vietnam  and Afghanistan to mercilessly killing Afghan nationals of Pashtun ethnicity  inside Afghanistan,  using its Diplomatic Missions across Afghanistan for exporting terror into Pakistan and to kill Chinese and Pakistani nationals to sabotage CPEC projects, Indian RAW’s footprints and clear evidences were always there. In fact former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel  is on the record to have stated that India has constantly been using Afghan soil to cause terrorism in Pakistan.

Yet no word was uttered by any Western leader or media outlet to even condemn India’s State terrorism in all these countries, perhaps because this state of affairs of New Delhi and it’s  RAW was not harming West’s interests and the menace of RAW terror had not crossed the Western borders. The apathy and insensitivity of the Western world towards this growing state terrorism by Indian government through its State apparatuses can be  judged from the fact that even after the then Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in a joint statement with his Pakistani counterpart on the sidelines of NAM Summit’s in Egypt’s resort of Shram el Sheikh in 2009 admitted that Indian government was misusing its Consulates across Afghanistan for terrorism in Baluchistan province of Pakistan, no Western government came for support of Pakistan or even to merely condemn India for such a shameless admission highly unscrupulous acts.

In that very Joint Statement, Indian Prime Minister gave assurances that India will immediately stop exporting terrorism into Pakistan from Afghanistan, a practice that continues till today through one way or the other despite the fact that a senior serving RAW officer, Kulubhushan Jhadev was caught red handed in Baluchistan by Pakistan security agencies and he admitted of exporting terrorism for State of India in Pakistan and organizing attacks on Chinese nationals in Pakistan and sabotage activities on CPEC project, while being stationed in Iran.

The arrested RAW officer also revealed to media that he was operating from Iran with the help and support of the slain, a powerful military commander of Iranian Republican Guards General Qasem Suleimani, killed in US drone attack a couple of years back, as he was working in close collaboration with Iranian and this collaboration also had a lot to do with Tehran’s clandestine nuclear  ties with Delhi that started a long ago with Indian nuclear Scientists Dr. Y S R Prasad of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)  and later joined Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) in 2000 and Dr. C Surrender Chaudhry started nuclear proliferation activities between Delhi and Tehran back in 1991 and later both were sanctioned by the US for nuclear proliferation on 29 September 2004. (PICS)  while the latest in this nuclear and missile proliferation to Iran from India was Dr, Avinash Chander, aka India’s Agni Man who was abruptly sacked by Indian government from the post of the Chief of India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) before Barak Obama’s visit to India in 2015 to avoid another sanction, this time directly on DRDO. It crystal clearly proves that India’s deceit and betrayal to West and particularly its nuclear partner US was going on for decades.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that now, when the Western World has itself started facing the RAW terror heat in their own countries, even the Western media has started exposing global outreach of RAW’s death squads. These investigations indicate the while British and US newspapers have come up with a Report on RAW plans to kill a Sikh leader in US, White House has also confirmed that they have taken up this matter with the Indian Government and are sternly looking into it, reiterating that they would make sure India’s is not able to dismiss it. This has created a massive rift between two of the world’s so-called largest democracies.

Another UK-based news outlet, Reuters has also come up with a report, confirming that India’s external intelligence Agency (RAW) is a feared foe in its neighborhood: Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal have all accused it of political meddling and involvement with outlawed groups that have perpetrated acts of violence. The report , quoting four retired and two serving Indian security and intelligence officials familiar with RAW says that the agency {RAW} was galvanized to play a more assertive international role after the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Quoting these Indian Intelligence officials, the report further says that RAW expanded its reach in Western nations gradually after 2008 and one of these quoted officials cited India’s failure to secure the extradition of a US citizen convicted of involvement in the Mumbai attack as a key motivation for RAW to increase its sway in the West. Quoting another serving Indian intelligence official, the report says while in its immediate.

Neighborhood RAW had advanced signal and technical intelligence capabilities, however, in the West , it remained largely dependent on human intelligence for its operations. When the Indian intelligence official says RAW’s dependence remains largely on Human Intelligence, one can easily figure out that he refers to the Hindutva Sleeper Cells in Western countries.

The Daily Mail’s investigations into the factor of Hindutva Brotherhood of terror or the activities Hindu fanatics’ network under the umbrella of Sangh Parivaar or India’s Saffron Terrorism,  indicate that that anumber of Indian organization involved in saffron terrorism, religious bigotry and hate mongering politics have now come under strict scrutiny of the United States with its allies urging Washington to place these fanatic Hindu groups as well RAW officials in US both disclosed un undercover of diplomats etc, on the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) as well as blocking of their assets and finances and fund raising in terms of the Executive Order 13224.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that although new saffron organizations are undergoing a mushroom growth in India on a routine basis with the nexus and full backing of RAW and under the patronage of the government of Narendera Modi and the Sangh Parivar umbrella of Hindutva, the organizations particularly being watched by authorities concerned observers and experts in the wake of recent killings of Sikh leaders, are the RSS, VHP including VHP America, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini, Shiv Sena, Hindutva Unity, Hindutva Brotherhood, Soldiers of Hindutva, Saffron Tigers, Hindu Jagran Manch, Hindu Student Council of America, American Hindus against Defamation (AHAD) and Savarkar Darshan.






The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that certain US lawmakers and legal experts as well as security professionals that the above mentioned groups crystal clearly fall under the definition of terrorist organization under numerous US legislations such as Section 140 (d) (2) of Foreign Relations Authorization Act 1988-89 which defines “terrorism as premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non combatant targets by sub national groups…” and Chapter 8 of INA which describes engagement in terrorist activity including community, inciting to commit, plan or gather information on potential targets and soliciting funds for a terrorist activity as culpable offences under US law. Section 2l (d) (i) of Executive Order also defines terrorism as a violent act dangerous to human life, property or infrastructure.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that intelligence of at least three Five Eyes member countries, as a result of joint probe have discovered that RSS and Bajrang Dal have joint terrorist training camps at several locations across India where large number of Hindu trainees even come from USA, Europe, Australia, Africa and South East Asia. These trainees are imparted ‘Shakha’ (daily military regime and discipline), preparing them for ‘Dharma’ Yudh (Religious Holy War).

These investigations reveal that one such terrorist training camp is at Sarojini Nagar in Awadh region near Lucknow. Bajrang Dal, RSS and subsidiary groups’ terrorists are trained in use of fire arms, explosive, knives, daggers, Trishuls (Hindu religious javelin having three prongs) guerrilla warfare, sabotage, booby trapping, ambush and surprise attack tactics, close quarter encounters and assault techniques, as well as combat with minimal use of weapons such as clubs and martial arts. Even women of Durga Vahini are trained in these camps though their main training centre is in Kanpur.

Over one million terrorists have been trained to a high degree of sophistication in these camps while those who have received preliminary training are countless. The training is imparted by former Special Commando Group personnel of Indian Armed Forces, many of whom got premature retirement after lucrative offers from RSS and BD with the formation of Modi government at New Delhi. The Chief Trainer and Instructor at Sarojini Nagar is also said to be a retired military personnel formerly belonging to the Elite Commandos (PARA) Squad of Indian Army.

Well placed diplomatic sources, on conditions of anonymity, confided to The Daily Mail that for quite some time, the US authorities were being much concerned on the phenomenal rise in Hindu fundamentalism and their nexus of Evil with government agencies like RAW and even with Indian Army. These sources say recently, the US State Department in a report, noted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval were found having bigoted religious and cultural agenda and were using their official agencies for the purpose. Citing various incidences of victimization and terrorizing of the Muslims, Christian and Sikh minorities, the report had expressed concern over venom, sooner or later reaching the Western world.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the CIA, in its World Factbook, 2018, has confirmed that certain religious Groups in India are fueling religious extremism and terrorism and are a big threat to global and regional peace. Describing The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal and Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), the ideological parent of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as religious militant outfits that are spreading religious extremism and militancy and religious hatred.

Many observers in US have been now found with the view that the fundamental Hindu groups call for ban on conversion to any religion except Hinduism and at the same time they profess openly to reconvert those who adopted any religion other than Hinduism, through use of all means including force and financial blockade. According to its own claims, VHP reconverted some 40,000 tribal Christians to Hinduism in Sundargarh district of Orissa state alone, during the last couple of years. It is pertinent to mention here that Sundargarh is one of the Bajrang Dal strongholds where numerous incidences of terrorizing and victimization of Christian tribal folks have been reported on regular basis. The element of coercion in these re-conversions cannot be therefore ruled out.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that back in 2004, the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) the crimes committed against the humanity in the name of religion by the Sangh Parivar Hindu fundamentalists and held a hearing on Gujarat violence that took place under the leadership of same Narendra Modi as state Chief Minister. The then USCIRF Commissioner Ms. Felice Gaer took strong note of the incitement and twist to the violence in Gujarat by the VHP of America Inc. to portray the Hindus as the victims. In a damage control exercise the VHPA’s President Jyotish Parekh hastily sent a letter to Ms. Gaer in which he called ‘killing of Muslims as well as Hindus despicable”.

In her opening remarks USCIRF Commissioner Ms. Felice Gaer had expressed deep concern over the reports including that of India’s own National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) that the communal violence in Gujarat was carefully planned ahead by the government of   Gujarat in which, members of State cabinet and police force were fully implicated. She also expressed serious concern over the association of increased violence against the minorities with the rise in Hindu nationalist groups in India. She conveyed the disquiet of the Commission that the “US government had not spoken out forcefully against attacks on Muslims in Gujarat”.

The testimony of Robert M. Hathaway representative of Woodrow Wilson Think Tank was very revealing. Hathaway disclosed that though in public posture the US kept a low key on the Gujarat violence, in comparison to Japan and Europe, the US officials separately made strong representation to the Indians over the daylight terrorism by the Hindu fanatics. He nonetheless called on the Congressmen particularly known as India sympathizers to speak out their dismay and condemnation of the tragedy. He pointed that there was a direct linkage between the international war against terrorism and the Gujarat mayhem. He stressed that inaction by the US government (over the rising terrorism by the Hindu fanatics) “would strengthen the belief of many in the Islamic world that Americans somehow value a Muslim life less that of other religions and the present war was not directed against terrorism but Islam”. Therefore the US aimed to “utilize the tragedies of September 11 to carry out long-desired plans to repress Islamic world.” Hathaway disclosed to the Commission his grave horrific encounter with a senior Indian official who “expressed no remorse over the violence nor recognized that a great tragedy had taken place.” The official in fact tried to justify the violence as a natural cause and effect reaction of the Hindu community and attempted to shift responsibility on the so called cross border Jihadis.

Hathaway had recommended an official inquiry into financial transactions involving of US anti-terrorism laws and other statues by Indians residents in the US and Americans of Indian origin in transferring substantial sums of money to groups and organizations in Gujarat and else-where in India that are directly linked to violence over there. He also recommended inquiry into fund raising activities in the United States by groups implicated in violence in Gujarat (Currently FATF is also probing India under similar charges). He had quoted that responsible sources who believed that the funds raised and sent from the US were being used to promote religious bigotry and called for action in banning fund-raising by such groups in line with the action taken in respect of similar groups in other countries. Interestingly the official fund raising appeal by Bajrang Dal and VHP calls on the Hindu community to donate generously and at least “five percent of their income to Hindu movements that will ensure that Hinduism will prosper in spite of attacks from Islam and Christianity”.

Other speakers had testified that nine out of every 10 dollars spend by the Hindu fanatics to carry out Gujarat carnage came from sources in the United States and Europe. The Sangh Parivar has been successfully running the pogrom of terror to establish a Hindu ‘Rashtra’ (State) in India whose ethos are based on Hindu supremacy and where Muslims and Christians are rank outsiders. Ms Teesta Setalvad referred the “ State-sponsored genocide of Muslims as a brutal expression of this ideology of an exclusive Hindu State that has no place and accords no equal citizenship to other confessions of faith”.

It is quite evident that there is a remarkable similarity between the Aryan chauvinism of Hitler’s Nazi party, Mussolini’s Fascist Party and the ideology of the Hindutva organizations of Sangh Parivar and their affiliates. In fact the founder of RSS Dr Keshav Rao Baliran Hedgewar was so much impressed by Hitler and even went to Europe to meet him. He could not have an audience with Hitler but managed to meet Mussolini of Italy. It was on the pattern of these two of his ‘ideologies’ that Hedgewar based the organization and regimen of his RSS. VHP was later formed in 1966 as a social and cultural wing of RSS but to act as a political pressure group in India and abroad. The use of Aryan symbol of racial chauvinism Swastika by Hindutva organizations is only a tip of the iceberg in this regard. Noteworthy is also the use of Nazi oath of allegiance “Loyalty is our Honour” by some Hindutva organizations while drafting new members. Of interest is also their slogan “Hinduize the politics and militarize the Hindus”.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that in its propaganda campaign to establish bonafide nature of charitable work, VHP America professes that it was a non-profit tax-exempt organization. One of the so-called charitable works listed by VHPA is the sponsoring of Ekal Vidyata (mythological religious schools) in nook and corners of India. In fact thousands of such schools have been opened in India through financing of VHPA and other VHP branches worldwide. Now these Ekal Vidyatas are nothing more than the Hindutva hate laboratories according to many independent reports including that of Human Rights Watch and even India’s own National Human Rights Commission. HRW assesses the two schemes of ‘vidya sahaks’ and ‘edal vidya’ as the heart of Sangh Parivar’s pogrom of “saffronisation” process. Many observers in the US are regarding these mythological schools as worst than the Taliban sponsored Madaris and recommending a concrete action to stop their sponsorship to indicate even handed approach of US towards extremism. They regard these schools as volcanoes of bigotry about to explode and having effects even beyond India. The schools and ‘vidhyata’ teachers systematically ostracize and ghettoize Christian and Muslim children reminding one of the similar treatments meted onto the Jewish children in the Nazi Germany.

One looks at the VHP’s so-called “Points of Hindu Agenda” makes its Aryan racial jingoist clear. The very first point describes the establishment of Aryavarta (Land of Aryans) or Arya Rashstra (State of Arvans) as the prime objective of VHP and calls on the likeminded Groups and political parties to support this cause. The Agenda deplores the secularist elements within India and regards ‘Hindutva’ and nationalism as synonymous. It seeks to establish Gau-Seva (cow serving) Ministries at Union and State level to oversee complete ban on slaughter of cows and their progeny while Cow Vigilante Squads have already been put in place. These Cow Vigilantes have publicly lynched several Muslims on fake cow slaughter or abuse allegations and even put these lynching videos on social media with impunity, without any fear of reprisal from the law enforcing authorities. The agenda calls for banning conversion to any religion other then Hinduism and stoppage of remittance fund provision to missionaries involved in conversion activities. At the same time it wants to make teaching of Hindu culture and dharma (religion) compulsory, thereby defying the fundamental human right of choice of religion. Simultaneously, it declares the activities related to ‘pooja’ (Hindu Prayers), construction of Mandirs (Hindu Prayer Centres) exempt from payment of government taxes. It also calls for enactment of Hindu blasphemy laws to make any activity deemed disrespectable or undesirable to Hindu faith and culture a penal offence. Further it wants to withdraw all constitutional privileges, rights and quotas granted to minorities, scheduled castes (castes other then Aryan castes) scheduled tribes (Adivasis) and other depressed classes.

Another target of the abhorrence of these fanatics is the saintly figure of Mother Teresa who devoted her life to the betterment of Indian poor, leaving her country of birth to settle there. VHP accuses deceased Mother Teresa of proselytizing and converting Hindus to Christianity under the garb of charity. They blame her of projecting a poor image of India in order to raise large funds abroad. Mother Teresa is further accused of squandering charity money on her treatment abroad. Perhaps most outrageous of the allegations is her having links with criminals and mobsters. Ridiculously she was also blamed of projecting a poor image of India even after her death as tens of thousands of reports who turned up to cover her funeral flashed India’s poverty to the entire world. 

According to the BBC, Hindu hardliner groups have recently been conducting “ghar vapasi” rituals, or “returning home” ceremonies, believed to involve force, fraud, or inducement. A controversy arose when Government Minister Niranjan Jyoti used offensive language at a public rally, and despite criticism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declined to take action against her. The report raises concerns about the future of religious minorities in India, given recent events and the perceived stance of Modi’s government.

Hemant Karkare
Slain Mumbai ATS Officer Hemant Karkare

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the Indian Army-Hindutva nexus has also grown up very strong under the Modi tenure. The nexus was first and very clearly exposed by India’s own investigating agencies as the Joint Commissioner of Mumbai’s Anti Terrorism squad (ATS, Hemant Karkare, during ATS’s investigations under his command, into high profile terror incidents, including the Samjhota Express attack, Malegaon attack and Mecca Masjid attack, crystal clearly led the investigators to undeniable nexus of Hindutva extremists and Indian army.

These investigations, carried out by Hemant Karkare and his associates at Mumbai ATS, though eventually caused Karkare his life and he mentioned threats to his life to the then officials of the Indian government, yet the findings of these concrete investigations came as an eye opener for the global community and specially for the countries in the region. Karkare investigation not only exposed the deep Hindutva-army links but also brought to light the spine chilling and highly lethal future plans of the nexus of evil that clearly threatens the regional security and the security and solidarity of India itself via Saffron terrorism.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Saffron terrorist groups belonging to Sangh Parivar were behind the 26/11 Mumbai Carnage as well as behind several suicidal attacks and assassinations in Pakistan and India. According to these findings Indian terrorists setup Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), established by General (retd.) Premnath Hoon founder of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and his disciple Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, was responsible for planning and execution of this operation.

AGP, because of its close linkages with the Indian military, succeeded in forming an unholy nexus between the serving Indian military personnel and the Hindu extremist-terrorist groups. Lt Col Shrikant Purohit, alias ‘Mithun Chakraborty’ who was arrested in connection with the Malegaon blast and 2007 Samjhota Express blaze (killing 69 Pakistani passengers returning from India) was also working for General (retd.) Hoon and Colonel (retd.) Chitale’s Atma Ghataki Pathak (AGP). AGP was also responsible for Godhra train fire leading to Gujarat carnage against Muslims in 2002 and attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat also in 2002. Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale and his associate Sanjeev Atre, were arrested in November 2002 for running a suicide training camp on the outskirts of Mumbai but were later released at the intervention of RAW. It is no coincidence that Col (retd.) Chitale was actually the next door neighbour of Col Purohit, the main accused in Samjhota Express blaze and Malegaon blasts.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that there has been a long-standing internal feud amongst Hindutva groups for ascendancy with each other. Although late Bal Thackeray was probably the most popular icon with cultist following amongst the Hindu fanatics yet at times he was shown signs of frustration that the popularity had not translated in electoral successes outside his home state of Maharashtra. Much to Thackeray’s annoyance whenever it come to votes, BJP, through a broader and more organized supporting network of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal, managed to steel electoral success at the cost of Sena.

The Daily Mail’s findings further reveal that concept of suicide squads was introduced in South Asia for the first time by the Indian intelligence agency RAW when it trained the Tamil separatists groups of Sri Lanka such as the Liberation Tigers of  Tamil Elam (LTTE) to start militant secessionist movement based on terrorism in the Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula. These investigations indicate that around 2 decades ago, two names that surfaced in press, in connection with Hindu Atma Ghataki Pathak (Hindu Suicide Squad), General (retd.) Premnath Hoon, former Chief of Western Command of Indian Army and who after retirement became Chief of Shiv Sena’s Military Wing and Colonel (retd.) Jayant Chitale, had served on deputation with RAW, imparting training on the Sri Lankan Tamil militants. Col (retd.) Jayant Chitale also headed the Army Services Selection Board Centre in Pune for several years, where he was able to select Hindutva militant sympathizers for regular Commission in Indian army. Col (retd.) Chitale kept a contact with these selected officers while officers like Col. Purohit and top level Command like that of General Deepak Kapoor and General VK Singh managed the careers of these officers who through normal and sponsored progression in their careers went on to  assume many responsible and important posts in the Indian army with many of whom now posted in Indian army formation that are deployed along LoC, Pakistan border and at LAC with China.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the extremist Hindu group formed an unholy nexus between Hindutva militants, Indian army officers, RAW officers and officials from Intelligence Bureau and carried out a number of unauthorized and unsanctioned operations in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and China’s Tibet and Xinjiang areas. These operations included formation, funding and training of LTTE in Sri Lanka, organizing variety of killings and political assassinations and promoting anti-Pakistan sentiments in Bangladesh, assassination of Nepal’s Royal family in June 2001at Narayanhity Royal Palace when the then King refused to allow RAW and Indian MI operations against certain regional countries from Nepal’s soil, continuous terror operations in Pakistan including funding, arming and training of TTP militants and militants of BLA and BRA like militant organization in Balochistan, organizing of Operation Ashes on Snow in China’s Tibet in 2008, occasional violence and terror incidents in China’s Xinxiang province through ETIM activists until Chinese authorities routed the menace and forming military training and terror organizing headquarters across Afghanistan for operations inside China and Pakistan.

Daily Mail finding further disclose that top Indian jurist, Justice (Retd.) Jain headed a Commission to investigate and report on the murder of late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination by an LTTE suicide killer. This Commission documented the existence of ‘militant’ training camps for LTTE and other Sri Lankan Tamil secessionist groups throughout India, under the aegis of RAW and other Indian intelligence and security agencies. Former Indian Prime Minister V.P.

Singh disclosed during his in camera hearing before the Jain Commission on 5th November 1996 that the first batch of training of Sri Lankan Tamil militants was done by India in 1983 under the orders of then Prime Minister (Late) Mrs. Indira Gandhi. The camp was located at Chakrata, Tamil Nadu. Singh, however, declined to disclose exact location citing national security reasons. According to him all militants were also provided with weapons and monetary backup to carryout activities inside of Sri Lanka. He further disclosed that ironically late Rajiv Gandhi also encouraged and supported training of LTTE and other Tamil militant groups.

Former Indian Foreign Secretary Salman Haider also provided a very incisive insight to the Commission in his affidavit number 343/96-JCI. Haider who was liaising between the LTTE terrorist maestro leader Prabharkaran and Indian intelligence agencies at one time disclosed that “in the beginning Mrs. Indira Gandhi entrusted full responsibility of providing military training to Sri Lankan Tamil militants to RAW”. Prabharkaran was however, not pleased with the share of spoils that local RAW operatives were giving to LTTE in comparison with its rival militant terrorist groups TELO, EROS, EPRLF, and TEA. He thus asked for Haider’s intervention, upon which the former arranged a meeting of Prabharkran with the officials of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IIB). Thus training of LTTE was shifted to IIB from RAW. This created an inter intelligence agency rivalry and according to Haider, RAW was behind attacks by Tamil Elam Liberation Organization (TELO) and Elam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) on LTTE.

Former Advisor (to Mrs. Gandhi) K. Mohandas in his affidavit number 64/92-JCI disclosed to the Jain Commission that Military training to LTTE was provided by central agencies in Union government controlled camps in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnatka, Uttar Pardesh, Kerala, New Delhi and elsewhere. According to Mohandas militants were trained, armed and launched into Sri Lanka to carry out subversion and attacks. Perhaps his most shocking revelation was that the LTTE and other militant groups were also provided training in the Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun, which incidentally is the basic military training institution for officers of Indian army. This all was happening due to the then emerging nexus of Hindutva and the Indian army and country’s secret agencies while the things have taken high dimensions in today’s era.

According to Daily Mail’s findings the fanaticism of these Hindu suicide squads took a spine shuddering concept of ‘target reverse’ suicide attacks in early 2000s as witnessed in the reverse suicidal attacks against Hindu temples and government installations to blame Pakistan and Muslims. The attacks on Indian parliament in 2001, Godhra train fire in Gujarat and attack on Akshardham temple in Gujarat.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the Indian investigation agencies under instructions of the then National Security Adviser (NSA) N.K. Narayanan deliberately overlooked the known involvement of Indian Military Intelligence(MI) and ultra-right wing Hindu terrorist outfit ‘Abhinav Bharat’ (Dominant India) in a string of terrorist acts, including the Samjhota Express train blast (February 2007). The investigations had established Indian Military Intelligence and Hindutva terrorist role but the Indian government placed wraps over the facts as disclosure of this sinister nexus would have exposed its lie to the world.

These investigations indicate that witnesses had told the investigators that the RDX used in Samjhota blasts was supplied by MI officer, Lt. Col Purohit procured by him from the Army Ordinance Depot in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu an Kashmir (IIOJK). The investigations further reveal that the sophisticated locking mechanism used by the Indian Army was employed for all these blasts. According to the official Indian sources, the Hindutva terror outfits were trained in making sophisticated Low Intensity Explosive Devices by the Army which are very lethal and effective yet requiring less quantity of explosive material and same were used to trigger inferno in the Samjhota Express. The same batch of SIM cards used in numerous blasts by Abhinav Bharat pointed to the link up of MI and the Hindutva terrorist outfits. Narayanan who in his capacity as NSA was the overall Chief of IB, RAW and Joint Intelligence, simply hushed up this very issue and the most significant point of the high level investigations under his command.

Coming back to the latest RAW operations in Western countries, The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, back in 2020, reported, citing government and intelligence sources, that the Canadian security services were

monitoring the possibility of India using their Diaspora to influence candidates in that year’s federal elections. In words of Adrian Levy, co-author of Book on South Asia’s Intelligence Agencies, RAW had long been associated with direct actions like targeted killings and disappearances” in its immediate neighborhood and tha that such actions were arranged via proxies, which gave India deniability. He further says that RAW had been “super careful” about its operations in the West and that While RAW arranged the movement of cash, weapons and men to other locations from Europe, “direct actions” were made limited to South Asia and Southeast Asia, until it started hot pursuits of Sikh leaders in West.

While investigating India’s hot pursuit of Sikh leaders, advocating for their right to have an independent State and linking them and their movement with Pakistan, The Daily Mail finds that RAW always had a typical Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to frame Pakistan in different crimes of international nature. In Pakistan’s case, the Indian Intelligence officials first “create” evidence and later create a case to willingly evolve the case around the created evidence. It is known to everyone that back in 1980s, when Indian establishment had gone all the way out to crush the Sikhs and their indigenous movement for an independent State with the name of Khalistan, RAW made all efforts to implicate Pakistan in the Khalistan movement. That was an era when hijacking a passenger plane was deemed as the worst crime against humanity by the global community. Exploiting this global sentiment against hijacking, RAW organized a series of plane hijackings of Indian airlines through fake Sikh freedom fighters, with aim, not only generate enough anger and hatred for Khalistan movement amongst the global community but also to defame Pakistan and its intelligence agencies.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that at that point of time, an Anti-Sikh Division was formed within of RAW, under the Command of RAW’s number 2, B Raman. This Anti-Sikh Division of RAW came out with first major card on September 29, 1981 when it succeeded in getting an Air India passenger plane hijacked by the members of fabricated freedom frightener faction under the title of Dal Khalsa, from New Delhi airport and made it reach Lahore. From here India started adding fuel to its claims of Pakistan supporting the Sikh insurgency movement. Panicked Pakistani government, with General Zia-ul-Haque as the President and Army Chief of the country, however, managed to counter this RAW move very effectively and succeeded in getting all the hijacked passengers released and arrested the hijackers who were subsequently tried in Pakistani Courts according to the State laws and were sentenced and imprisoned.

However, the anti-Sikh Division of the RAW did not end here and it continued with this policy to portray Sikhs’ independence movement as a terror movement by continuously organizing sham hijackings with subsequent landings in Pakistan. After the above mentioned high jacking drama, RAW organized three hijackings with similar course of events and eventually this ploy started to fade away with global community and world’s clandestine specialists started refusing to believe in these tactics. This added to the frustration of head of RAW’s Anti Sikh Division, B Raman and he decided to come up with some more innovative methodology to achieve the desired goals.

In the process, on 24th August, 1984, B Raman and company came up with a value added hijacking drama. This time, as they knew that Pakistani authorities had gone sick of handling these RAW organized hijackings of Indian passenger aircraft and thus would not allow any hijacked Indian plane to land on its territory, they planned something extra, something special. All arrangements were made in advance and then the drama was released for global audience.

For this particular episode, the then Chief of RAW, Rameshwar Nath Kao, on the request of the agency head of anti-Sikhs Division, exploited his special ties with certain authorities at a Middle Eastern country and with a senior intelligence official of the Arab World, who was running high end prostitution dens in different parts of UAE, comprising prostitutes of Indian origin, with the dedicated help and support of RAW, helped RAW to the maximum.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that in this episode, Pakistan’s ISI had done enough homework and thus had suggested the government not to entertain India in any case of a hijacking and instead let any hijacked plane go off  Pakistan territory. On 24th August, 1984, another hijacked plane of India, that was the 5th in the series within just a few months, a fact that clearly indicates that such series of hijackings was not possible in any part of the world unless the authorities on the plane originating airport were not hands in gloves with hijackers, sought landing at Lahore airport. Pakistan blatantly refused permission to land to the Captain of the hijacked plane. The pilot finally requested that he was running out of the fuel and here, to save the precious human lives, Pakistan allowed the plane but only for the purpose of refueling and ordered the pilot to fly off its air space soon after the refueling is completed and it was done accordingly by the pilots and hijackers both and after the refueling, the plane left Lahore and made next landing at UAE capital of Dubai.

It was going exactly according to RAW’s plans. The hijacked plane landed at Dubai and the passengers were released by the hijackers while the hijackers were turned in by the UAE’s security officials . RAW, as planned, later with the help of the above mentioned influential Arab Intelligence official, managed to grab hijackers back to India which was in utter violation of international laws that say that the hijackers could only be detained and tried by the country where they are arrested.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that these incidents in the early 80s was just the start of Indian conspiracies and brutalities against Sikhs, who had started demanding right to have their independent Identity as a Sikh nation through and Independent State. It even did not culminated at the main flashpoint of Indian Forces’ storming the most sacred Sikh Temple of Amrtisar, the Golden Temple where main Kahlistan leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was martyred along with hundreds of his fellow Sikhs under a mega operation titled “Operation Blue Star”.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that despite the fact that every head of the elected state governments in Indian Punjab since 1966 has been a Sikh and that Sikhs play an extraordinary role in the military, police, and transport, in addition to agriculture and clearly are one of India’s fastest developing and leading communities, the Sikh community in India was always subjected to acute discrimination and insecurity. Amidst long-standing grievances including unresolved water-sharing arrangements with neighbouring Haryana State and the sharing with Haryana of the capital city, Chandigarh, a fear of losing Sikh culture, and the related desire for greater state powers in the face of centralized federalism and differences over religion, politics, militancy and caste factionalized the Sikh community and the Sikh political party, Akali Dal, adding to the sense of being a minority.

Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale

Experts and observers also place Sikh apprehensions within the context of the rise of Hindu nationalism paralleling that of the fundamentalist Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has raised fears among several ethnic communities in India However, it appears that Indian government’s attention mostly remained focused on those Sikhs who publicly advocate separatist views.



Kanwar Pal Singh Gill
Kanwar Pal Singh Gill

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that in order to crush such Sikhs , the then Indian government appointed a very ruthless Police Officer Kanwar Pal Singh Gill (K P S Gill)  to launch mega anti-Sikh campaign. Gill, it stands proven by Indian media archives and documents of global monitors like Christian Science Monitor and Amnesty International etc, unleashed heel on Sikhs, mainly youngsters. In one of his interviews with Indian newspaper India Today on 15 April, 1993 K P S Gill openly admitted of announcing an “Open Season” against Sikhs with such views and stated that he had given clear message to Sikhs that they had only one option, either to surrender or eat police bullets.

Following this policy, just within a span of 27 months, from January 1991 to March 1993, Punjab police killed a total of 4560 Sikh in police encounters, for having views for independence from Delhi’s rule.

These investigations indicate that in the meantime, Indian government not only recruited huge number low-caste mazhabis as special police officers while Jat Sikhs were heavily recruited in police force in order to cut into the rebellious Sikhs’ support and to provide accurate local knowledge about rural areas for more and more police operations.

During these operations prominent Sikh leaders were targeted, and many did not survive. Gurjant Singh Budhsinghwala of the Khalistan Liberation Force, according a documented report of Amnesty International was himself killed by police in July 1992 while five other senior Sikh leaders, who later met to choose his successor were also killed by Punjab Police. Similarly, some other prominent Sikh activists, including Sukhdev Singh Babbar and M.M. Partap Singh Sabra of the Babbar Khalsa International were killed were killed in August 1992 by Punjab police, according to archives of Canadian newspaper The Toronto Star , while in February 1993 another top Sikh activist, Gurbachan Singh Manochahal, who had founded the Bhindranwale Tigers Force of Khalistan (BTFK), was killed by Punjab Police. These investigations indicate that interestingly these killed Sikh activists included at least three of those whom India had p[publicized and propagated of being in Pakistan and being protected by Pakistani Intelligence agencies. But the actual fact turned out to be that all those were finally found killed within Indian Punjab by Indian Punjab Police, a solid fact that comprehensively evaporated India’s ploy of blaming Pakistan. Some unconfirmed reports however claim that all these Sikh activists were throughout in custody of Indian authorities and there fake whereabouts were used to blame Pakistan and were eventually eliminated in fake police encounters when need expired.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that while on onside these brutal police operations were going on, on the other side RAW and IB were engaged in creating fake Sikh Freedom Fighter groups and also creating fictitious Sikh Spiritual leaders and their cults.

Gurmeet Ram Raheem and his cult, originating from his den of ‘Dera Sacha Sau’ were one of these façade tactics of RAW and IB. These investigation indicate that the purpose of these tactics were to create a huge divide amongst the Sikh community over the religious and spiritual beliefs and also to mislead the young male and female Sikhs and to generate constant religious controversies amongst Sikhs through places like Dera Sach Sauda.

These investigations indicate that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan, also known as MSG who suddenly surfaced with his philosophies, prophesies and Dera Sach Sauda in early 90s, when RAW’s Anti-Sikh Division and Punjab Police were hunting Sikhs across Indian Punjab.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

He continued to deliver for the cause of RAW for a fairly long time until he emerged as highly controversial and got arrested for numerous crimes. Apart from other activities to achieve the given task, he released several music albums and films, which typically revolved around himself and his teachings. Many of these were based on social issues while he also held about a hundred concerts called ‘Ruhani.

Ru-ba-Ru Nights’. In his films, he is usually credited for various other roles, in one instance being credited in more than forty departments. But finally first criminal case was registered against him when in 2002, a woman wrote to the respective Chief Ministers of the states of Punjab and Haryana, and to the Union Home Minister, CBI, NHRC and the Punjab and Haryana High Court, describing an incident involving

Ram Rahim. The Punjab and Haryana High Court sought a report from the District and Sessions Judge of Sirsa, after which Judge MS Sular conducted an inquiry and submitted a report recommending a probe by a central agency ar and on 25th August 2017, this controversial self proclaimed godman was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment by the CBI after being proven guilty of rape. A case that was pending since 15 years, finally caught the eye of the media and judicial system resulting in a just verdict.

However, on 28 August 2017, Ram Rahim was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In January 2019, he and three others were convicted of the murder of journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati and sentenced to life imprisonment while in October 2021, a special CBI court in Panchkula held him and four others guilty of the murder of one Ranjit Singh, a former Menager of his Den, the Dera.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that apart from generating other controversies to divide and confuse Sikhs, in May 2007, Ram Rahim was accused of hurting the religious sentiments of the Sikhs by wearing in an advertisement attire resembling the tenth and final living Sikh Guru Gobind Singh, by using a turban with a kalgi (egret feather). He was attacked by a mob on 16 July 2007, but escaped unhurt.

Although his cult management at Dera Sacha Sauda tendered multiple apologies, while not rejecting the apology outright, the Akal  Takht, a supreme Sikh body, maintained it was inadequate on several counts. On the other hand, a criminal case was also filed against him, for hurting the Sikh sentiments.

Similarly in November 2021 the Punjab Police found concrete evidence for Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s involvement in more than 107 cases of Guru Granth Sahib sacrilege cases. He was brought to investigations.

The Dera Sacha Sauda chief was also named as an accused in the theft of 52 “bir’s” (copy) of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book of Sikhs and burning of a Gurdwara and 49 Swaroops along with tearing and misusing 6 of them. So he , it can be said delivered with reasonable success to the purpose he was brought to the stage by his spy bosses.

The Daily Mail investigations indicate that although now RAW has come forward openly against Sikhs through direct operations and targeted killing across the world, yet they appear to have not left their pawn Ram Rahim in lurch.

These investigations indicate that he is very generously provided parole luxury on his will by the Jail authorities despite living with Five Star facilities at prison. These investigations indicate that On 24 October 2020, the jail Superintendent granted Ram Rahim one day of parole, to allow him to visit his ailing mother in a hospital in Gurgaon. The administration secretly carried out the work and Ram Rahim was accompanied by police.

Similarly, on 21 May 2021, Ram Rahim’s parole application to visit his unwell mother was smoothly approved, which lead to his release for a day, under police protection, while in February 2022, he was granted 21-day furlough to meet his family and not only this but was given Z plus security and five months later, in June 2022, Ram Rahim was granted a 30-day parole, during which he stayed at his Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram, Barnawa, in Uttar Pradesh’s B aghpat.

Again on 14 October 2022, he was granted a 40-day parole, during which he again stayed in Barnawa, in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat. During this parole period, he also very conveniently, released three music videos of tracks wrote, sang, produced and composed by him, titled “Sadi Nit Diwali”, “Jaago Duniya De Loko” and “Chat Pe Chat”, on his own YouTube channel.

On 21 January 2023, Ram Rahim was given another parole for 40 days to stay at his Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram, Barnawa. The main motive of the parole was to allow Ram Rahim to virtually attend the grand religious fest held at the Dera Headquarters while on 23 January 2023 he was seen cutting a giant cake with a sword at Barnala Ashram, Baghpat in a viral video which itself was an illegal act (Public display of weapons) under the Arms Act. And lately, on 20 November 2023, Ram Rahim has been granted 21-day parole. This is the third time has been given this relief this year, an episode that clearly indicates that he has still not been abandoned by his bosses at RAW.

The Daily Mail’s investigation also indicate that there are credible reports of Indian Intelligence agency, RAW has been running certain criminal gangs like Lawrence Bishnoi gang to haunt and hunt the Sikh celebrities all over India and across the world in particular and other prominent Sikh figures, in general. It is very strongly believed that the famous Sikh singer, Sidhu Moosewala and a few others were also got eliminated by RAW through such gangs as these Sikh figures were gaining immense popularity and were uniting Sikhs for Sikh diasporas across the globe, a factor that was extremely disliked by New Delhi and Lodhi Road, the Headquarters of RAW. These gangs have not only been threatening and killing the Sikhs but, enjoying the strong backing of RAW, have been also getting engaged in extortion and blackmailing from Sikhs. These investigations indicate that in a major development, BC’s APD Major Crimes Unit, in the Canadian city of Abbottsford, in investigating an ongoing extortion case, involving residents of two families being shot and an arson at a business house in Abbottsford. These investigations say that the suspects are believe to be associated with the same Bishnoi gang, Headquartered in India. While their modus operandi in western countries like Canada, U.S and the U.K, appears to be targeting affluent members of South-Asian communities, contacting victims using Whatsapp and conversing in Hindi language and threatening them with having knowledge of their phone numbers, addresses and business details and demanding huge amount of money with threats of violence if demands not met with.  The Daily Mail’s investigation also indicate that certain authorities, connected to the ongoing investigations have strong reasons to believe that Indian Government Officials worked with one Nikhil Gupta who managed to hire a hit-man to carry out the killing of prominent Sikh leader in the United States, Gurpatwant Singh, however, the criminal who was hired to further hire a hit-man, actually turned out to be a police informant and the hit-man he provided to the Indian Government Agency, RAW’s front man was actually himself an undercover cop and that was how the whole episode of RAW’s plan to assassinate Gurpatwant Singh was detected and unfolded by U.S authorities. In this case, the U.S Attorney has already announce the charges of this assassination plot of RAW which was supposed to be executed in New York City, accuses Indian Government Officials while the killing of Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada is also mentioned in this charge-sheet.

Slain Sikh singer, Sidhu Moosewala

While the western government already appear to be under huge pressure from their security managers, intellectuals and social figures to carry out serious action against these alarming activities of a Hindu supremacist government in India through its Intelligence Agencies and Hindu extremist groups’ Nexus and with U.S taking matter even to the court of Law, one has to see as if it is time for India to pay the price or will it once again charm the West through one way or the other to make an escape once again.