India targets Pakistan, Afghanistan with Chanakya script


  • Chanakya methodology being exercised by Indian Inte’l networks under Doval’s command
  • After failure in exploiting Peshawar attack for denting Pak-Afghan ties, RAW’s plan-B gets ready to be launched
  • Growing Pakistan-Afghanistan bilateral trust makes Delhi sleepless, invokes multiple use of Chanakya’s philosophy
  • As Ghani cuts and Abdullah maintains RAW-NDS nexus, Doval plans new ventures
  • Doval airlifted suitable TTP operators from Afghanistan to India to establish a new terror squad
  • Afghan President’s disapproval to Indian interference forced Doval to revamp Afghan policy with Abdullah Abdullah on center stage
  • Ghani preferring Beijing over Delhi with Abdullah being Delhi’s darling baby
  • Doval, Tripathy supervising plan to dent growing Pak-Afghan friendship and to put Pakistan in new havoc
  • Ghani, unsatisfied with certain Delhi influenced military commanders of ANA , worried about Indian activities at Kandahar, other Consulates
  • Doval empowers his IPS buddy as IB Chief while RAW Chief also being replaced with Doval’s approval
  • New plan to see mega terror dramas in India as well as in Afghanistan with Chanakya’s inspiration
  • Terror, including some “missing Persons”, with proper Pak IDs, flown in from Afghanistan to execute Doval scripted terror dramas in India and Afghanistan
  • IB to handle India episode while RAW to implement Afghanistan part with blame of both on Pakistan
  • Terror plot likely to be executed ahead of Obama’s India visit next month with dead or alive executors turning out to be Pakistanis


By Makhdoom Babar


(With inputs from Christina Palmer & Anjali Sharma in New Delhi and John Nelson & Mona Wardak in Kabul)

History’s biggest ever conspirator and intriguer,  Chanakya  a.k.a. Kautilya  who, according to Hindu historians, contributed greatly to the governance of the Kingdoms in ancient India, appears to be the major source of inspiration for Indian intelligence establishments as well as for the politicians and military Generals with India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kuma Doval being on top of Chanakay’s diehard  followers’ list.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that throughout his career as a cop and later as spy master, Doval continued to follow Chanakya’s concepts and methodologies for anti Pakistan operations. In continuation of these operations, Doval intensified the activities of RAW-TTP Network against Pakistan, from Afghanistan’s soil.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that growing trust between Islamabad and Kabul that touched new horizons after visit of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to Islamabad and more specially to Rawalpindi where Ghani held very frank and candid talks with Pakistani army Chief, Delhi had completely gone sleepless and to cause an immediate blow to these developments, many plans were considered by Ajit Doval and his associates and Peshawar’s terror attack was one of these plans. These investigations indicate that Doval’s special emissary held detail discussions with certain top members of Kunnar, Nooristan based RAW-TTP Network during the early day of December at India’s Consulate at Kandahar that has now become a very hyper hub of RAW activities. It was only after this meeting that RAW-TTP Network carried out the Peshawar terror operation. It is learnt that the said meeting at Kandahar Consulate was also attended by a couple of senior officials of Afghan National Army (ANA) who are deemed influenced by Delhi and close aides of Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that through Peshawar attack, the Indians   desired to kill two birds with one stone. One objective obviously  was to cause a unique blow to Pakistan army by targeting their innocent children and family members while their parallel objective was to put Pak Army Commanders in a such a stage of anguish and anger where they would have pressurize the government  to react like the US government did in post 9/11  situation. The Indians were expecting that after such a gruesome terror attack, Pakistani military commanders would force government to storm Afghanistan and the growing friendship ties between Kabul and Islamabad will get a very serious blow. However, this plan of RAW didn’t work and unlike post 9/11 scenario at Washington, sanity prevailed at Islamabad and no irresponsible statement was made at any level that could have jeopardize the Kabul-Islamabad ties that have just recently entered into a brand-new phase of health and things were sorted out with Kabul very polity with Pakistani army chief and ISI boss rushing to Kabul to solve the issue amicably.

These Investigations further indicate that Pakistani Army Chief, during his meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his aides at Kabul, handed over all the evidences of use of Afghan soil by RAW-TTP Network for constant terror across Pakistan with latest being the Peshawar School attack. Sources say that Ashraf Ghani deeply appreciated Pakistan’s stance and its Army Chief way of raising the issue and promised his full support to cause of routing terror against Pakistan from Afghan soil. He however expressed his certain inabilities to his strong reservations about top Generals of Afghan National Army and certain elements in National Directorate of Security ( Afghan Intelligence) as he consider them to be influenced by India and for their close association with Abdullah Abdullah who shares powers with him at Kabul and is known as Delhi’s darling baby. Ghani, it is learnt, also expressed his grave concern over the completely undiplomatic activities at Indian Consulates across Afghanistan and special at the one at Kandahar and promised Pakistani guests of taking very serious view of this state of affairs. He also suggested to introduce certain plans to enhance defense ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan and also to organize close interaction of officers of Pakistan Army and ANA. Ghani also promised of sending a top General of ANA to Rawalpindi soon to streamline plans to eliminate terror from Afghan soil.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that after Ajit Doval’s plan A of denting Pak Afghan growing trust and friendship, Delhi has now decided to launch plan B. This plan has again been orchestrated with aim organizing mega terror attacks inside Afghanistan as well as in India itself through India RAW- TTP Network with ultimate motive of blaming Pakistan and its premier intelligence agency the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) for the same that could not only put Pak-Afghan ties in double jeopardy but would bring additional trouble from India as well. Delhi plans to propagate that since Pakistan army could not cause any trouble to perpetuators of Peshawar terror attack militarily, it opted to avenge the same through terror attacks in Indian and Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that successive Indian leaders and Intelligence and Military bosses have comprehensively been worshipping and exercising the top theories of intrigue, conspiracies and negativity of Chanakaya with quite an amazing success rate. Some of the theories of intrigue and deceit, exercised effectively by Chanakya himself and professed about in his books Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti, also known as Chanakya Neeti-shastra are as under:

  1. Might is right (that is what India has always been following shamelessly as it is forcibly occupying part  of Pakistan’s Kashmir and Jammu territories, part of China’s Tibet region, part of Bangladesh’s territory, entire Sikkam and the list goes on)
  2. Your neighbor is always your enemy but enemy’s neighbor is always your friend (That is why India chose to be friend of Soviet Union, Afghanistan, Iran etc. and kept ties bitter with immediate neighbors like Pakistan and China)
  3. Lure the enemy with gestures and when he comes near, stab him in the back (That is what India has constantly been doing with Pakistan and the  cancelation of Foreign secretary level talks with Pakistan by Indi is one of the examples in this direction. This point has been used at many occasions by Indians and in the very recent past, it was used with regard to Cricket affairs when Indians got Pakistan’s support for Big Three and later started creating added troubles for Pakistan cricket from the ICC forum that includes constant banning of Pakistani spin bowlers before the World Cup etc.)
  4. Never accept and admit your own failures and shortcomings but always blame others for these (That is why India has always been blaming Pakistan for every that goes wrong in India, starting from spread of diseases like plaque to the terror dramas like attacks on Indian Parliament, Mumbai attacks of 26/11 etc.)
  5. To keep internal unity, continue to mess with foreign forces (That is why Indians continue to keep the Line of Control and working boundary though unprovoked firing and shelling with Delhi continuously issuing provoking statements while Siachin like adventures are also part of the same)
  6. To Enjoy calm, peace and tranquility at home, keep neighbors fighting with each other (Exactly what Delhi has been practicing in create between Pakistan and Afghanistan as well as between Pakistan and Iran  to a certain extent while it made  uncountable  failed attempts to  bring similar situation between Pakistan and China by killing Chinese nationals in different parts of Pakistan)
  7. If you are not satisfied with your neighbor, create new neighbors to your suitability (That is what Indians did in 1971 when they created Bangladesh by organizing disintegration of East Pakistan and what they are doing today in Baluchistan etc.)
  8. A person should not be very honest. Straight trees are cut first and honest people are screwed first. (That is what not only the Indian leaders alone adopted as national policy but that is what the overall Indian society is sticking to with Indian media taking the maximum inspiration out of the same)
  9. The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman. (Following this, India adopted the policy of spreading glamour of its women and strengthen it’s sex and glamour oriented showbiz industry and kept luring the global audiences through fake promotion of their beautiful women through tourism campaigns etc. According to certain media reports, more than 60 percent of India’s cultural troupes to different countries carry female spies in disguises of performers and thus India’s network of honey trapping is considered to be the 2nd largest after that of CIA of America)
  10. Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous. (This is what has always been behind India’s pretence of its military might and also pretence of its Intelligence collection as well as its missile and nuclear program. This Chanakya point is often exercised directly by the Indian government while on the other side this is implied via India’s media as well as India’s showbiz industry)
  11. Always use shoulder of someone else to place gun for shooting at foes (This is what India has successfully been exercising against Pakistan by using Afghanistan’s soil or Bangladeshi territories and running of RAW-TTP Network from Afghanistan is the latest in this direction)
  12. He who has wealth has friends. (This very point of Chanakya’s philosophy has been adopted by all the successive India government and has always been the main policy formulation segment in forging  India’s foreign policies. Through variety of financial tools to establish its desired relations with foreign countries. This includes reshaping ties with different countries like US by making extravagant defense purchases, not retrieving India’s looted billions of Dollars from Swiss banks and initiating variety of projects in Afghanistan etc.)

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that following these Top-12 point of Chanakaya’s philosophy, India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Kumar Doval embarked upon his mission against Pakistan soon after he joined Indian Police Service (IPS) and kept operating under the Chanakya philosophy when he was heading India’s Intelligence Bureau (IB) and now when has become virtually the overall head of the entire Intelligence operates of India. These investigations indicate that with these ten golden rules of Chankaya, Doval after becoming NSA, started new ventures against Pakistan, especially from the soil of Afghanistan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that after Ashraf Ghani became President of Afghanistan earlier this year, Ghani took a very exceptional note of the deep ingress of the Indian intelligence in Afghanistan and the unholy nexus between Indian intelligence agencies and Afghanistan’s intelligence NDS. He took no time to minimize the RAW-NDS nexus and also clipped the wings of Indian NSA in Afghanistan. Taking very serious view of RAW organized terror attacks inside Afghanistan to blame Pakistan and also use of Afghan soil against Pakistan by Indians, Ghani passed out special directives to bring an abrupt end to this state of affairs and kept monitoring the process personally.

The Daily Mail’s investigations  indicate that the Afghan President went  too impatient over the RAW maneuvering in Afghanistan after he came to know that Indian Consulate In Kandahar had latterly become hub of anti-Pakistan activities and it  hosted a top secret meeting of Daesh leaders with India Afghanistan based TTP absconder, a couple of months back, to ensure a Daesh-TTP nexus while recently the same place was the venue for finalizing Terror attack in Peshawar. These investigations reveal that before embarking upon his State visit to Pakistan last month, Ashraf Ghani ensured that Ajit Doval’s access in Afghanistan be brought to zero and that the RAW-NDS nexus should be diminished to the maximum if not eliminated completely.  However, certain powerful elements in NDS and a group of pro India and Abdullah, Abdullah associated Generals in the Afghan National Army have become a serious source discomfort and botheration for Afghan President about which he earlier briefed Pakistani Army Chief during a meeting at Rawalpindi’s GHQ and explained later as well at the 2nd meeting between the two at Kabul’s Presidential Palace  after Peshawar’s terror attack.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the intellectual minded Ashraf Ghani spent five years each in India, Russia and China during his tenure at the World Bank. The close associates of Ghani say that during these tenures, Ghani got to know the mindsets of all leaderships of India, Russia and China and got insights on these leaderships’ view about Afghanistan. These Ghani associates and aides say that during these tenures, Ghani got to see the real of the Russians and Indians that changed his personal view completely about the leaderships of these countries while he got immensely inspired by the Chinese le4adership due to their highly positive, encouraging and sincere view about Afghanistan’s peace, stability and development. Ghani found that  both the Indians and Russians were finding and instable and economically crippled Afghanistan as suitable for their purposes while the Chinese were desirous of a stable, calm and economically developing Afghanistan as it suited not only their defense and security requirements but to their trade and financial agenda too. “Ashraf Ghani has studied Indian history very well and that of Russians and Chinese too. He believes that if Indians have a whole rule book of policies, based on Chanakaya’s thoughts, than the Russians do follow  at least half of the similar rules too while the Chinese have always remained stuck to the most harmless, yet successful thoughts of Confucius and those of Taoism and thus he believes Chinese are always more sincere to Afghanistan and thus prefers to listen to Beijing rather than following advices from Moscow or New Delhi,” says Asad Ahmedzai, a close associate and friend of Ashraf Ghani since his college life. Some other aides of Ashraf Ghani say that he is a very strong believer of giving top priority to first door neighbors rather than enhancing ties with distant friends and that too on cost of ties with immediate neighbors. They say that is why Ghani, despite having no intentions to be rude or harsh with Indians, do prioritize having spectacular relations with immediate neighbors like Pakistan and China.  Some of these Ghani aides also claim that a top secret, yet very hi8gh level intelligence briefing was given to Ghani a couple of months back by the  security officials of a very influential country of the region that has otherwise been staying rather away from Afghanistan’s affairs in the past. They say this briefing came as a real eye opener for Ghani regarding the unending terror across Afghanistan with Indian backing.

The Daily Mail’ s investigations indicate that after seeing the highly discouraging attitude and polite denial over the future Indian access in Afghanistan by Ghani, Indians decided to tap their old pawn on Afghan chess, an old friend and ally of Ajit Doval , none other but Abdullah Abdullah. These investigations indicate that while Ashraf Ghani has been busy in cutting RAW-NDS nexus and eliminating RAW-TTP Network from Afghan soil, Abdullah Abdullah, Ghani’s power sharer, has been making all out efforts to maintain this state of affairs.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that in the mega plan of bringing an end to Ghani’s  advancement to forge peace with Pakistan and his plans to trim down Indian interference in Afghan affairs,  particularly in the backdrop of Peshawar School carnage, Ajit, Doval, with the association of his old buddy, former RAW Chief Sanjiv Tripathy has decided to carry out big bangs in Afghanistan as well as in India to blame Pakistan and its ISI. As Abdullah Abdullah showed his little ability to play a major role in this plan, after Peshawar episode that switched on many global radars towards Afghanistan with Abdullah Abdullah and his associates being in focus,  Doval requested Abduallah Abdullah to at least help him in airlifting certain absconding TTP terrorists and BLA activists  who were being kept in Afghanistan by RAW.  The investigations indicate that this plan was materialized by the end of November and at least a dozen highly skilled TTP and BLA linked terror operators with complete data of being Pakistani that includes CNIC numbers, DNA sampling, residential addresses etc were airlifted from Kunnar and Nooristan to Kandahar and from there to an unknown destination inside India. It is noted that during their final journey to India, at some stage, sea route and motorboats were also used.  This move was made with the master plan of carrying out a mage terror attack inside Afghanistan, most probably on one of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) buildings or some Indian Consulate building inside Afghanistan with attackers later being identified as Pakistanis with the help of their complete data as mentioned above. A similar attack on some high profile target inside India was also finalized with the airlifted TTP and BLA operators with complete Pakistani IDs being later found dead or alive after the said planned attack.  Using these TTP, BLA operators, though later to be identified as Pakistani nationals with the help of ID data like  DNA etc., are to be use to blackmail Ghani government as Indian investigator would prove that though the terror executors were Pakistani yet they arrived in India from Afghanistan. By doing so, Indians would try to put Ghani administration on back foot and would press it to speak loudly against Pakistan.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that on the other side, Ajit Doval, back home, has not only managed to change the commands at IB and RAW but has also introduced a large scale reshuffle in the Indian Police Services officers at field duties. These investigations reveal that though the sitting IB chief is due to retire next month, Ajit Doval has already given the IB command to his confidante IPS buddy Dineshwar Sharma, an IPS officer of 1979 batch and a strong Hindutva follower and a  diehard Chanakay fan . Nonetheless, Doval is finalizing the name for the new RAW chief and Rajinder Khanna, an IPS officer of 1978 batch and a very close aide of Doval since 80s is to be named as new RAW Chief in a day or so while Doval is also considering the name of one of his other confidante IPS buddy a to replace Alok Joshi.

Ajit Doval would be losing some close aides in IPS ranks this month because as many as 12 officers belonging to Indian Police Service of various cadres and batches are retiring this month, they are:

  • Subash Goswami and P J P Hanaman of AM cadre
  • Ashok Kumar Singh of Bihar cadre
  • Shiv Pal Singh Verma of Himachal Pradesh cadre
  • Umesh Kumar Singh and Mohd Nihal of Jharkhand cadre
  • Dr B E Umapathi and G Ramesh of Karnataka cadre
  • V B Lokhande of Maharashtra cadre
  • Anand Lal Banerjee of Uttar Pradesh cadre
  • Chitrangad of Uttarakhand cadre
  • Deelip Mitra of West Bengal cadre

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that keeping this in view, Doval had already introduced a massive IPS reshuffle a few months back and transferred haul of IPS officers and placed them at his suitable appointments across India.  According to our investigations, 46 IPS Officers were transferred in Haryana, 24 in Andhra Pradesh, 66 Madhya Pradesh, 12 in Uttar Pradesh and 37 in Telangana during the past few month, soon after Doval took over as NSA.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that according the Doval plan, the terror attacks inside India would be looked after by IB while the Afghanistan episode of this plan would be handled by RAW.

Our investigations indicate that for the said plan, Doval selected two groups out of the absconding Pakistani militants of Tehreek-eTaliban Pakistan (TTP) and Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) who were being sheltered by RAW inside Afghanistan for past many months and rather years. Few of them are those who are propagated to be ‘Missing Person’ and are alleged to be in the custody of Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies, by certain paid HR groups etc. Majority of the BLA and TTP operators, absconding and hiding in Afghanistan under Indian protections is of those who are proper Pakistani and have Pakistan National ID cards, addresses and DNA samplings available with NADRA. Now these individual are set to be used in terror attacks in Afghanistan and India either simultaneously or one after the other, just before the arrival of the US President to India to attend India’s Republic Day function. After the terror attacks, these terror executors would be arrested either dead or alive and since there would be a complete record of them being Pakistanis, it would propagated that the terror attacks were masterminded by Pakistan ISI. Since some of the executors would be from amongst the so called list of Missing Persons, it would  further be propagated by Indian officials and Media  that since these Missing Persons who carried out the attacks were in ISI of FC custody thus they were comprehensively trained for these attacks by ISI. On the other side, one group has been tasked to carry out similar attacks inside Afghanistan with same ultimate allegation to mislead Ashraf Ghani and to reenergize Afghan Intelligence against Pakistan.

The investigations reveal that the intelligence operators of a powerful country in the region intercepted certain conversations in this regard between the RAW and certain NDS official via satellite monitoring and thus informed Pakistani authorities concerned about this plan along with audio evidences.

It is now to be seen if the Indians still dare to carry out this operation as per schedule or delay it for some other suitable time.