RAW manages to shift anti-Christianity focus from India to Pakistan


  • Ajit Doval planned to use RAW-TTP Network to organize suicide bombing at Christian localities to divert global pressure towards Pakistan
  • Plight of Christians across India had perturbed Western nations to the maximum
  • Forced conversions and desecration of Churches in India by Hindutva goons had earned Modi government a huge embarrassment
  • Saturday’s rape of elder Nun in Bengal by Hindutva extremists had raised immense pressure on Delhi from all over
  • After the Nun’s rape, it was finalized to arrange Lahore carnage


special-reportBy Makhdoom Babar
(With Additional input from Christina Palmer in New Delhi)

If India’s National Security Advisor, Ajit Kumar Doval was caught on video tape, saying that TTP operatives and their suicide bombers were not any religiously motivated warriors but were mere jobless mercenaries and any one could avail their services by maximizing their payments and so should India be doing, the same was proved once again on Sunday when Ajit Doval, very conveniently used the RAW-TTP Network to carry out suicide bombing at a Christian locality in Lahore to shift the anti-Christianly focus of the world from India towards Pakistan, reveal The Daily Mail’s Investigations.

These investigations indicate that there has never been any anti-Christian or anti-Christianity tirade or sentiment amongst the TTP or its allied terror groups and they never gave any statement against Christians or Christianity as a policy, though they did carry out some attacks on churches as part of their pre-organized terror campaign against Pakistan and Pakistanis. However, on the other side, India had come to limelight for the global community, especially the nations from the West with Christian majority for the constant violence against the Christians, especially coming to power of the Narendra Modi lead government of Hindu extremists. The plight of Christians across India that included the forced conversions of Christians into Hindu, bashing former Christian Human Rights worker Mother Teresa and ransacking and desecration of Churches during the past few months across India, rose to the maximum when a 71-year old Christian Nun was raped brutally on Saturday by the goons of extremist Hindu group the Bajran Dal who consider preaching of Christianity by Christian priests and preachers as a blasphemous act against Hindu gods.

The Daily Mail’s investigations that India was already under immense pressure from global and especially Western communities to halt the violence against minorities by Hindu extremists. This issue touched new horizons when the US President Barack Obama visited India last month and highlighted this issue in a very serious tone and urged upon Modi government to bring an end to this practice that was being carried out right under his nose with the complete protection and support of Police.

These assertions from US President and other world leaders came in the backdrop of recent wave of violence against minorities including Christians and Muslims in India that emerged with new dimensions after the installation of government of Hindu extremist alliance under the BJP.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that despite forcing some 250 Muslims to become Hindus by Hindu extremists under a so-called ‘Home-Return’ in Agra last year, some 59 Christians’ were forced to become Hindus the next month in Kerala by similar Hindu extremist groups. These investigations further indicate that on 24th of December last year, Members of India’s opposition party protested a Hindu nationalist leader’s remarks declaring the country a “Hindu nation” by suspending parliament.

The protest came after Mohan Bhagwat suggested that the country’s non-Hindus had been forcibly converted to Islam and Christianity. “We will bring back those who have lost their way,” he said. “They did not go on their own. They were lured into leaving.”

Bhagwat leads the radical Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), a group closely linked with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that on the growing tension around its Hindu reconversion efforts and the political price Modi kept arguably paying for not publicly calling for their end.

The New York Times reported on the “Jesus trap,” where Hindu nationalists had attempted to trick foreign religious leaders into baptizing Hindus as Christians in an effort to complicate their immigration status.

Hindu nationalists have been claiming that Muslims and Christians have been forcing Hindus to convert to their religions for centuries. So there is deep sensitivity to proselytizing by non-Hindus, particularly foreigners. Visas for religious professionals are strictly limited, some missionaries are instructed not to proselytize openly and, now that a Hindu nationalist has become India’s Prime Minister, hard-liner Hindu groups have begun a long-dreamed campaign to claw back some of those conversion losses.

World Watch Monitor also noted that laws banning forced religious conversions are “ostensibly meant to protect individuals from unwelcome proselytizing,” but instead they are “frequently used as a pretext to disturb and disrupt church services as well as to harass, beat up and accuse Christian believers and leaders.”

The ultimate aim of the Hindu nationalist group, affiliated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is to make sure that Christianity and Islam “cease to exist” in India, reports the Washington Post.

The Daily Mail’s investigations that while the echoes of these forced conversions were still in air, in four separate incidents of violence against Christians, churches were attacked, a priest was beaten up and nuns were once again made to suffer in December last year and January and February this year in different parts of India, including its Capital New Delhi.

The most serious incident took place in Madhya Pradesh state. 64 year old Fr C. Alphonse was brutally attacked by a mob in December 20014. Two days earlier about 100 Hindu militants stoned Christians in the Kolar district of the southern state of Karnataka, alleging that the Christians were distributing leaflets and books containing a message of conversion. In the third incident, attackers looted the Convent of St Mary’s in Jwalapur near Haridwar, Meerut diocese in Uttar Pradesh state, after holding the nuns captive. And last Sunday in Gujarat, a small chapel used by tribal Christians was ransacked.

In the last two years as many as 200 cases of violence against Christians were reported. Hindu extremists justify attacks on Christian and Muslim minorities on the grounds that these believers disturb the peace. The Hindu fundamentalists, who support the ruling party Bharatiya Janata, call for the expelling all foreign missionaries and the institution of a national Church, Chinese style.

In this background, Indian government that is otherwise playing puppet in the hands of Hindu extremist groups with Prime Minister leading them himself tasked National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, who is known here in New Delhi as trouble shooter for Modi Sarkar.

The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that after this task, NSA directed incumbent Chief of RAW Rajinder Khanna to activate RAW-TTP network to create carnage against Christians in Pakistan to shift the global focus from India. While the RAW and NSA office were still finalizing the final location to carry out the carnage, the Bajrang Dal’s Hindu extremists carried out another high profile crime against Indian Christians and gang-raped brutally a 74-year old Christian Nun at Ranaghat in Nadia district when about a dozen armed extremists of Bajrang Dal entered inside the Convent of Jesus and Mary.

The extremist Hindus gang-raped the sister superior who had tried to resist them. She is critically injured and had been admitted to a hospital. She is likely to be shifted to a hospital in Kolkata.

The Hindu extremists tied up the security guard and then went on rampage inside the convent.

Locals blocked roads and trains in protest against the gang rape.

Christian groups have recently held protests in the Indian capital, Delhi, saying they are being targeted and demanding better protection.

The Archbishop of Calcutta, Thomas d’Souza, told global media that security cameras inside the Convent of Jesus and Mary School show the faces of the six men who carried out the assault.

They first ransacked the school principal’s office and classrooms before entering the convent itself.

“There are only three Sisters in the community,” he said.

“One sister was molested badly. The other two, and a guard, were tied to chairs.”

Students of Convent of Jesus and Mary School participate in a protest against the gang rape of a nun in her 70s by goons of Hindu extremists of Bajran Dal, an allied party of BJP when she tried to prevent them from robbing the Christian missionary school in Begopara. Indian police, as a routine, blamed a gang of robbers and ruled out any motive behind the rape, which triggered protests and angry reactions from Christian leaders in the State that worships Mother Teresa as a saint.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this issue earned a number of phone calls from foreign leaders to PMO and thus PMO sought an explanation from NSA who was tasked to subsidize such pressure by arranging some alternates.

The sources at the PMO and NSA say that upon this, Ajit Doval gave go ahead signal to RAW chief Rajionder Khanna for executing one of the suggested operations in Pakistan for the purpose and the carnage of Christian that took place on Sunday at Lahore was the one that was abruptly okayed by Ajit Doval.